The Green Berets by Robin Moore

When I was searching for the book The Green Berets by Robin Moore, I realized that there was a movie with the same name.

Does the movie happen to be the adaptation from the book?

A quick Google about the movie does indicate that it’s an adaptation from one of the stories in the book. The only difference is the journalist in the movie initially opposed the Vietnam war at first. He then, later on, changed his mind about the United States’ involvement in the war after that.

Unlike the journalist, Robin Moore didn’t mention anything if the US should get involved in such war or not. Rather than him doing the talking, he lets the people from the special force do the talking instead.

The conversations that he had with these officers were rather interesting too considering that you get to see where these officers stand when it comes to the US government’s involvement in Vietnam.

And let’s not forget that they also touched upon Saigon’s attitude too when it comes to how they’re dealing with Viet Cong.

I won’t spoil you any more about the book. But if you’re curious about all the things that happened during the Vietnam war, then it’s worth to have a look at this book.

What The Green Berets by Robin Moore is all about

Here’s the book description that I got from Amazon.

In Vietnam, Robin Moore became on the of the first true “embedded” journalists, training and fighting alongside America’s most elite fighters. Though fictionalized, The Green Berets exposed the American public to the horrors of the ground war in Vietnam and gave the men of the Green Berets the recognition they deserved.

Here is the tale of the courageous South Vietnamese girl posing as an anti-American Communist to capture the Viet Cong officer who murdered her family. Here are the graft and double-dealing of South Vietnamese officers undercutting America’s war effort. More importantly, here are America’s soldiers showing unimaginable bravery in the face of a determined and deadly enemy.

With a foreword by Major General Thomas R. Csrnko reflecting on the history and future of this elite fighting unit, The Green Berets stands as an enduring classic.

What got me to read this book

There are many reasons why I wanted to get this book. For one, I need a book that I can use as a reference for my upcoming book, The Virtual Mass Murder. I was thinking about writing the tactics and strategies when it comes to warfare in my new book. So, I thought that this book will come in handy.

Another reason why I want to get this book is that I’m also curious about the Vietnam war in general and the special force’s involvement during the war.

I want to know what sort of things that the special force did during the war in detail. And the good thing is the book does cover all the preparations that the special force did before they began their operation.

On top of that, the Kindle version of the book was on sale at that time too. I don’t think I can resist myself from not buying the book when the book was available at a discounted price.

What can I say? I love discounted books just as much as everyone else.

What makes The Green Berets by Robin Moore worth reading

Okay, I’m sure that many of you may already notice by now the word fictionalized in the book description.

If the book itself is fictionalized, then what makes The Green Berets by Robin Moore to be worth reading in the first place?

Isn’t that the same as reading historical fiction where the story takes place during the Vietnam war?

To be honest, that was what I thought too at first. Heck, I was disappointed when I bought the book because I was hoping that the stories in the book are true stories.

But somehow, the word fictionalized isn’t like what we think in the context of The Green Berets by Robin Moore.

What makes the book fictionalized isn’t because the stories in the book are made-up stories. The only reason why it deems fictionalized is that Robin Moore had to change the names of people who were involved due to the covert nature of the mission.

Well, it’s not unusual for a book like this to change the names of the people involved for safety reasons, especially when these people are still on active duty. That seems to be the case for Survive Like a Spy by Jason Hanson where the names of these people had to be changed for the exact reason.

Yes, I won’t deny that the concept of the book isn’t that much different from a novel since you’ll see dialogues within the story itself.

But it’s only to make the book interesting to read. All the things mentioned in the book are indeed the real thing.

At least based on my understanding.

What I didn’t expect when I read the book

When it comes to books like The Green Berets by Robin Moore, you may think that the story in the book is all about the war story.

Well, it’s true that the stories in the book tend to be the war stories for the most part.

But there’s also a non-war story in the book too where the story is about a Vietnamese woman who wanted to go to college in the US. And the guy who was stationed in Vietnam at that time was willing to pay for her college expenses.

I won’t spoil you with what happened to them in the end. But suffice for me to say that it was a heartwarming story.

And it also happened to be the story that I remember the most out of many stories in the book too.

Who should read this book

If you’re looking for the true stories about the Vietnam war and prefer novel-style storytelling, then you’ll certainly enjoy reading this book.

Where to buy The Green Berets by Robin Moore

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Over to you

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