Refund Policy

This Refund Policy governs the manner of how and what conditions the owner of this website, Sekina Mayu will process the refund. This refund policy applies to all products and services offered on Sekina Mayu website.


The refund for the ebook purchase will depend on where you purchase the book since you will be directed to the third party sites to complete the purchase of the ebook.

If you purchased the book on any of the ebook retailers, then you have to contact the ebook retailer itself to proceed with the refund process. Please refer to ebook retailer’s refund policy and procedure when you attempt to proceed with the refund process.

If you purchased the ebooks directly on my website, your purchase WILL NOT be refunded.

Print books

If you have made the purchase via the online retailer such as Amazon or Wordery, please refer to their return policy on how to proceed with the return process.