Complete Book List of My Light Novels in English

Here’s a complete book list of all of the light novels that I already published so far. I will update the book list page whenever I will release a new book, whether they’re free books or paid books.

Standalone Light Novels in English

While you can read these books on its own, the story itself is overlapping with one another. If you’re familiar with CLAMP’s works, then you may understand this concept well enough.

Don’t worry, the concept that I’m trying to portray here isn’t as vast as the one you see in CLAMP’s works. But I still recommend you to read all of the books just to see the story from a different perspective.

The Diary of Modern Cinderella Book Cover

The Diary of Modern Cinderella

How does it feel like when your happy, everyday life suddenly turns into an inescapable, cruel fate? Will there be an end to the misery? Or you don’t have any choice but to accept the fate as it is?

That’s how Risa Akagi feels like when her life suddenly takes a turn for the worst. From having a typical, everyday life as a first-year high schooler, her current life resembles more like hell in the living world when her stepmother, Riko suddenly becomes abusive towards her and her stepsister, Chiyu.

Twisted Destiny Book Cover

Twisted Destiny

Anyone who competes in the basketball tournament will think that their team will achieve the victory they yearn if they’re strong and talented. That’s what Takumi Ichirou and his best friend, Hideki Nakamura think at first. They feel that their team will win in any match as long as the two of them are strong enough to compensate what their team lacks.

But their practice match with Echizen High paints a different picture to them. And it doesn’t look so rosy to them even though they’re reuniting with their childhood friend, Hikaru Kitazawa and his twin brother, Kaoru during the match.

Twisted Destiny: The Past Book Cover

Twisted Destiny: The Past

Anyone will feel devastated when their childhood dream shattered into pieces. That’s what Takumi felt when his dream of playing basketball together as a team with his friends in the neighborhood would never come true.

Feeling frustrated, he abandons basketball altogether. His love for basketball revived when he encounters Makoto Izumi, a fourth grader who loves basketball.

*This book is a prequel to Twisted Destiny

Trigger Locked Series

A Triggered Past

Touka Kimizuki and her twin brother Yuuto is just like your typical first-year middle schooler. But what makes them different is their love for learning about the self-defense and the spy techniques from their military freak father.

Little they know that their everyday life is being disrupted when they realize that a group of men was keeping an eye on them. And they look like they will try to harm them if they’re not careful.

*This book is a prequel to the Trigger Locked series

The Mind Control Assassins Book Cover

The Mind Control Assassins

Touka Kimizuki and her twin brother, Yuuto, may only be your typical high schooler. But no one knows that they’re leading a double life where they work as an agent for Public Security Intelligence Agency (PSIA).

And their first mission is to ensure the safety of Dr. Nobuhiko Hayama, the remaining researcher for Transhuman Development Project. He’s their only hope for them to unfold the mystery behind the other researchers’ death.

*This is the Book 1 from the Trigger Locked series.

A Silent Killer Anime-Inspired Novel

A Silent Killer

After failing to arrest the target in their past mission, Touka Kimizuki and her twin brother, Yuuto, is now facing with another problem when a hacker group called Incognito posted a video online, exposing Transhuman Development Project to the general public.

Not long after the leak, an unknown man begins to pursue them on their way back from school. They had no idea why the man is pursuing them after for so long. But they do know that this man isn’t an ordinary person. And there’s a high chance that they can get themselves killed if they don’t do something about it.

*This is the Book 2 from the Trigger Locked series.

The Virtual Mass Murder Trigger Locked Book 3

The Virtual Mass Murder

The virtual, multiplayer online action game, Fatal Bullet, is now a craze among the gamers alike. Touka and her twin brother, Yuuto, are no exception to the craze. They even agreed to take part in the game’s first official tournament when their friend, Manabe, asked them to join him.

But their excitement was short-lived when Manabe told them about the game’s disturbing rumor that has been circulating online. And that is when people die in the game, they also die in real life.

Thinking that rumor is bogus, they decided to continue playing the game, anyway.

It was only when they found out that three people were already dead that they realize that the rumor was indeed true, after all.

*This is the Book 3 from the Trigger Locked series.