Not Your Typical Book Review Blog

On the surface, my blog may seem like your typical book review blog. As you can expect, you’ll see book review posts with occasional commentary posts about the books in between.

The only difference is that my blog is mainly about manga and light novels, with some nonfiction books once in a while. 

Does it qualify as a book review blog?

Well, maybe.

If anything, I will say that my blog is more like a book recommendation blog instead. The way it works isn’t that different from a review blog. But what you see instead is a list of books that are worth dipping yourself into.

Feel free to take a look at my Goodreads profile if you’re wondering about other books that didn’t make it to the cut.

Of course, this blog is more than just a book recommendation blog.

You’ll still get to hear my two cents about specific anime, video games, and the anime and manga industry in general on my blog too.

If you’re into this sort of stuff, then you may find my blog enjoyable to read in your spare time.

Read these blog posts first

These are the type of manga and light novels that I enjoy reading

You always see me recommending manga and light novels on my blog. Since I only recommend manga and light novels that I truly find interesting, what are the sort of manga and light novels that I prefer? Well, this post can guide you on what kind of manga and light novels that I tend to recommend on my blog.

Reading manga and light novels

How to get back into reading manga and light novels

With so many new manga and light novels coming out, you may feel like you’re falling off from the bandwagon especially when you haven’t been keeping up with new manga and light novels releases for such a long time. If that’s you, here are my personal tips on how you can get back into the manga and light novels fandom.

Popular manga series

Why you don't see me recommending popular manga series on my blog

Don’t get me wrong. I love reading popular manga series like everyone else. But you won’t be seeing me recommending these manga series on my blog. These are the reasons why you won’t be seeing any of the popular manga series being recommended on my blog for a specific reason.

My latest blog posts

My Biggest Gripe with a Horror Anime like Ousama Game Anime

My Biggest Gripe with a Horror Anime like Ousama Game Anime

Not going to lie that the Ousama Game anime has an interesting premise. But with the way the story is progressing, it turns out that the anime isn’t as good as I thought. This is the reason that makes Ousama Game a not-so-good anime in my book.

[Anime Deals] April 2024 Edition

[Anime Deals] April 2024 Edition

Are you always on the lookout for bargains, specifically on manga and anime and video game merchandise? Then you certainly don’t want to miss this month’s Anime Deals post.

These Are The Best Manga to Read While Traveling

These Are The Best Manga to Read While Traveling

Going on a trip and wondering what manga and light novels that you should read while traveling? Well, these are the manga and light novels that you can add to your list. Whether you want something light or heavy, there’s always something for everyone.

[Manga Introduction] Mars Red Manga

[Manga Introduction] Mars Red Manga

Imagine seeing your old friend after quite some time, knowing that he’s already dead. That’s what happened to Aoi who stumbled upon this friend of hers as she investigates a string of crimes that took place in the Taisho era Tokyo,