Seinen anime, manga, and light novels are my muse

I love reading manga and light novels. But the type of manga and the light novels that I enjoy reading the most is seinen followed by josei genre.

The reason why I love seinen manga and light novels is because of how realistic the story is. And let’s not forget that the story for seinen manga and light novels tend to blend fiction with the real facts, making the story even more interesting.

As much as I enjoy reading seinen manga and light novels, I admit that the seinen manga and light novels are hard to come by since not many of them are being licensed in English.

I can always look for other novels that give me more or less the same vibe as seinen manga and light novels. But for some reason, it still doesn’t give me the same feeling I have when I read seinen manga and light novels.

It’s because of this reason that got me started to write a novel – I write because I can’t seem to find the book that I want to read. And that books happen to be seinen manga and light novels.

Just like the seinen manga and light novels, my books not only have facts and fiction blended together. But you also get to learn more about the lesser-known Japanese cultures and the current issues that don’t seem to get much attention from the news outlets outside Japan.

If you crave a thriller and suspense novel that gives you the same vibe as reading seinen manga and light novels, then you will certainly enjoy reading my books.

I don’t just write books

When I’m not involved with any book project, I’ll be spending most of my time blogging about the books that I’m currently enjoy reading and the sneak peek behind my current book project.

Of course, the books that I tend to talk about is obviously manga and light novels from any genres. But you can also expect to hear me sharing amazing nonfiction books and memoirs that I come across.

If you’re looking for the next interesting books to read, then be sure to have a look at my blog. I’m sure that you’ll love it too.

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