My Favorite Place to Buy Manga Online

When it comes to manga and light novels, I tend to get them at the local bookstore or the newsstand since they’re cheaper. But there are some manga that I have to buy online since not all books that I want are available in Malaysia. If you’re looking for a place to buy manga online, here are the websites I personally use to buy manga online. What’s even better, you can buy manga at these places regardless of where you live.

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There’s no doubt that Amazon is the best place to buy manga online since you can get pretty much any manga you want and in whatever format you prefer. But the problem with Amazon is there’s a region restriction for the Kindle books and the shipping is rather expensive for the countries that don’t have its own Amazon website.

The good news is there’s a legal way for you to bypass Amazon restriction. And it’s not that hard to do that too. I already tried this method myself to buy any books on Kindle. And it works just fine without any problem.

If you live in the US or you live in a country that has a dedicated Amazon website, then I highly recommend you to buy manga there. Even if you don’t live in the US, there’s another place for you to buy manga online. What’s even better, it’s much cheaper to buy books there compared to Amazon.

I use Amazon to buy pretty much all books on Amazon Kindle.

Book Walker

If you prefer to buy manga and light novels in digital, then Book Walker is a perfect place for you. But you can only buy manga and light novels published by Kadokawa, though since Book Walker is owned by Kadokawa.

While you can get all manga and light novels published by Kadokawa on Amazon, there are a few books that are only available exclusively on Book Walker. So far, the only books that are only available exclusively on Book Walker are The Ryuo’s Work is Never Done! and The Combat Baker and Automaton Waitress. But I’m sure that there will be more to come.

I use Book Walker solely for reading The Combat Baker and Automaton Waitress since it’s only available on Book Walker.

You can buy the manga and light novels on Book Walker from anywhere around the world. But you still need to check whether the book that you want to buy has a region restriction or not.

If you’re like me who only want to buy books that are only available exclusively on Book Walker, you don’t have to worry about that since there’s no region restriction in place for these books.


Want to buy digital manga and light novels from other publishers? You can get them at CDJapan.

CDJapan doesn’t just sell manga and light novels in English, but they also sell other books and magazines in Japanese as well.

There are no region restriction when it comes to buying ebooks on CDJapan. The only reason why you’re seeing a region restriction on certain manga and light novels is simply because these books are available for you to purchase at Book Walker.

I didn’t buy ebooks on CDJapan since I tend to get the ebooks I want to read on Amazon Kindle. But I do use CDJapan to buy manga in Japanese and anime and video game merchandise.

Apart from ebooks, CDJapan also sells CDs, Blu-ray boxsets, books, magazines and video games in Japanese. They sell pretty much all the things that any anime and video game fans would want to have.


Remember when I mention to you before that there’s another place for you to buy manga online and it’s much cheaper than Amazon? Well, Wordery is the one I’m talking about.

If you’re looking to buy manga and light novels in print, then you should get them at Wordery since they offer free worldwide shipping. Pretty much most countries are eligible for free shipping. But it doesn’t hurt to check whether your country is included in the list or not before you start buying.

Just to let you know that you can also buy my books at Wordery apart from manga and light novels.

Wordery is the place where I buy the print books that are not available in my local bookstore.

J-List Buy Anime Merchandise Online


J-List doesn’t have a huge book selection compared to Wordery and CDJapan. But they tend to sell books that you may not get elsewhere such as doujinshi.

Apart from books and magazines, J-List also sells Japanese snacks that you tend to see in anime such as Pocky and snacks that you can only get in Japan such as Kit Kat Green Tea. If you’re familiar with the anime Dagashi Kashi, you can also get the snacks featured in the anime from J-List too.

Just to let you know that J-List also carries hentai manga, adult magazines and adult toys as well. So, it’s better for you not to browse the website casually while at work or when you have kids around.

J-List Buy Anime Merchandise Online

What I like about is that it serves more countries than Amazon. So, if you’re looking to buy manga and light novels without having to bypass the region restriction, then is your best bet.

As much as I recommend people to buy from Kobo, I realize that not all manga and light novels are available for purchase there. I can’t say for sure if that’s the case for all countries that serves. But I have a feeling that the availability of the manga and light novels will vary by country.

In other words, there’s a high chance that the manga and light novels you want to buy may not be available because the manga and the light novels aren’t licensed for the distribution in your country.

Another thing that I notice about the manga and the light novels at is that they’re more expensive than on Amazon. The price for the manga and the light novels are more or less the same as the price of the print version.

If you prefer to get the digital version of the manga and the light novels you want and you don’t mind paying the high price, then is perfect for you. Otherwise, you may as well get the manga and the light novels you want in print since the price that you pay at is the same price you’ll pay for the print version of the same book at Wordery.

Play-Asia Buy Anime Merchandise Online


Play-Asia isn’t the place I will think of when I want to buy manga and light novels since the books that are available there are books like game guides and anime and video games artbooks.

The reason why I include Play-Asia in the list is because they sell tons of digital codes for purchases on Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, PlayStation Store, Nintendo EShop, Xbox Live, Mobage and Steam. Since Amazon doesn’t accept any other form of payment other than credit cards, you can buy Amazon digital code from Play-Asia and use it when you buy books on Amazon.

I never purchased any Amazon digital code from Play-Asia. But I did buy digital MobaCoins code to fund my Granblue Fantasy’s Granblue coins. I have to buy the MobaCoins since Mobage can only accept Japanese credit cards to fund the in-game purchases.

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