A Silent Killer (Trigger Locked Series Book 2)

When their worst nightmare is haunting them once again

Touka Kimizuki and her twin brother, Yuuto, are a high-schooler who works as a secret agent for the Public Security Intelligence Agency (PSIA).

After failing their previous mission, they’re now facing another problem where a hacker group known as Incognito posted a video online. And they’re exposing the Transhuman Development Project to the general public.

Not long after the public knew about the top-secret project, an unknown man starts to pursue them on their way back from school. To make things even worst, they have no idea why someone is pursuing them again and who ordered this man to pursue them.

Despite the confusion, it’s clear to them that this pursuer isn’t an ordinary person. And he knows who they are and their past connection to the top-secret project. They can get themselves killed if they don’t do something about him.

Will they be able to win against the pursuer while trying to redeem themselves for their failed mission?

A Silent Killer is the second book from the Trigger Locked series where the story features a female protagonist set in urban Tokyo in the near future. It’s a technothriller, English light novel that also has a hard science fiction element in it.

If you’re looking for an anime-inspired novel and enjoy watching anime like PSYCHO PASS, Ghost in the Shell, and military-themed anime like Joker Game and The Saga of Tanya the Evil, then you’ll enjoy Sekina Mayu’s Trigger Locked series.

Buy the book now to find out if Touka and Yuuto can escape from the danger or not while redeeming themselves for their failed mission at the same time.

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