Doreiku Anime

Doreiku anime is the anime that I’m currently watching this spring. This anime caught my attention because of the device called SCM where this device can turn someone into a slave after they lose a game.

Since the concept of SCM itself is all about the mind control device, it’s understandable why it piques my interest.

After all, the first book from the Trigger Locked series, The Mind Control Assassins and my new book, A Silent Killer is based on the similar concept.

With the concept in Doreiku anime overlaps with my book, it got me thinking whether SCM is possible in real life or not.

How does SCM device in Doreiku anime works

If you’ve never watched the Doreiku anime, here’s a brief explanation on how SCM device in Doreiku anime works.

SCM device consists of two parts where each person will place one of the devices on the upper part of their mouth.

Did you see the curve-shape device that the characters in Doreiku anime hold in the picture? That’s the SCM device.

All they need to do is to place the device inside their mouth, and they can begin with engaging the person that they want to turn into a slave.

Okay, that may seem uncomfortable. But hey, that’s the only way for the device to start working. I can bet that they’re willing to compromise on their comfort as long as they can turn someone into their slave.

The device will begin its magic once the other person agreed to play the game suggested by the person who initiated the game. The person who started the game can choose to play any games that he or she wants.

The person who loses the game will then become a slave to the person who wins the game. And the person who wins the game becomes a master to the loser.

Thus, their relationship as a master and a slave begins.

The awful truth of the SCM device

What’s terrifying about the SCM device is that the slave effect will remain even if the losers remove the device from their mouth. They can only be free when the master sets them free.

With such a surefire way to get a slave, do you think that the master will release the slaves that he or she gains so hard?

I’m pretty sure that you already know the answer.

And that’s what the main character, Eia, is having right now.

Spoiler alert: She’s not a slave to someone, but someone dear to her is. Who is that person? You have to watch the anime to find out.

Does SCM device concept possible in real life?

Based on my understanding of how the mind control works, it’s sad to say that the SCM device concept is impossible to do.

Maybe you can already guess my answer to that question. But hear me out.

In case you’re wondering, mind control requires satanic ritual. So, it’s impossible to create a mind control effect with the technology alone.

Even if you can create a mind control device without having to do with the satanic ritual, it won’t be like the one you see in the anime.

Why is that?

In Doreiku anime’s case, the people who already become a slave are still aware of who they are, and they know that they’re a slave to someone.

So, there’s a high chance that the device contains a subliminal message that can hypnotize people that they’re a slave to the winner and they can’t disobey their master’s order no matter how ridiculous the orders are.

Subliminal messages can alter the person’s subconscious mind. And with such mantra being played over and over again through the SCM device, it will soon begin to have a mind control effect on the loser’s mind. And they will act according to their master’s order without any retaliation.

But the problem with the subliminal message is it takes time for the effect to start kicking in. And the result varies by individuals. Some will notice the subliminal effect right away. And some of them will feel the effect in a few weeks.

You can also create an immediate mind control effect through dissociation. This process will make the person dissociates from the reality, making it easier for the winners to mold them into a slave since they have a slim chance to retaliate.

Think of them as an empty vessel who requires you to issue an order to them. If you’re talking about a complete mind control, dissociation will do the trick.

The people who experience dissociation will still have their current identity. But they don’t realize that they have another identity which is a slave to someone.

That would be unthinkable to the masters in Doreiku anime since they want the people who become their slave are aware of the fact that these people are their slave. And they want these slaves to admit it with pride.

Not only that, it’s not easy to dissociate someone from the reality unless they’ve undergone extreme abuse and torture.

It’s not so much about the SCM device after all

The reason for that is simple. Doreiku anime isn’t hard science fiction. Even if it’s a science fiction anime, the science fiction element won’t be its focal point.

The first few episodes of the anime do explain the concept of SCM device. But it’s no longer the case after that since the anime is shifting its focus to who gets the most slaves, turning the master into a slave and how Eia can escape from such a cruel game.

I won’t deny that I do feel disappointed since I thought that Doreiku anime would be another exciting anime to watch apart from Steins Gate 0. And I assume that the concept that is being laid out in the anime will also include mind control facts. It’s too bad that it doesn’t.

Despite that, I’m still watching this anime because I want to know what happens to Eia in the end. Well, at least I have something that I’m looking forward to.