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Hold on, what’s the deal with Bookwalker Global? Didn’t I buy some of the manga and light novels that I recommended on this blog from Bookwalker before?

Yes, I admit that I do get some of the manga and light novels that I read from Bookwalker.

Heck, I even add the link to the page on Bookwalker Global in every post on the manga and light novels that I recommend on my blog.

While it’s true that I do get some of the manga and light novels on Bookwalker, I still get the rest of them from Amazon.

The only reason I’m buying the manga and light novels on Bookwalker is when the coins that I accumulated are about to expire.

Often time, Amazon is where I get most of the manga and light novels that I want to read.

While I’ve been buying manga and light novels from Bookwalker for quite some time already, I find that I should do that more often from now onwards.

And if you’re new to Bookwalker Global and wondering if you should buy there, then read on.

Just to let you know that while I use the name Bookwalker throughout the post, I’m referring to the one that sells books in English, Bookwalker Global.

What makes Bookwalker Global a perfect place to buy manga and light novel

So, what makes Bookwalker a better place to get our hands on manga and light novels?

Is it because the manga and light novels on Bookwalker are cheaper than on Amazon?

Sadly, the price doesn’t seem to differ that much, at least for me.

But I still think that Bookwalker Global is a far better option because of these reasons.

You can buy manga and light novels on Bookwalker regardless of where you live

What stops many people from buying manga and light novels legally have a lot to do with the region and country restriction.

And Amazon is notorious for that.

While the region restriction on Amazon is no longer an issue for me anymore since I can buy books on Amazon even with my address in Malaysia, this issue is still a stumbling block for many of us.

This is what I like about Bookwalker.

You can buy manga and light novels regardless of where you live since they don’t put any country or region restrictions on their website.

Of course, some of the books will still have some regional or country restrictions due to licensing and copyright reasons.

But for the rest of them, they’re available for purchase anywhere in the world.

You can pay for the manga and light novels you purchase with PayPal

Some of us may not see this as an issue since you can always pay for the purchase that you make on Amazon with a credit card.

But that’s not the option for some of us, though.

Alternatively, you can use an Amazon gift card instead to make a purchase on Amazon.

And it’s not that hard to get an Amazon gift card either.

Places like Playasia does sell Amazon gift cards on their website. On top of that, they offer many different payment methods too, not just the usual credit card and PayPal options.

Even with that option, it still takes a lot of steps just to purchase on Amazon.

And the worst part of all? You can no longer buy the gift card if Playasia decided not to sell them anymore.

While it’s unlikely that they’ll stop selling Amazon gift cards on their website, they did stop selling Mobage prepaid cards on their website, though.

If you’re planning to buy a manga or light novel on Bookwalker, this isn’t an issue since they do accept PayPal.

And there’s no complicated step involved too. You can purchase the books like you normally would.

You can save more thanks to the coins that you accumulated based on your purchase

The thing about the manga and light novel promotions is that it’s not just limited to Bookwalker. The same manga and light novels that are on sale on Bookwalker will also be on sale on Amazon.

And while you’re at it, you can even accumulate points when you buy books on Amazon too.

In that sense, it doesn’t make that much difference whether you buy books on Amazon or Bookwalker since both of them have a points system.

But what makes Bookwalker does better in this regard is their coin boost campaign.

If you buy any books during the coin boost campaign, you’ll get more coins than usual.

Keep in mind that the amount of coin boost that you’ll get will depend on your membership rank. The higher your membership rank, the more coins you’ll accumulate.

What’s more, not all books are eligible for the coin boost campaign.

Of course, that will depend on what sort of coin boost campaign is available at that time. If it’s a coin boost campaign for a specific series, you’ll get more coins than usual if you buy any of the books in the series.

Even better? You’ll get a better deal when there are both coin boost campaigns and sales promotions. Not only that you’ll get to get the book at a cheaper price. But you’ll get more coins than usual too thanks to the coin boost campaign.

It’s a double-whammy move on Bookwalker’s part.

Free manga and light novel promotion

Remember when I said that I got the first book of Edens Zero and Sorcerous Stabber Orphen light novel for free?

Well, guess what?

I got them from none other than Bookwalker.

Of course, this free manga and light novel promotion will only be available once in a while. It’s not a staple on Bookwalker.

While I can’t say for sure if they let people know about the free book promotion on their Twitter page, I do know that they’ll let everyone knows about it through their email newsletter.

If you’ve bought a manga or light novel from Bookwalker before, then it’s worth paying attention to any email newsletter that they send you.

That’s how you know about their latest promotion.

The only time where I’ll be buying books on Amazon

Just because I decided to buy manga and light novels on Bookwalker, it doesn’t mean that I’m going to go cold turkey with Amazon.

Yes, Amazon still has its place when it comes to buying books online.

Want to buy this manga or light novel on Bookwalker only to find out that it’s only available to a specific country or region?

Well, guess what? You can buy the same manga or light novel on Amazon without any issue.

That’s what I did when I wanted to buy 86 – Eighty-Six – light novel. I ended up buying the light novel on Amazon since I couldn’t buy it on Bookwalker due to the region restriction.

Another reason why I will still buy books from Amazon?

It’s the place where I buy all of my nonfiction books.

In case you’re wondering, I don’t just read manga and light novels. I read nonfiction books too.

I find that it’s easier for me to discover interesting nonfiction books on Amazon than anywhere else.

And just like the free manga and light novel promotion on Bookwalker, Amazon has a similar offer but for nonfiction.

Unless I can buy nonfiction books directly from the author, Amazon will remain the place where I get my nonfiction books from.

It will remain the same

How I do things on this blog isn’t going to be much different even if I no longer buy manga and light novels on Amazon.

You will still see links to the Amazon page along with links to the page on Bookwalker for any books that I write about on my blog.

Unless it’s a Shonen Jump manga, you will see two options when it comes to where you can buy the book online.

That part of the blog will remain the same.

And it will be even if I change my mind about buying manga and light novels on Bookwalker.

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