Hyouka manga

I’m not sure about Hyouka manga. But I do know that the anime itself tends to be a huge hit among the fans not just in Japan but also outside Japan as well.

So, what makes Hyouka a huge favorite among the anime fans? And does Hyouka manga version is just as good as the anime?

Just like everyone else, I’m also curious about Hyouka manga as well. I already watch the anime before, so I was somewhat giddy when I came across the manga.

What Hyouka manga is all about

For those who are not familiar with Hyouka, here’s the book description that I got from the Hyouka Wikipedia page.

At the request of his older sister, student Hotaro Oreki joins Kamiyama High School’s Classic Literature Club to stop it from being abolished, joined by fellow members Eru Chitanda, Satoshi Fukube and Mayaka Ibara. The story is set in Kamiyama City, a fictional city in Gifu Prefecture that the author based on his real hometown of Takayama, also in Gifu. The fictional Kamiyama High School is based upon the real life Hida High School. They begin to solve various mysteries, both to help with their club and at Eru’s requests.

What attracts me to the manga in the first place

As you already know, the anime is the reason that got me to pick Hyouka manga in the first place.

And that leads to another question: why I pick the anime in the first place?

To be honest, I doubt that I would consider giving Hyouka anime a try if they’re using the same book description on the anime.

Sure, I might consider watching the anime because it had this mystery element. But pretty much many anime, manga and light novels that have a mystery element aren’t mysterious enough to me.

Well, at least if you want something similar to Kindaichi Case Files.

But somehow, the anime description seems to hint that something bad is about to happen. And Hotarou may seem like he’s about to regret his decision since this isn’t something that he signs up for.

It’s because of that subtle hint that got me to give Hyouka anime a go. It does sound like someone is about to get killed.

What I didn’t expect when I read the manga

To be honest, I can’t say for sure if the Hyouka manga follows closely to the anime since I watched the anime a long time ago.

But based on my vague memory of the anime, the manga doesn’t look that much different from the anime. The only thing different is the manga has an exclusive chapter. And this chapter isn’t available in the light novel version too.

I guess that’s another reason why everyone should get Hyouka manga, not just the light novels.

In all honesty, an exclusive manga-only chapter isn’t the one that caught me by surprise.

For me, the thing that caught me by surprise has a lot to do with the story itself.

Remember when I say that the anime seems to hint that someone is about to get killed?

Apparently, the story has none of those. And it still doesn’t have any of those until the end.

Yes, no dead bodies even though it’s a mystery anime!

Does it mean that the story is as dull as ever?

Nope, the mysteries are just as complex as the detective manga and light novels. In fact, the beginning of the mystery can start off as something that seems so mundane at first.

Hyouka is the only series as far as I know that can pull off this kind of storytelling.

If you’re talking about a story that starts the mystery with something mundane, then Hyouka will win this hands down.

And to my amazement, I enjoy the story even if it doesn’t involve dead bodies and anything bloody.

Who should read this manga

If you always want to read mystery manga but seem to put off by dead bodies, then this manga is indeed perfect for you.

Even if you’re like me who prefers to see something bloody in a mystery manga, you will still find the manga to be enjoyable. For some odd reason, you just want to know the answer to the mystery.

Yes, we’re just as curious as Chitanda, minus the sparkling big eyes.

So, don’t dismiss the manga just yet even if the story doesn’t involve dead bodies.

Where to buy Hyouka manga

As far as I know, Hyouka manga isn’t licensed to the English publisher. But Kadokawa does license the manga in English and also in Malay to Gempak Starz.

You can buy the manga in English in their online store. But it’s too bad that the manga is already sold out. And I have no idea if they’re planning to restock the manga or not.

Fortunately, you can buy the manga at Kinokuniya Malaysia. They also ship internationally which is a good thing. But the manga is only available starting from Book 2, though.

If you don’t mind with starting the manga with Book 2, you can get it right here:

Buy Hyouka Vol.2 at Kinokuniya Malaysia

You can also buy the manga in Japanese as well. The manga does have furigana. But it can still be a tough read for beginners, though.

If you’re interested in buying the manga in Japanese, you can do so right here:

Buy Hyouka manga in Japanese at CDJapan

Over to you

What do you think about Hyouka? Do you find the manga interesting? Feel free to share your thought in the comment below.