Cool websites to visit for anime, manga and video game fans

This page is a list of cool websites to visit for those who are a huge fan of anime, manga, and video games. I will update the cool websites to visit from time-to-time. If you already in my mailing list, I will let you know whenever I make an update to this page.

As always, this page contains affiliate links. I’ll be compensated if you make any purchase through my links. The commissions I receive will be used to compensate for my time writing the content on my blog and to pay for the hosting.

Why a dedicated page to list down all the cool websites to visit

My reason to create a dedicated page just to list down these websites is simple: I don’t want to clutter my blog sidebar. I know that there will be more websites I’d like to promote. So, having so many banners including my own banners on the sidebar look messy to me.

Instead of leaving these websites in the dark, I figure I should create a dedicated page just to talk about them.

With that said, here’s a list of cool websites to visit just for the anime, manga, and video game fans.

Want to learn Japanese but prefer to do it at your own time and within the comfort of your own room? If that’s you, then is for you.

What I love about is that it will determine what lesson you need to complete first based on your level. Once you already determine your level, you can begin your lesson right away. I set mine to an absolute beginner since it’s been a long time I haven’t been learning Japanese. And not to mention, I feel that my Japanese skill is rather rusty.

It’s free to sign up with But if you want more such as access to the complete audio archive, printer-friendly lesson notes, bonus lesson contents, and interactive lesson quizzes, you can upgrade your subscription for $10 a month. tends to have a special promotion from time-to-time. So, be sure to join my mailing list so then I can let you know when has a special offer for their premium subscription.


Come across a website that doesn’t ship outside of the US? Or perhaps the website does ship internationally but shipping to your country is way too expensive? The good news is now you can buy from these websites thanks to Shipito.

With Shipito, you will get FREE US address that you can use during the checkout process. Once the item reaches Shipito warehouse, Shipito will then ship the item to the address you use when you sign up with Shipito.

Signing up with Shipito is free. But if you want more services such as combining your package and multi-package shipment, you can use their premium service. The premium service costs $10 per month or $50 per year.     

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