Survive Like a Spy

It didn’t take that long for me to click the buy button to purchase Survive Like a Spy. At least it took me a while to consider buying Jason Hanson’s previous book, Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life.

Just like his last book, Survive Like a Spy wasn’t that cheap either. Well, at least when I compare it with other nonfiction books that I bought in the past.

But the fact that I bought Survive Like a Spy without hesitating still amazes me to this day.

And sure enough, this book also blows my mind too like his previous book.

What Survive Like a Spy is all about

Here’s the book description for Survive Like a Spy that I got from Amazon.

Follow-up to the New York Times bestseller Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life–revealing high-stakes techniques and survival secrets from real intelligence officers in life-or-death situations around the world

Everyone loves a good spy story, but most of the ones we hear are fictional. That’s because the most dangerous and important spycraft is done in secret, often hidden in plain sight.

In this powerful new book, bestselling author and former CIA officer Jason Hanson takes the reader deep inside the world of espionage, revealing true stories and expert tactics from real agents engaged in life-threatening missions around the world.

With breathtaking accounts of spy missions in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and elsewhere, the book reveals how to:

– Achieve mental sharpness to be ready for anything
– Escape if taken hostage
– Set up a perfect safe site
– Assume a fake identity
– Master the “Weapons of Mass Influence” to recruit others, build rapport, and make allies when you need them most

With real-life spy drama that reads like a novel paired with expert practical techniques, Survive Like a Spy will keep you on the edge of your seat – and help you stay safe when you need it most.

Why I pick this book

I won’t deny that I tend to pick any nonfiction books with the word spy on it. Pretty much any spy-related nonfiction books tend to make me curious like a cat.

And the fact that it was a new book by Jason Hanson made me decided to buy the book on a whim even further.

Well, I already know what to expect from this book since I already read his previous book cover-to-cover twice. So, I knew from the get-go that this book would be just like his previous book.

While that seems to be the case, my main reason for picking this book has a lot to do with the premise of the book.

Since the book is about how spies survive in a dangerous situation, I feel that this book can help me with writing the scenarios in Trigger Locked series even better.

I’m the kind of person who prefers a story that is as close as to reality. It’s because of this reason that I got this book. I want to learn as much as I can about how spies handle dangerous situations in real life.

What I didn’t expect when I read this book

The book begins with the explanation of how CIA operatives identify the people that can be their assets and turn them into CIA agents.

What makes my jaw dropped when I read the introduction isn’t so much to do with the CIA operatives being manipulative. Rather, I was happy that I nailed this part right in my Trigger Locked series.

Well, I already know that CIA agents are not CIA officers way before I read the book. If you always think that’s how you call people who work for the CIA, then you get it all wrong.

Even the CIA admits that Hollywood tends to get things wrong when it comes to the term CIA agents and how they portray the lives of CIA officers.

Of course, that’s not the only thing that I didn’t expect when I read this book.

The fact that each chapter opens with the CIA operatives talked about their mission and shared their experience was something that I didn’t expect at all.

For me, that part of the book is the one that blows my mind the most. If you want to know about CIA covert missions, it’s better to hear from the horses’ mouth, right?

Of course, the CIA operatives who shared their missions in the book used an alias when they talked about the missions. The reason for that is because due to the covert nature of the missions. And there’s a high chance that these operatives are still working for CIA.

To be honest, I have no problem with that. I’m thankful that they’re willing to share their missions and their experiences with handling the missions to the public.

Who should read this book

If you’re interested in learning about the self-defense techniques that anyone can use, then this book certainly does have what you need.

But if you’re like me who is just curious about spies and you want the real thing, then this book is perfect for you too.

If you’re not sure which books by Jason Hanson you should get, then buy this book instead.

The book is similar to his last book but with additional self-defense techniques such as what you should do in the event of a plane crash or during the terrorist attack.

Where to buy Survive Like a Spy book

If you’re interested in getting this book, you can buy the book right here on Amazon:

Buy Survive Like a Spy on Amazon

Over to you

What do you think about the book Survive Like a Spy? Will you consider adding the book to your reading list? Let me know in the comment below.

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