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I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t that thrilled when I heard the news about the Hime-sama, Goumon no Jikan desu anime.

Sure, I’ve been reading the manga since it was finally available on MANGA Plus after the manga has been around for quite some time.

While I do find the premise of the manga interesting, it’s still not enough for me to recommend it on my blog.

Despite my reservations about the manga, I understand why the manga manages to get an anime adaptation.

If you know the inner workings of the anime and manga industry, then it’s not that hard to understand why.

Say what you want about the manga. The fact that people love the manga is enough for the manga to land on the anime adaptation jackpot.

And this is what I find surprising when I watch the anime -it’s actually fun to watch despite me not being much of a fan of the manga.

What causes me to have a change of heart in Hime-sama, Goumon no Jikan desu anime

If there’s one thing that causes me to surrender from the get-go and spill the beans, I will say it’s the food torture.

Tempt me with mouth-watering food, eat them with passion right in front of me and you can rest assured that I will surrender in no time.

I should say that I can relate to the princess in that sense.

Knowing her, there’s no doubt she can withstand all sorts of torture, even the most excruciating ones.

So, what can they do to make her weak on her knees?

It’s to torture her with food that she can’t resist, of course!

Perhaps the three-letter alphabet soup intelligence agency can opt for this method instead if they want to squeeze the information out from someone.

Believe it or not, what makes this anime fun to watch has little to do with trying to make a blah food such as a toast look tasty.

Rather, it has more to do with seeing the comedy in the manga come to life which makes it fun to watch.

Sure, those same scenes can still tickle your funny bone if you read the manga.

But try adding them with voice-over, tone, and animated facial expressions, you’ll get the same scenes but ten times funnier.

Anime is a much better medium for comedy

While I don’t read that many manga and light novels that are pure comedy, I find the same comedic scenes in the manga tend to be a lot funnier when they become anime.

It’s because of this reason that makes anime like Hime-sama, Goumon no Jikan desu anime funnier than the manga.

Let’s take this scene where the one who gets tortured this time is Ex instead of the princess.

In the manga, you can tell how much Ex is in bliss when the person who comes to the cell is giving him the good polishing that he needs.

Now, imagine the same scene but this time with a voice and animation instead.

It’s amazing how the same scene can be so much funnier by adding voice and animation alone.

Rather than seeing how much Ex loves the ‘torture’ that he gets, he seems to be in bliss too when his reaction to the polishing is the same as someone who gets a body massage.

While adapting slapstick comedy manga into anime ups the comedy ante even further, I doubt a manga like Show-ha Shoten will get any funnier.

Don’t get me wrong, the manzai comedy is just as funny as your run-of-the-mill slapstick comedy.

But it won’t be as impactful as slapstick comedy since it tends to deliver the punch line through puns, unlike slapstick where the comedy tends to be based on the characters’ actions.

Added touch to the anime version

If you’ve read the manga before, then you must be wondering how someone like the princess who is the commander of the third legion can get captured by the demon.

Isn’t it strange when someone like her can get captured by her enemy when she can slash her enemies in one fell swoop?

Well, at least that seems to be the case if we take a look at the intro for the anime version.

While the manga does give us a brief explanation of how the princess ends up getting caught by the enemy, I find it’s a nice touch to see the princess in action rather than relying on the information that Ex feeds us.

Don’t worry, the rest of the story doesn’t change much.

You will still see the princess give in to the temptation and confess after that.

The only reason that requires them to expand the story a little more is that they want to make the story more sense to the new audience.

Remember that many people who watched the anime may have never read the manga before.

What’s with the torture shebang?

It’s understandable why the Hellhorde would go as far as torturing the princess to obtain the imperial secrets.

They know well enough that gaining those secrets will give them the upper hand the next time they invade the human world.

Thus, all the tortures they have to do to her.

But at the same time, it can also feel like their main goal is to demote the princess from being a royal to becoming a commoner.

Remember that all the activities that she has to partake in are the activities that commoners do.

It’s not something that she will ever experience as a princess.

Things like playing in the playground with Maomao, relaxing in the hot spring, having a sauna together with Giant, and going to the theme park with Inki and Youki.

Heck, even the food tortures are the common food that you can find almost everywhere.

While it may seem like an insult to the princess on the surface, she doesn’t see them that way considering that she never experienced all those things growing up.

And I won’t be surprised at all that she’s fine with living there for the rest of her life if no one is there to save her.

Give the manga or the anime a try if you will

To be honest, I never thought I would enjoy watching the Hime-sama, Goumon no Jikan desu anime this much.

It sure is a fun anime to watch not just because of seeing the comedy in the manga come to life, but also all the cravings I end up experiencing after watching the anime.

The good news is the tortures don’t revolve around food all the time.

But I still suggest that you don’t watch the anime with an empty stomach if you can help it.

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