The Combat Baker and Automaton Waitress

The Combat Baker and Automaton Waitress? What kind of wacky title is that for a light novel?

Well, it’s nothing strange to see a light novel with such a wacky title since many light novels tend to have a strange, long-winding title.

Heck, even some of the titles feel like a mission statement to me.

To be honest, I didn’t find the title The Combat Baker and Automaton Waitress to be that bad. Sure, it sounds wacky. And there’s a high chance that the light novel is a flop too.

But the good news is the light novel does have an interesting storyline despite its wacky title. Otherwise, I won’t bother talking about this light novel on my blog.

That’s another lesson that we all should learn which is to never judge a book by its long-winding and wacky title. For all you know, it can be the best book you’ve ever read.

What The Combat Baker and Automaton Waitress is all about

Here’s the book description that I got from Bookwalker.

After fighting in the war, Lud Langart now runs a bakery, but thanks to his scowl, he can’t sell any bread. He hires a beautiful young girl as a waitress to help save his business, not knowing that she was the AI of his old weapon.

The war hero known as Silver Wolf – Lud Langart – piloted a humanoid assault weapon while dreaming of life as a baker. After the war, Lud now peacefully runs a bakery, but, thanks to his frightening scowl, he can’t sell a single loaf of bread. After posting an ad for a waitress in a last-ditch effort to save his business, who should reply but a beautiful, silver-haired, red-eyed young girl. What Lud doesn’t know is that this new waitress was born from Avei, his AI partner installed in the weapon he piloted during the war.

What attracts me to this light novel in the first place

I admit that the very reason why I’m giving this light novel a shot is that the main character used to be in the military before.

For some reason, I tend to have a fascination with the characters who are in the military, spies or in the special force. I guess it’s thanks to me starting to write the Trigger Locked series that begins my obsession with such character and story.

Just mention the word, spy, military or special force is enough for me to pick the anime, manga and light novels in a heartbeat.

Of course, the storyline matters too. Having the main character who is a former military isn’t enough to get me interested if the story is just meh.

What I didn’t expect when I read the light novel

The story in The Combat Baker and Automaton Waitress somehow takes a darker twist not long after Sven comes to help Lud.

Does it bother me?

Well, it doesn’t bother me that much since I enjoy this type of story. But to be honest, I didn’t expect the story to take a darker turn because of the comedy tag on the book page.

Yes, I admit that I assumed that the story will be light and entertaining because of the comedy tag. But to see that the story starts to reveal something much more sinister in the last few chapters is something that I don’t expect at all.

The Combat Baker and Automaton Waitress do have quite a few comedic scenes. Thus, the comedy tag on the book description. So, Bookwalker isn’t wrong to add the comedy tag to the light novel.

But it’s still not enough to be considered as a comedy light novel. Well, at least to my standard.

Who should read The Combat Baker and Automaton Waitress

If you’re looking for a light novel that has a deep, military-theme storyline, then you will certainly enjoy this light novel.

Even if you’re not into the military-theme story, I’m sure that you will enjoy this light novel too because of its interesting storyline.

Where to buy this light novel

The Combat Baker and Automaton Waitress light novels are only available exclusively on Bookwalker. But the good news is you can buy the book there regardless of where you live.

Of course some books on Bookwalker do have a region restriction. But there’s no region restriction for the books that are exclusively available on Bookwalker.

So, that’s good news for those who are interested in buying The Combat Baker and Automaton Waitress.

If you’re interested in giving this light novel a try, you can buy the light novel right here:

Buy The Combat Baker and Automaton Waitress Vol.1

Over to you

What do you think about The Combat Baker and Automaton Waitress? Will you give it a try? Let me know in the comment below.