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Okay, I admit that Jujutsu Kaisen anime is one of the anime that I recommended in my recent anime must-watch list post.

It makes sense why I recommended people to watch the anime.

I find the premise interesting, it has unique fight scenes with some jokes in between and the cast consists of many well-known seiyuu.

That doesn’t seem to be the case with the Chainsaw Man anime where they decided to tone down some of the scenes for the anime version.

And let’s not forget that there aren’t that many well-known seiyuu among the cast in the Chainsaw Man anime.

Compared to the Chainsaw Man anime, Jujutsu Kaisen is lucky in many different aspects.

Despite all that, I can’t seem to bring myself to watch the anime anymore.

And I don’t see myself coming back to it.

It must have something to do with what happened to Nanami and Gojo, right?

I must be lying to my teeth if I say that my reason for not wanting to watch the anime anymore has nothing to do with what happened to Nanami and Gojo.

Yes, I admit that what happened to them was one of the reasons that got me to stop watching the anime altogether.

But that’s not the main reason that got me to stop watching the anime.

I will still stop watching the anime even if nothing bad is happening to them.

And nope, it has nothing to do with me having a time constraint and seeing Geto heading to the dark side either.

Believe it or not, it was this one particular scene that made me realize that Jujutsu Kaisen is not for me.

What causes me to stop watching Jujutsu Kaisen anime once and for all

When you think of someone’s reason for stopping watching the anime, it tends to boil down to a few reasons.

One of them is that the anime is nothing like what you see in the manga.

To be honest, I can’t comment on this one since I only managed to read the first chapter of the manga on MANGA Plus.

So, I can’t say for sure if the anime adaptation is faithful to the source material or not.

Considering that I didn’t hear anyone complaining about the anime, I’m guessing that the anime is worth watching.

Compare that to the Chainsaw Man anime where many fans of the series seem dissatisfied with the anime overall.

If the story adaptation isn’t the issue, then it must have something to do with the animation quality, right?

Okay, that’s a valid reason to ponder.

But the thing about the animation quality in the Jujutsu Kaisen anime is that it’s actually pretty good.

Of course, the animation quality isn’t as beautiful and top-notch as Kimetsu no Yaiba anime.

But it’s still better than the animation quality you’ve seen in the Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory anime.

That anime will always be the worst anime I’ve ever watched in my heart in terms of the animation quality.

If there’s nothing wrong with the anime per se, then what causes me to stop watching the anime altogether?

Sad to say, it’s the fight scene between Mechamaru and Mahito that made me want to abandon the anime for good.

It’s a little tad too much for me

For some people, the fight between Mechamaru and Mahito may have been the coolest fight you’ve ever seen in Jujutsu Kaisen.

But for me, it resembles more like the fight scenes in the Dandadan manga. And we all know that Jujutsu Kaisen comes first before Dandadan.

Perhaps that’s where the inspiration for Dandadan is coming from, I suppose?

Not going to lie it can feel a little strange when you see something high-tech is making its way into fighting a supernatural being like Mahito.

It feels out of place too considering you don’t use technology to ward off the evil spirit of some sort.

Okay, you can argue that all those high-tech gadgets are actually Mechamaru’s curse techniques, so to speak. It’s not like he’s using a special technology or anything when he fights Mahito.

What he does isn’t that much different from what everybody else is doing.

He’s still using his curse techniques but in a more futuristic way.

As much as I enjoy seeing a creative spin in a fight scene, I find the fast-paced, action-packed fight scene feel a little too much for me.

And the rest of the fight scenes somehow seem to follow a similar fashion going forward too.

While the fast-paced, action-packed fight scenes with the characters showcasing their cool moves may be appealing to some people, I find this kind of fight scenes feel exhausting to watch.

I guess I’m all for the story that has Talk no Jutsu for the most part instead of seeing the characters exchanging fists with one another right away.

I don’t see myself watching the anime again, even years into the future

Just to be clear there’s nothing wrong with a story that has a lot of fight scenes, particularly the fast-paced and action-packed ones.

But the fight scenes in Jujutsu Kaisen somehow feel exhausting to watch.

Funnily enough, I don’t feel that way in the first season. I only find it exhausting in the second season, beginning with Mechamaru’s fight with Mahito.

Seeing how exhausted I am with watching anything that has fast-paced action scenes, perhaps I should do just that to cleanse my anime palette.

To be honest, that doesn’t seem like a bad idea, if you ask me.

But even if I opt for that from the fall season onward, I doubt it will ever change my mind one bit about it.

And yes, even if with Nanami and Gojo coming back to life for whatever miraculous reason.

I still find the fight scenes in Jujutsu Kaisen exhausting.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy the anime that has tons of fight scenes just like everyone else.

But sad to say, Jujutsu Kaisen isn’t on my radar, not by a long shot.

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