Dandadan Manga Book Cover

I don’t do this often. But I decided to bend my rule a little bit for Dandadan manga.

Rather than waiting for another couple of months, I decided to talk about it within weeks after I came across the manga instead.

I’m sure that you can relate to this every time you read any Shonen Jump manga. You find the premise behind the manga interesting. And it looks promising too to the point that the manga will continue until it reaches 100 chapters.

Lo and behold, the manga ended up getting axed within a couple of months, with the manga barely has 20 chapters in total.

I’m so glad that the Jump Plus manga doesn’t have such rules. While I won’t deny that some Jump Plus manga can be a dud, most of them are worth reading.

And that also includes Dandadan manga.

With twenty chapters available right away when it was available on MANGA Plus, it convinces me even more that this manga is here to stay.

And even if the manga will eventually end someday, at least we can rest assured that the manga will get a proper ending.

I won’t deny that I enjoy reading Dandadan manga. But hey, it will need to end someday, right?

What Dandadan manga is all about

Here’s the description that I got from MANGA Plus.

Ghosts, monsters, aliens, teen romance, battles…and the kitchen sink! This series has it all! Takakura, an occult maniac who doesn’t believe in ghosts, and Ayase, a girl who doesn’t believe in aliens, try to overcome their differences when they encounter the paranormal! This manga is out of this world!

What got me to read the manga

Well, it’s just like most of the manga that I stumbled upon on MANGA Plus – the manga is just there for me to read.

And the fact that all chapters are viewable on MANGA Plus gets me eager to give it a try even more.

There are other new manga series that are available to read on MANGA Plus when Dandadan manga came out.

But I don’t care about them at all only because the chapters in between aren’t viewable.

I guess this is the downside of MANGA Plus. Provided that the manga doesn’t get licensed by Viz Media, the whole manga will still be viewable on the MANGA Plus website and the app.

Once it gets licensed, you can only read the first and the recent three chapters.

If the manga that you have read to read happens to be from Jump Plus, then you’d better read them fast.

You can’t read the chapters in between anymore once it gets licensed.

What makes Dandadan manga worth reading

I won’t deny that some of you may find the manga to be messy when you read it for the first time.

The fact that Momo encounters the aliens at the abandoned building. All of it happens at the same time while Ken encounters a ghost in the haunted tunnel.

And let’s not forget that the next few chapters are about Ken trying to get back his junk after being cursed by a ghost called Turbo Granny.

Even the aliens are also coming after his junk too despite not getting the whole thing back after beating Turbo Granny at her own game.

It feels like so many things are happening at the same time that you find it hard to catch a break.

For some people, this can feel a little too much.

But this is what makes Dandadan manga a fascinating read.

Fast-paced action scenes along with the hilarious banter among Momo and Ken. And not to mention, seeing the sci-fi and the supernatural element combined in one story.

Let’s not forget the romantic feeling developed between Momo and Ken.

The manga sure does have all the things that you can expect in a shonen manga besides its bizarre and messy premise.

What I didn’t expect when I read the manga

Despite the chaotic moments, you’re bound to come across heartwarming moments as well.

This isn’t anything unusual for a supernatural manga.

But I find it unexpected in Dandadan manga considering that the story tends to be jaw-dropping for the most part.

And yes, some scenes are hilarious too.

It sure does feel like a good change of pace once in a while because of these heartwarming moments in the manga.

Who should be reading this manga

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys reading supernatural manga with a little bit of sci-fi twist, then you’re going to enjoy reading this manga.

Keep in mind that the story can feel like it has such a crazy fast pace if you’re reading it in one go as I did.

But once you catch up to the latest chapter, the pace of the story doesn’t feel so overwhelming anymore.

Where to buy Dandadan manga

You can read the manga for free on MANGA Plus. Since it’s a Jump Plus manga, the chapters in between are viewable on the website and also on the app.

If you’d like to give it a try, you can start reading the manga right here on MANGA Plus:

Read Dandadan manga on MANGA Plus

The manga has yet to be available in print or digital format as I write this. But if you can read Japanese and would like to get the manga in print, you can get it right here at CDJapan:

Buy Dandadan manga at CDJapan

Just to let you know that this link is a link to the second book since the first book is already out of stock at CDJapan.

Over to you

What do you think about Dandadan manga? Are you interested in giving the manga a try after reading about it on my blog?

Let me know in the comment below.

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