Midori no Hibi

Why do I consider Midori no Hibi to be a lesser-known title when the manga is available in English?

Yes, I admit that all manga that I consider to be lesser-known tends to be the manga that isn’t licensed in English.

That seems to be the case for all the manga that I recommended on this blog so far.

But what makes Midori no Hibi becomes a lesser-known title is that it’s an old manga.

When I say that it’s an old manga, I mean it’s really old. The only way for you to read the manga is to read the manga in print. And there’s no digital version of the manga.

Well, at least based on what I come across on Amazon.

Maybe you can read the manga in digital format through the Viz Manga app since the English version of the manga is published by Viz Media.

But I can’t say for sure whether the manga exists in digital format or not. I don’t have the app. So, I could be wrong about that.

Regardless of Midori no Hibi being an old manga, I won’t deny that Midori no Hibi is indeed an interesting manga to read.

It’s because of this reason I decided to give this manga a shoutout. It is that worth reading even though it’s a very old manga to many of us.

What Midori no Hibi is all about

Here’s the book description for Midori no Hibi that I got from Amazon.

Seiji is a tough but lonely teenager who suddenly finds that a teenage girl, Midori, has a crush on him and has turned into his right hand, complicating his school life and his relationships with friends.

What attracts me to this manga in the first place

I admit that I was willing to give this manga a try because I watched the anime before.

Will I give the manga a try if I didn’t watch the anime? Well, I certainly would because I find the story to be fascinating.

Your right hand suddenly now has a girl attached to you for no logical reason?

How can I not find the story to be interesting?

Since I already watched the anime before I bought the manga, I was also curious if the anime adaptation was the same as the manga.

And as far as I could recall, it was. But to some extent, though.

What I didn’t expect when I read the manga

Here’s where I was in for a surprise when I read the manga for the first time: there were a few characters in the manga that didn’t make it to the anime version.

The good news is the anime version doesn’t feel like you’re missing anything since they only included some parts of the story that was critical to Midori’s and Seiji’s relationship.

Well, I wouldn’t say that the other characters aren’t that important. As always, every character does play a major role in the story. But with the anime only has 13 episodes in total, I don’t think it’s possible to cram everything in one season.

So, I get it why some characters didn’t make it to the anime adaptation. And it also makes sense why some parts of the story didn’t get adopted, especially when the story includes the characters that aren’t in the anime in the first place.

Yup, it’s too bad that the anime adaptation doesn’t follow closely to the manga.

But I’m fine with that considering many publishers only use anime as a medium to move sales for the manga.

And it looks like that they succeeded because I did buy the manga not long after the anime ended.

Besides, I enjoy reading the manga a lot more than watching the anime. So, I’m cool with the anime adaptation not following the manga closely.

Who should give this manga a try

There’s no doubt that you should give this manga a try if you enjoy watching the anime.

But what about for those who didn’t watch the anime? Should you give this manga a try too?

If you enjoy reading romantic comedy manga, then you will certainly enjoy reading Midori no Hibi.

Keep in mind that the manga does have a few ecchi jokes here and there. So, you may need to consider this as well if you’re the kind of person who finds the ecchi jokes to be off-putting.

Other than that, the story is enjoyable to read even for someone like me who isn’t into comedy manga that much.

I laughed so hard when I read this manga.

Where to buy the manga

Since Midori no Hibi is an old manga, you can only get it as a used manga. The good news is you can buy the used manga on Amazon.

There are other places that you can get the used manga from. But I still find Amazon to be the easiest place to find any used manga and books, not just Midori no Hibi.

If you still want to get the manga even if it’s a used manga, you can get it right here:

Buy used Midori no Hibi manga on Amazon

I bought the manga in Malay a long time ago. So, it’s obvious that the manga is no longer available for sale anymore.

Over to you

What do you think of Midori no Hibi? Would you like to give this manga a try after seeing me recommending this manga on my blog? Let me know in the comment below.

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