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Who would have imagined that a character like Akane Kurokawa and Kana Arima could cause such a rift among the fans?

Can’t say for sure if the other characters would cause this much ruckus.

But if I have to say about the battle on who should be the best girl, it seems like the contenders seem to boil down to these two.

There are various reasons that make Akane Kurokawa a much better fit for Aqua than Kana Arima.

Yes, both of them are talented actresses and hard workers for sure.

But what sets them apart is their personality.

While Akane tends to be more on the timid side, Kana on the other hand is the type who doesn’t pull the punches.

She has no issues with playing the role of a villain if it can help someone to get unstuck, just like what she did to Ruby when she had a hard time understanding Ai’s feelings.

As much as I enjoy people’s debacle about who deserves to be the best girl, I find the arguments about why Akane deserves to be with Aqua are flawed.

Akane Kurokawa deserves to be with Aqua, hands down

If there’s one thing that makes Akane deserves to be the best girl more so than Kana is how much she did for Aqua.

That seems to be the reasoning many Akane fans use in their who should be the best girl argument.

Not going to like it’s impressive to see Akane willing to do anything for Aqua even if she has to travel to the bottom pit of hell along with him.

That’s pure dedication despite knowing that Aqua sees her as nothing but a tool to him.

Compared to what Akane did for him, what Kana did for him is pretty much non-existent.

This is where the argument about Kana is flawed from the relationship perspective.

Sure, she needs to do something to prove that she likes Aqua.

But then again, there’s no reason for her to do anything for him when Aqua never said anything about her being his girlfriend.

Will she do the same thing as Akane if Aqua confesses to her?

What I mean by that is he means what he says and he honestly wants her to be his girlfriend.

No gimmick, no publicity stunt like the one he did with Akane.

If Aqua ever utters those words to her, do you think she’ll be more than happy to take the hellish ride with him?

Well, you bet she will. But unlike Akane, she will never do something that will put herself in jeopardy.

The thing that Aqua did for Kana but not so much with Akane

Yes, Aqua was the one who saved Akane from committing suicide as she tried to jump from the overpass on a busy road.

What Aqua did for her back then was nothing more than him being a concerned adult who understands how vulnerable Akane has become as a result of online bullying.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case with what Aqua did for Kana, though.

If his action during the shoot for the final episode of Sweet Today live-action drama is any indication, I will say he doesn’t see Kana the same way as he sees Akane.

Remember the part where Aqua overheard the production team badmouthing Kana and never acknowledged her talent as an actress?

You can guess what happened after that.

Aqua’s acting leads Kana to unleash her true potential as an actress, causing the final episode of the live-action drama to blow up online.

Of course, that’s not the only thing Aqua does for her.

He even saved her bacon by negotiating with the tabloid magazine not to publish her scandal in exchange for something else.

What makes Aqua go the extra mile for Kana is something that I’m not sure of.

But my guess is it may have something to do with him finding solace in Kana after she’s being honest about her struggle trying to stay relevant in the industry with him.

Or it could be that Kana still acknowledges him as a talented actor despite his feeling that he’s not as good at acting as Ai.

You must be in the Kana Arima camp!

Since I’m pointing out all the things that Aqua did for Kana, then I must be in the Kana Arima camp, right?

Okay, it may seem that way because of how relatable her experience as a child actress is to my own.

But believe it or not, I’m not actually Kana’s biggest fan at all.

If anything, I will say that I’m more of a Mem-Cho fan than a Kana fan.

Maybe it’s because I love how grounded and business-minded Mem-Cho is when it comes to her career.

On top of that, she did fairly well in acting too despite never acting all her life.

Sure, you can argue that being a streamer requires her to act too since she has to project a different persona as a streamer.

But even if she has to do that, I doubt how she will behave professionally will be that much different from how she will behave in her personal life.

From the look of it, her behavior doesn’t seem to be that much different online and offline.

Who Aqua will end up with in the end

Well, it’s hard to say who Aqua will end up with in the end considering that the manga is still ongoing as I write this.

Will he end up with Kana?

Not surprisingly he will from what we see so far.

If he ends up with Kana, then I’m guessing it will be after Kana leaves B-Komachi which she will after the filming of 15 Year Lie is over.

Will he end up with Akane Kurokawa instead despite only seeing her as a mere tool?

Well, it could be.

But it doesn’t come as a surprise to me either if he ends up with no one.

That can be a possibility too, right?

Regardless of who he ends up with, one thing is clear here we all want everyone to deserve a happy ending.

Who will end up with Aqua is more like the icing on the cake, if you ask me.

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