Summer 2017 Anime Must-Watch

Back then when I came up with my very own Summer 2017 anime must-watch list, I noticed that the anime for Summer 2017 season seemed to be dull.

In fact, I felt that the anime lineup for Summer 2017 was duller than the anime lineup we had for Spring 2017.

Somehow, my opinion about this season’s anime lineup had changed when I began to watch the first episode of this season’s anime.

It looks to me that this season’s anime isn’t as disappointing as I thought. There are still tons of great anime to watch, in my opinion.

If you happen to come across a blog or any individuals who told you that there’s nothing worthy to watch this season, they’re probably looking at the wrong place.

Sure, not all anime is worth your time. But it doesn’t mean that there’s none at all.

Here’s a list of what anime I’m watching this season, in case you need a rough idea on what anime you should add to your must-watch list.

Like the previous season, I only watch a handful of anime that I find interesting, or it’s a continuation from the last season. Here’s a complete list of anime lineup for this season if you’re curious about other anime for this season.

Now, let’s dive in.

Ballroom e Youkoso

Ballroom e Youkoso

It makes sense why this anime made it into my list. I’m a big fan of sports anime, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’m including Ballroom e Youkoso in the list.

And not to mention, now I know there is such thing as a ballroom dancing competition. It’s not just mere competition, though. It’s competition at the international scale.

With the art style and the color scheme similar to Haikyuu!, I have more reasons to watch this anime.

If you think that Ballroom e Youkoso will be filled with the BL fanservice like Yuri On Ice, then fret not. Ballroom e Youkoso is just like your typical sports anime. It’s all about Tatara Fujita’s transition from someone who has no goal in life into someone who wants to take part and compete in the ballroom dancing competition.

I can’t say for sure whether the anime adaptation follows closely with the manga. But it doesn’t matter much to me because it’s still a fun anime to watch.

Isekai Shokudou

Isekai Shokudou

I admit that I watch this anime because of Junichi Suwabe (the seiyuu for Aomine in Kuroko no Basket). But at the same time, I’m also a big fan of cooking anime as well.

What’s even more fascinating, it combines food theme with the isekai theme. I’m pretty sure that there are tons of anime, manga and even LN with the isekai theme.

I’m not a fan of isekai theme, but I still give Isekai Shokudou a try since it’s interesting to see creatures from another world feel fascinated by our food.

Their reaction towards food isn’t as over exaggerating like most cooking anime, but it’s still enough to make you craving for the food.

Like my most warning about cooking anime, don’t watch this anime when you’re hungry. You’re going to regret that, especially if it’s the food that you can’t get easily.

Jigoku Shoujo – Yoi no Togi

Jigoku Shoujo - Yoi no Togi

To be honest, I was surprised to find out that there’ll be another new Jigoku Shoujo anime. I was assuming that the previous Jigoku Shoujo anime, Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae already wrapped the thing up nicely.

Just like the previous Jigoku Shoujo anime, Jigoku Shoujo – Yoi no Togi is as depressing as ever. In fact, there was one episode where the whole family is totally screwed up. I won’t spoil you about this episode, so you’d better watch it if you’re curious to know what I mean.

It’s perfectly okay to watch Jigoku Shoujo – Yoi no Togi without needing to watch the first Jigoku Shoujo, Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori, and Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae.

But if you want to understand the story much deeper, especially about Enma Ai’s past, then it’s recommended to watch from the beginning.

Jikan no Shihaisha

Jikan no Shihaisha

I’m not a fan of fantasy anime, but I’m still giving this anime a try because it has the supernatural element in it. It’s not the kind of supernatural elements I prefer. But hey, the storyline itself is good enough to get me curious.

If you love fantasy anime, then give this anime a try.



I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know anything about gambling. But I was attracted to this anime only because of its dystopian school environment where people respect or look down on you based on your gambling skill and ranking.

If you lose in gambling, not only you will end up with the massive debt. But you will also be treated as a pet house as well, where you’ll be wearing a tag all the time. People tend to ridicule you only because you’re wearing the tag.

Some people seem to put off with Kakegurui’s realistic character design. But if you’re looking for something intriguing, then give this anime a try.

In case you’re wondering, this anime is my summer 2017 anime must-watch.

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu

I was a bit skeptical to watch this anime when the description for this anime only indicates how ikemen these characters are.

Sure, I love ikemen characters. But that’s not the reason why I want to watch the anime in the first place. So, it’s understandable why I doubted Katsugeki Touken Ranbu.

Luckily, the anime itself is fascinating enough to watch, considering that the role of these historical figures is to preserve the historical event from being altered by the evil being.

If you’re into historical anime, then this anime should be up to your ante.

For those who play Granblue Fantasy, there will be a special collaboration event with Touken Ranbu in September. If you’d like to have Izuminokami to join your crew, be sure to stay tuned for the event this September.

I’m so looking forward to Granblue Fantasy x Touken Ranbu event.

P.S I was trying to find the news about Touken Ranbu collaboration with Granblue Fantasy on ANN but couldn’t find any. If you happen to have the link to the news, feel free to leave it in the comment.

New Game!!

New Game!!

The reason for me to watch this anime is obvious – it’s the second season of this anime. And another reason for that is because I’m curious about the game production. The only difference is I don’t think you can find any game studio where the employees are all women.

If you’re into video game production behind the scene, then New Game!! is a must-watch for you.

Saiyuki Reload Blast

Saiyuki Reload Blast

I never thought that the anime that I’ve been so fond of when I was in the high school is making a comeback this season. I love Saiyuki. So, I was excited to see the anime.

But the problem is, I didn’t watch Saiyuki Reload and Saiyuki Reload Gunlock. I have no idea why I didn’t watch the anime. I guess that I completely forgot about Saiyuki. And I didn’t expect there’ll be a new Saiyuki anime.

It’s a shame considering that I’m a huge Saiyuki fan.

Since I didn’t watch Saiyuki Reload and Saiyuki Reload Gunlock, I was skeptical that I would enjoy Saiyuki Reload Blast. I was worried that I would never be able to get along with the storyline because of the huge story gap.

I’m not sure how long is Saiyuki Reload and Saiyuki Reload Gunlock. But I do know that Gensomaden Saiyuki is really long. If both anime have long episode lists like Gensomaden Saiyuki, I’m pretty sure that I’m already missing a lot.

Thankfully, the gap doesn’t seem to hinder me from enjoying Saiyuki Reload Blast. It’s still entertaining to watch despite me not watching the other two anime.

I can’t say for sure if you can jump straight to watching Saiyuki Reload Blast without watching any of the Saiyuki anime. But if you don’t care about each character’s back story, then it’s fine to watch Saiyuki Reload Blast right away.

Saiyuki Reload Blast is my another summer 2017 must-watch anime. I never thought that Saiyuki is still entertaining to watch even though I haven’t been watching it for such a long time.

Vatican Kiseki Chousakan

Vatican Kiseki Chousakan

Seriously, how can I say no to the occult, supernatural anime like Vatican Kiseki Chousakan? Apart from my usual mystery, thriller and suspense anime cocktail, any anime that falls into the occult, supernatural can draw me in as well.

At first glance, it looks to me that both characters seem to be an atheist to me despite them coming from Vatican. Well, that’s what I think since anyone who comes from Vatican supposed to be more religious than the average Christian devotees.

To be honest, I’m not a fan of anime that has a religion as a theme in it. But somehow, I’m giving a leeway to Vatican Kiseki Chousakan only because it’s the occult, supernatural anime.

If you don’t mind about the Christianity stuff, then give this anime a try.

Youkai Apato no Yuuga na Nichijou

Youkai Apato no Yuuga na Nichijou

Youkai Apato no Yuuga na Nichijou reminds me a lot of Fukigen na Mononokean. The only difference is you’ll get to see youkai and human living in harmony with each other in that apartment.

Some part of the anime can be so touching as the one in Natsume Yuujinchou, which makes this anime entertaining to watch.

If you’re looking for a supernatural comedy anime, then this anime is for you.

Your Summer 2017 anime must-watch

What anime are you watching this summer? Feel free to share what you’re watching on the comment below, even if the anime you watch isn’t in my must-watch list.