Year 2020 plan

I can’t believe that the year 2020 will be upon us in a few days! Well, that is during the time as this blog post goes live. I’m sure that it’s already the year 2020 by the time you read this blog post.

In case you don’t know, I love to share my goals on my blog every year. That seems to be the tradition ever since I started blogging. The only exception is for the year 2019 since the blog was on hiatus at that time.

Now that I started blogging consistently every week for the last couple of months, I decided to continue the tradition once again for the year 2020.

With that said, here are the things that I plan to do for this year.

Publish the third book from the Trigger Locked series

To be honest, I was planning to publish the third book from the Trigger Locked series in 2019. But I decided to put the publishing plan on hold because I wanted to make ways for my other projects at that time.

I was glad that these projects were finally completed in early December last year.

With most of my projects were already completed, now I can give my full focus on getting the third book from the Trigger Locked series out of the door.

I can’t say for sure when the book is coming out. But I’m aiming for the book to be released during the first half of the year 2020.

In the meantime, you can buy the ebook version of the Trigger Locked series right here.

Distribute my books to as many places as I can and in many different formats

I already distributed my ebooks to many different places from the beginning. But I’m planning to do more of it this year.

Of course, I’m planning to do the same for print books too. I realized that my print books are no longer available for sale at Wordery. That is sad for me since I love Wordery and I always recommend Wordery to those who live outside of the US.

Since I’m using KDP Print for my print books, it seems that the expanded distribution only covers retailers in the US. Wordery is based in the UK. Because of that, my books were no longer available for sale on Wordery when I began using KDP Print for my print books.

I’m currently working to get my books back on Wordery. But that will take some time.

I’m also thinking about having my print books available for sale on my website as well. But that will be later once my books are back for sale at Wordery.

In the meantime, you can get my print books on Barnes and Noble.

Yes, I know. Barnes and Noble don’t offer free shipping for international orders. But at least you can still buy my print books online.

What about an audiobook?

I won’t deny that audiobook is big right now. And I’m sure that many of you love to listen to an audiobook.

The good news is I do have a plan to release all of my books as an audiobook. But I may not do it this year.

Also, I have yet to decide whether I should hire a narrator or narrate the book myself. I don’t mind with doing the narration. I find it fun even though my throat feels dry after the recording session is over.

But I’m not sure if people will enjoy listening to my voice, though.

What about my personal goals?

As always, I do have my own personal goal for this year. And that is to learn Japanese.

Yes, I know that I said it a few times already on this blog that I wanted to start learning Japanese. Well, at least consistently rather than making it on and off kind of thing.

I didn’t manage to pull it off because I was trying to figure out what was the best learning process for me. And my work schedule is somewhat unpredictable, making it harder for me to incorporate my learning process into my work schedule.

I want the learning process to be fun and doesn’t drain me. The last thing I want is to shrug every time I begin my Japanese lesson.

I’m still trying to figure out how I can fit my language learning in my work schedule.

Once I do, I’ll be talking about it in greater detail on this blog.

My hope for the year 2020

The only thing that I hope for the year 2020 is to make all of my goals a reality.

I know that’s not an easy thing to do. But with hard work and perseverance, I’m sure that all the things that I plan to do will eventually become a reality.

I’m sure that you also want the same thing if you were in my position.

Regardless of what kind of goals you have for this year, let’s make the year 2020 our best year ever.