Complete manga

I understand why so many of us prefer to read complete manga series.

For one, you don’t have to wait for such a long time for the next volume to come out.

You can simply pick the next volume and continue reading.

And who doesn’t love the idea of binge-reading the series for the whole weekend, right?

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who enjoys binge-reading manga. Even I did the same when I binge-reading Psychometrer Eiji within a few days.

If you love the idea of binge-reading, then take a look at the complete manga series that I’m currently reading right now.

Maybe you’ll find something interesting to read.

The complete manga series you should add in your reading list

Just to let you know that these mangas are available for sale on Amazon. If you live outside of the US and want to buy Kindle books, you can read this blog post to find out how you can do that.

With that said, here are some of the complete manga series that you should add in your reading list if you haven’t already.

Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom S2

I’m sure that the first thing that will pop into your mind when you hear the word ‘assassination’ will be blood and gore in one sientence.

Well, don’t let the title fool you. Sure, the title itself implied that these kids will be trained to assassinate someone. But that someone happens to be their teacher who is an octopus that can talk and wants to be a teacher.

And the weapon that they use to kill the said teacher is a plastic knife and BB gun.

No, I’m not kidding about that. While these weapons are harmless to human, it’s lethal to someone like the octopus teacher.

I enjoyed watching the anime when it was on air a few years ago. I even tried to catch up with the first season of the anime before the second season came out.

I’ll be writing more about Assassination Classroom in my next blog post. But if you find the manga interesting, you can buy the manga right here on Amazon:

Buy Assassination Classroom manga on Amazon

You can also purchase the Assassination Classroom box set if you’d like.

The box set consists of all 21-volumes of the manga in print. This box set won’t be available for long, so get this box set now before it’s too late.

You can buy the print manga box set right here on Amazon:

Buy Assassination Classroom manga box set on Amazon



I do talk a lot about Bakuman on my blog. So, it’s not surprising why this manga will be included in the list as well.

If you’re curious about how the manga industry works and the truth about life as a mangaka, then this manga is something that you should get.

I already have the manga in print. But I only have the manga until volume 5 since the company that licensed the manga in Malay went under a few years ago.

I was glad that I was able to continue reading the manga once again on MANGA Plus. But I still have the intention of continuing to buy the manga in print, though.

If you find Bakuman interesting, you can buy the manga right here on Amazon:

Buy Bakuman manga on Amazon

Just like Assassination Classroom, you can also buy Bakuman manga box set too on Amazon.

If you’re interested in getting the print manga box set, you can get it right here:

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Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball

I have the manga in print. And I’ve been reading the manga for a couple of times already.

So, why does Dragon Ball is in my list?

Well, the reason for that is because I was curious about the English version of the manga.

Since I only read the manga in Malay and it was only three chapters when I saw the manga on MANGA Plus, I decided to read the manga once again.

I get that some of you won’t give Dragon Ball a try because it’s the manga that your mom, dad or your older siblings used to read.

But if you’re curious why so many people love Dragon Ball to this day, then give yourself permission to give Dragon Ball a try.

It’s too bad that there’s no Kindle version for the manga. But you can get all of the manga in box set right here:

Dragon Ball 1-16 Box Set

Dragon Ball Z Complete Collection Box Set

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Oh no, not another old manga again!

To be honest, I already knew about the manga since I was in the fifth grade. Yes, that was more than ten years before the first season of Jojo anime came out.

I only decided to give the manga a try after seeing it on MANGA Plus. Since it only had five chapters at that time, I felt that it was a perfect chance for me to start reading the manga.

I admit that Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’s art style is different than the typical manga art style. But if you’re looking for something that is different than your usual Shonen Jump manga, then you should give this manga a try.

You can get the manga right here on Amazon:

Buy Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Part 1 on Amazon



What can I say? I enjoy reading Naruto manga just as much as everyone else.

Sure, the story can be heart-wrenching sometimes especially when you find out that the characters that you least expect would die.

But other than that, the story is interesting enough for you to keep reading until the end.

Well, that’s what Naruto does for me.

I won’t deny that the manga can feel so long to some people since the manga has 72 volumes in total.

But with such a gripping storyline, you won’t even realize that you’ve been reading the manga for hours already.

Curious about Naruto and want to give the manga a try? You can buy the first volume of the manga right here on Amazon:

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Feel like wanting to spend your weekend binge-reading Naruto? The good news is you can also get a complete set of the manga as a box set too.

Since Naruto manga itself is long, the manga is split into three box sets. That sure is a perfect way to spend your weekend, don’t you think?

You can buy these box sets right here on Amazon:

Naruto Box Set 1: Volume 1-27

Naruto Box Set 2: Volume 28-48

Naruto Box Set 3: Volume 49-72

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

Many Tokyo Ghoul fans swear by the manga is better than the anime.

And they’re right about that. The manga is indeed better than the anime simply because many of the minor details in the manga weren’t in the anime.

Well, I could be wrong about it since I watched the first season of Tokyo Ghoul years ago. But that was how I felt when I read the manga for the first time.

If you enjoy the anime, it doesn’t hurt to give the manga a run for your money. And I’m sure that you will enjoy the manga just as much as you enjoy the anime.

Don’t believe me? Well, you can get the manga right here on Amazon and see for yourself:

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Prefer to binge-reading the manga instead? Well, you’re in luck because Tokyo Ghoul is available as a box set too.

You can get the box set right here on Amazon:

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There will be more complete manga series to come

Well, there’s no doubt that what you see here is only a tip of the iceberg. You can expect me to recommend more manga series in the future.

As always, I will let you know when the blog post is live on my blog.

In the meantime, feel free to tell me what other complete manga series everyone should read in the comment section below.

You’ll never know that I may include your favorite manga in my future blog post.