Psychometrer Eiji

I started reading Psychometrer Eiji not long after I began reading Kindaichi Case Files.

At that time, the manga only had four volumes in total. So, it didn’t take that long for me to catch up with the latest book. And I continued reading the manga until the manga was over.

It was only recently that I started to reread the manga again when I was writing the second book from the Trigger Locked series, A Silent Killer.

Despite Psychometrer Eiji being an old manga, I still enjoyed reading the manga just as much as the other new manga in a similar genre.

In fact, I enjoyed the manga even more than when I read it for the first time.

Seeing that I decided to pick this manga again after such a long time, the manga sure does have a special place in my heart.

What the manga is all about

Here’s the summary about Psychometrer Eiji that I got from Wikipedia.

Asuma Eiji is a normal high school student, with a reputation for being violent and involved in gangs. But he has the psychometry ability, which is discovered by Shima Ryoko, a police investigator when his little sister Emi gets involved in a serial murder case. And so, Shima uses her charm to get the boy to help her, and Eiji obliges, getting more and more involved in the murders, his powers proving to be quite powerful.

What do you think of the manga after reading the summary? Is it enough to intrigue you to give this manga a try?

Why I love Psychometrer Eiji

There’s no doubt that I love Psychometrer Eiji because I love reading Kindaichi Case Files.

But that’s not the only reason why I love this manga so much.

Unlike Kindaichi Case Files, Psychometrer Eiji emphasizes more on the psychological aspect of the murderer. Added with the fact that each explanation is followed by scientific research to back it up makes the story even more fascinating.

I’m the kind of person who enjoys reading manga and light novels that blend facts and fiction together. So, it’s not surprising that a manga like Psychometrer Eiji is appealing to me.

Reading the manga somehow makes me realize how unpredictable human can be, considering that the murderer in Psychometrer Eiji has a normal life like everyone else. It’s hard to believe that someone who looks normal on the surface can commit such murder.

What turns them into a serial killer has a lot to do with their contorted perspective about life that takes shape when they were young.

Unlike in Kindaichi Case Files, these murderers don’t do it because they’re seeking revenge. Rather, their reason behind their action has a lot to do with a traumatic incident that took place in their childhood.

Of course, the manga offers a lot more than a story fills with the intro to criminal psychology.

In fact, it’s much more disturbing than seeing people dying in a horrific way.

What I didn’t expect when I read Psychometrer Eiji

To be honest, I don’t expect that the story will shed the lights on the darker side of the teenage life in Japan.

For some people, topics like teen prostitution and bullying are just another teen related-issues. And these problems aren’t unique to Japan.

But the way that such topics being portrayed in the manga seems so disturbing that it makes my skin crawls whenever I read about it. Added with the murder related to any of these topics make it even more disturbing.

As much as I’d like to think that it’s only a work of fiction, I know well enough that most of the things portrayed in the manga are real. The only thing that is fiction is the characters’ name.

Same goes for the pervert guy and also a guy who likes to cross-dress as a woman.

Whether you’d like to believe it or not, these types of people do exist in real life. It’s just that they’re the minority.

But still, I find that such depiction is eye-opening when I found out about it for the first time.

Is this manga for you?

If you love manga like Kindaichi Case Files but with a darker twist, then you will love Psychometrer Eiji.

Where to buy the manga

It’s too bad that the manga isn’t licensed for the English version. And the Malay and the Japanese version of the manga is no longer available for sale too.

At this point, there’s no other way for you to read the manga other than through scanlations.

Let’s hope that there will be a company willing enough to license the manga in English.

But I doubt that any company will want to license the manga in English since it’s such an old manga.

Over to you

What do you think about the manga? Will you be giving the manga a shot after reading my post? Share your thoughts in the comment below.