Spring 2017 Anime Must-Watch

Just like any other season, I was expecting that my Spring 2017 Anime Must-Watch list would be a lot longer than my winter list. But it looks to me that this season’s watch list is as short as my watch list for the last season.

On the flip side, I have more time to dive myself into my current muse. To be honest, I never thought that I would be so hooked into it.

So, what current muse am I talking about? Well, my current muse also happens to be one of the must-watch anime for this season.

Let’s take a look the anime that you should be watching this spring.

My Spring 2017 anime must-watch

I realize that the anime in my Spring 2017 Anime Must-Watch List are mainly the continuation from the previous season.

While it’s obvious that I will continue watching the anime since I already watched them in the last season, there are also quite a few new anime that I find interesting as well.

I know that not many of us watch the previous season of the anime. If you feel that you don’t have time to watch the previous season, there are still some brand new anime that are worth watching.

Here are the anime that I’m currently watching this season.

Atom – The Beginning

Spring 2017 Anime

I don’t have any fond memories with Astro Boy. So, my first reason to watch this anime is because of the cast.

I won’t deny that this anime has tons of prominent cast like Yuichi Nakamura as the seiyuu for Tenma and Terashima Takuma as the seiyuu for Ochanomizu.

But the reason why I’m sticking to this anime goes way beyond the cast alone.

The theme portrayed in this anime is what I’d like to believe is the world that we live in within five to twenty years down the road.

So, watching this anime feels like we’re taking a glimpse into the world that we live in the near future.

You may think that what has been portrayed in this anime is merely a work of fiction. But if you’ve been keeping up with the technology news, you know that the world that we see in Atom – The Beginning is much closer than you think.

Another thing that I like about this anime is AI researchers in Japan are supervising the anime. So, you can expect that all terminologies in this anime aren’t made up terminologies, after all.

You don’t need to have a prior knowledge about AI and Physic to understand their research behind how A106 works.

Just enjoy watching this anime like you always do. And at the same time, you can learn a thing or two about the latest AI technology.

Boku no Hero Academia

Spring 2017 Anime

I already watch the first season of Boku no Hero Academia. So, it makes sense for me to watch the second season.

To my surprise, I enjoy watching this anime even though I’m not a big fan of superhero anime. Heck, I’m not even a big fan of the superhero genre in general.

If you love the superhero genre, then give this anime a try. The previous season was only 20++ episodes, so you still have time to catch up with the latest episode.

Boruto – Naruto Next Generations

Spring 2017 Anime

I didn’t watch Naruto anime diligently. I only watch it when I happen to turn on the TV at that time. And it doesn’t help that the anime has tons of unnecessary filler episodes just to extend the anime much longer.

Even though I watched the anime on and off, I did read the manga many moons ago. And it was too bad that I couldn’t recall what chapter I stopped reading.

So, I ended up ditching the whole franchise for good.

Maybe it’s only me, but I do manage to grasp what’s going on when I watch Boruto. So, my on and off relationship with Naruto doesn’t hinder me much from enjoying watching Boruto.

But if you don’t know much about what’s happening in Naruto, I still encourage you to get yourself familiarized with Naruto before you attempt to watch Boruto.

You don’t see Naruto and his friends that much in Boruto, except Shino, who happens to be Boruto’s homeroom teacher and Iruka who is the principal of the academy.

But still, it’s better for you to be familiarized with Naruto to get a better understanding of the storyline in Boruto.

So, does Boruto happens to be my current muse?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. It’s true that I have a history with Naruto. But none of them is my current muse.

Gin no Guardian

Spring 2017 Anime

In case you don’t know, Gin no Guardian is another collaboration between the Japanese and Chinese animation studio.

As a non-Japanese author, it makes sense for me to support a collaborative effort in the anime industry by giving this anime a try.

To be frank, the storyline for Gin no Guardian isn’t that fascinating. But I don’t have any expectation from the fantasy anime and manga regardless of whether it’s by the Japanese or non-Japanese manga.

Unlike our usual Japanese-style storyline, the storyline is simple and straightforward. So, you may not enjoy this anime much if you’re expecting more twists in the storyline.

The anime is only around 13 minutes, though. You can use that short time just to see if this anime is worth watching or not.

Granblue Fantasy The Animation

Spring 2017 Anime

I had no idea what they intended to do when they aired the first two episodes during the winter season. Was it because they wanted to increase the number of people to play the game at that time?

Or is it because they wanted to create the hype for the anime until its official airing which is this spring?

I wasn’t so sure why. But I did jump the ship when they aired the first two episodes of this anime.

Just like Gin no Guardian, I didn’t have much expectation on the anime since I’m not a fan of fantasy anime and manga. And my reason for watching this anime is because it’s a game adaptation.

Weeks after I watched the first two episodes of Granblue Fantasy, I gave the game a try. And I was hooked on this game since then.

In case you’re wondering, Granblue Fantasy is my current muse right now.

Storyline-wise, the anime version tends to expand the original storyline in greater details.

Sure, expanding the storyline means it may alter the original storyline. But so far, additional details in the storyline only make the storyline a lot more proper than the game storyline.

As someone who loves the game, I don’t mind with the additional storyline. After all, not everyone is playing the game.

On the other hand, I get to see the main character, Gran in a different light since you don’t see his personality much in the game.

If you’re a fan of the game or curious about the anime, expect to see a dedicated post about Granblue Fantasy from me in the near future.

But for now, I recommend you to watch this anime even if you’ve never played the game before.

High School Star Musical S2

Spring 2017 Anime

You probably are wondering why anime like High School Star Musical made it into my list.

To be honest, I’m not into the idol anime. And another idol anime that I watched in the past was Shounen Hollywood.

So, what got me to watch something like High School Star Musical in the first place?

For one, I love the idea of hard work and persistence triumphs talent. And that’s the highlight of this anime where the main character, Hoshitani is not even close to being talented at all in the musical department.

But with the hard work and persistence, many people start to acknowledge how good he is, not just among his team members. But other teams also realize how good he is as well.

I’m not sure if other idol anime has the same storyline. But as far as I know, anime like High School Star Musical and Shounen Hollywood seem to emphasize this theme a lot.


Spring 2017 Anime

If you want to know more about Kabuki in an entertaining way, then this anime is a must-watch. And what’s more, CLAMP is the one who does the character designs for this anime.

In case you’re not familiar with CLAMP, they’re the mangaka for Cardcaptor Sakura, Tsubasa and XxxHolic.

Kyoukai no Rinne

Spring 2017 Anime

My reason for watching this anime is the same as Boku no Hero Academia. I already watched the previous seasons of this anime.

And on top of that, I love the manga by Rumiko Takahashi. If you’ve watched or read Ranma 1/2 before, Kyoukai no Rinne has more or less the same vibe and comedy like Ranma 1/2.

Monster Strike S2

Spring 2017 Anime

I’ve been watching Monster Strike since the first episode. But I didn’t include this anime on the list back then because I forgot about it.

Okay, I know that it’s my bad. How come I forget to include this anime on the list?

Unlike other anime where you can only watch them through the legal streaming sites, you can watch this anime on their official YouTube channel.

The anime is only around 13 minutes, the same duration as Gin no Guardian.

It’s also another game adaptation. But somehow, the anime can’t seem to convince me to give Monster Strike game a try.

Natsume Yuujinchou Roku

Spring 2017 Anime

I’m a big fan of Natsume Yuujinchou. And nothing makes me even more excited that the sixth season is coming out this spring.

Yes, it’s already in the sixth season. Let’s hoping that there’ll be the seventh season for Natsume Yuujinchou.

Uchouten Kazoku S2

Spring 2017 Anime

To be honest, I didn’t expect that there’ll be a second season for Uchouten Kazoku since I watched this anime many moons ago.

Since it was a long time ago, I couldn’t remember much about the relationship between the characters. The only thing I remember is the relationship between the tanuki and the Tengu.

And let’s not forget about Benten, a human being who also possessed the power of Tengu.

Just like any other anime, it’s wise to watch the previous season to get a better understanding of the characters’ relationship and the conflict surrounding them.

My overall thought about this season’s anime

I’m surprised that there aren’t a lot of anime that seems interesting this season. And the reason why I have an extensive list of anime to watch is only because they’re the continuation from the previous season.

As much as I love to hear about the new season for the anime that I’ve watched in the past, I also love to watch new anime as well.

But since not many anime caught my interest this season, I do hope that we have plenty to watch in the next season.