Scanlation websites

For many of us, scanlation websites tend to be the place for us to discover our new manga to read. We even use them as a way to decide whether to buy the manga or not too.

Depending on where you live, the manga can be a bit expensive to buy. So, you may use the scanlation websites to sample the manga first before you buy them.

Yes, I know that only a handful of us are doing do this. As for the rest of us, we will use these websites as intended. And that is to read manga without having to spend a dime.

Well, why should you go and buy the manga when you can read it for free on these websites, right?

It’s because of this reason that those who are from the anime and manga industry loathe these websites.

They feel that a website like these should never exist because they’re conditioning the fans not to buy the manga.

What the industry doesn’t get about the scanlation websites

Well, it’s true that some people will never consider buying the manga even if they’re available at a dirt-cheap price. They have no reason to do that when they can get whatever manga they want for free.

In that sense, those who are in the industry are right about these people.

But at the same time, they’re also wrong about the scanlation websites.

Yes, people can indeed read any manga they want for free on these websites. But for the most part, these websites serve as a place for people to share the translation of the manga that isn’t available in English.

And many of us use these websites to discover their next read too since you can read pretty much most of the manga you can think of.

If they like the manga, they will consider buying the manga when they have the chance.

Some of us are using these websites to read the manga that is no longer available for sale due to the manga publishers going under. Because of that, the only way for them to read the manga is to buy the used copy.

That is if they’re lucky enough to get one.

In a nutshell, these people don’t use the scanlation websites because it’s free. They’re using it because it’s the only way for them to read a manga that doesn’t get licensed in English. And perhaps to sample the manga before they buy their own copy.

That’s just a wrong assumption on the industry’s side.

Should we get rid of these websites for good?

To be honest, I doubt that the anime and manga industry can get rid of these websites since they will always pop out no matter what they do.

And let’s not forget that these websites aren’t even using the normal domain extensions, making it harder for these websites to get caught.

Sure, they can always hire Remove Your Media to hunt these websites using their state-of-art algorithm. But the problem with their algorithm is that they ended up penalizing the websites and blogs that have nothing to do with the illegal stuff.

I know that because I happen to be one of the people whose blog got flagged for the wrong reason.

Well, they can try again if they want. But believe me, the result will be the same.

Will it end for real this time? Maybe. But I’m not pinning my hope for that so long as there are still people who refuse to pay despite having the means to do so.

Have some faith in these people

I can’t say for all scanlator groups out there. But most of them make it clear that the readers should go and buy the manga if it gets licensed in their country.

And as for the manga that gets licensed in English, they will stop scanlating altogether once it’s already licensed in English.

How do you know if the manga already gets licensed in English? Well, they will leave a note at the end of the scanlation to notify the readers about the news and they will stop scanlating the said manga.

Well, their goal for scanlating the manga in the first place is to get people to be aware of the manga and have a keen interest in it. It becomes even better if their effort is leading the manga being licensed.

These people aren’t doing it to rebel against the industry.

Okay, maybe perhaps that could be the reason why they were spreading their scanlations everywhere. But for the most part, they’re doing it because they love the manga. And they want people to have a look at it in a language that they can understand.

I still use the scanlation websites to this day

Even to this day, I still use the scanlation websites from time to time. But I only use them to read the manga that doesn’t get licensed in English and also to read the manga that is no longer available for sale.

If you read my post about Gash Bell manga, you know how devastating I was that I could only read the manga until Vol.9.

Since I couldn’t get the book anywhere other than to get a used copy, then I may have to depend on these websites to continue reading where I left.

So, I’m not using these websites to read whatever manga I want for free. I still go out there and buy whatever manga and light novels that I find interesting.

The good news is some manga and light novels are available at a discount from time to time. That’s when you’ll see me going on a manga and light novel spending spree.

I won’t deny how tempting it is not to buy the manga and just use these websites to get my manga fix.

But at the same time, I don’t feel good about it since I know well enough that it’s not the right thing to do.

Can you relate to that? Let me know in the comment below.

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