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You probably think that the reason why I watched Noblesse anime was simply that I’ve read the manhwa on Webtoon before.

But the truth is, I’ve never read one before.

Heck, I don’t even know about it until the news about Noblesse OVA came out.

Yes, we indeed have plenty of webcomic from non-Japanese creators that received an anime adaptation for the last couple of years.

But it wasn’t that common when Noblesse OVA came out.

So, it makes sense that the OVA got me curious. And the fact that Production I.G was behind the OVA piqued my interest even more.

After all, I would love to have Production I.G working on my anime adaptation if I managed to get one.

Yes, I would want Production I.G to work on my anime adaptation if I have the opportunity to get any of my work adapted into anime.

Noblesse anime and OVA sure does give me hope

As an author, it’s always been my dream to see my book to get adapted into anime.

While some authors envision having their works turn into Hollywood A-List movies, I don’t have a particular interest in that.

For one, I don’t watch movies. And another reason is that live-action adaptation usually sucks.

Death Note live-action on Netflix, anyone?

Just to be clear that not all live-action adaptations are terrible. But I’m still not going to take a risk considering that I’m not a fan of live-action movies or dramas, to begin with.

When I found out that Production I.G would adapt the manhwa, I was ecstatic.

It makes me feel like I have a chance to have my works adapted into anime.

What’s more, it also debunks the myth that you can only get an anime adaptation if your works are in Japanese and you must be living in Japan.

But then again, it’s not that Noblesse got an anime adaptation by a stroke of luck.

The webcomic itself garners over 2 billion page views, anyway.

If I ever want my work to be adapted into anime and not just the OVA, then I need to be sure that I have a huge audience who enjoys my work.

Once I achieve that, the idea of getting an anime adaptation for my work will no longer be a pipe dream for me anymore.

But I changed my mind about getting an anime adaptation after that

When I say that, you probably think that the animation quality for Noblesse anime must be terrible.

Well, that can be the reason considering that poor animation quality is an eyesore to watch.

Just take a look at what happened to Full Metal Panic: Invisible Victory anime. The animation quality was so terrible to the point that the anime was unbearable to watch.

But that’s not the case at all for the Noblesse anime.

For me, I find that the animation quality is good. While the story can be a bit fast-paced since they have to cram and perhaps purge some scenes for the anime version, I still find the anime enjoyable to watch.

At least the anime is much better than the OVA since the name in the subtitle matches the one being used in the dialogue.

That’s not the case in the OVA where the subtitle is using the original Korean names but the names being used throughout the OVA are in Japanese.

The only thing that remains the same is the characters’ names in English and Rai’s lengthy names.

If everything about the anime is good, then what got me to change my mind about getting an anime adaptation?

Well, it has a lot to do with the cast for the anime.

It’s a dead giveaway to me

Unlike most of the cast for the anime, the cast for the Noblesse anime is mainly new seiyuu. Only two of them are the notable seiyuu among the cast.

One of them is Daisuke Hirakawa who is the seiyuu for Frankenstein and Ai Kayano who is the seiyuu for Seira.

As for the rest of them? They’re mainly new seiyuu.

Okay, I should point out that Tarusuke Shingaki who is the seiyuu for Rai isn’t a new seiyuu.

He does have tons of roles under his belt. But most of them aren’t notable enough for me to remember.

The only character that I at least remember how he looks like is Mirio Togata from My Hero Academia.

You know, the guy that resembles Tintin?

Is the cast that bad?

Just to be clear that I have no issues with having the cast mainly consist of new seiyuu. My only issue is that Crunchyroll can’t just fill most of the cast with new seiyuu alone.

I’m fine with the seiyuu for the main character to be a new seiyuu or someone who never voiced the main character before. That’s a common practice for a long, ongoing anime.

But even a long, ongoing anime will have many well-known seiyuu voicing the supporting characters.

Just take a look at Black Clover where most of the supporting characters are the seiyuu that most people are familiar with.

Seeing the cast filled with new seiyuu will only make me think that Crunchyroll wants to cut corners in anime production.

Perhaps they failed to realize that what makes anime a big hit among the existing and new fans alike isn’t just about having a good animation quality.

The seiyuu behind the characters play a major role too.

Remember that some people are willing to give the anime a try only because the seiyuu that they’re familiar with or the seiyuu that they like are among the cast.

Yes, a notable, well-known seiyuu can be a huge selling point for anime too.

But for some reason, Crunchyroll failed to see that.

It’s not entirely a hard pass for me

I used to think that getting an anime adaptation for my own work is the biggest milestone I’ll ever achieve in my author career.

But after seeing how the anime adaptation for Noblesse turned out, I guess that I’m fine with not getting an anime adaptation for my work at all.

Does it mean that the anime adaptation will be a hard pass for me?

Well, I will still say yes if I have the opportunity to do so. But I’m not going to actively pitch my work to be adapted into the anime, though.

If I have the opportunity, great. And if it doesn’t, then that’s fine by me too.

It’s just like what Hattori used to say to Mashiro and Takagi in Bakuman – it’s nice to have an anime adaptation. But what matters the most is the book sale.

And I agree with that.

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