Anime production companies

In the early days of my involvement in the anime fandom, I didn’t care much about things like seiyuu and the anime production companies.

But as I dive into the anime fandom, I begin to pay even more attention to things like that.

And these part of the anime industry becomes even more crucial to me ever since I become an author.

Just like any other authors out there, I would love to have any of my books adapted into anime. But I can’t just let anyone adapted my book.

The last thing I want is the result will be a complete disaster like Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory.

Whether I like it or not, I have to be picky about which anime production companies will be making the anime adaptation.

While none of the anime production companies come to me with an anime adaptation proposal yet, it doesn’t hurt for me to think about it right now.

Besides, it’s fun to think about it, if you ask me.

Wait, do original creators have the freedom to pick which anime production companies they want to work with?

Unfortunately, the answer is no.

When it comes to the original creators’ position in the anime adaptation, it’s sad to say that they don’t get to decide which anime production companies that are working for their anime adaptation.

Heck, they don’t even have a say on how much budget the publisher is willing to put on the anime adaptation.

They’re in the complete mercy of their publisher. They can only hope that the publisher has their best interest in mind.

But my position isn’t like that at all because I’m an indie author.

Since I own the rights to my work, I can choose which anime production companies that I want to work with. So, I’m in a better position compared to most original creators.

The anime production companies that I’d like to work with

You may be thinking that I’m more than happy to work with the large anime production companies.

But the truth is, the anime production companies that I’d love to work with aren’t the big guns in the anime industry.

What’s even more fascinating, they’re much better than the big guns, in my opinion.

So, which anime production companies that made to my wishlist? Here’s a few of them.

Production I.G

Pretty much all the anime that I love tend to be the one by Production I.G. So, it’s obvious that I want to work with them considering how much I love the anime that they produce.

But that’s not the reason why Production I.G is my first choice.

My reason for picking them has a lot to do with their job in adapting Joker Game. In case you’re wondering, Joker Game is an anime adaptation from a novel.

Yes, you read that right.

Joker Game is a novel, not a light novel.

Just like a typical novel, there are no character illustrations that are accompanying the story. So, it’s up to the character designer in Production I.G to come up with their interpretation on how the characters will look like.

Since my book only has an illustration on the front cover, it may be difficult for most anime production companies to adapt my book.

That’s why I believe that Production I.G will do an excellent job for my book because of their experience in adapting a novel like Joker Game.

Another reason for me to choose Production I.G is they’re also open to adapting foreign work. Noblesse OVA is one of the foreign works adapted by them.

I don’t know if there are more. But it will be cool if Production I.G can adapt more foreign works and give an anime treatment to the said works, just like what they do for Noblesse OVA.

Other than that, they’re also one of the few anime production companies that are co-producing anime with Netflix. So, how can I not pick them as my first choice?


Most of the anime by ufotable that I watched happen to be a game adaptation. And they’re doing a good job with adapting these video games into anime.

Yes, even for the video game like Touken Ranbu.

One thing I love about ufotable was their attention to detail when they were producing Katsugeki Touken Ranbu anime.

I remember an article on the now-defunct Anime Now website talking about how they’re getting help from the period drama expert on how the sword placement should look like.

They’re trying to make the anime to be as realistic as possible. So, a minor detail like a sword placement will never get slipped from their radar.

But that’s not the only thing I find amazing about ufotable. When it comes to animation, ufotable seems to have a different approach to how they get the animation done.

Instead of drawing arts and have the seiyuu giving the voice to bring it to life, they will record the seiyuu’s voice and animate the character based on the seiyuu’s acting.

Isn’t that amazing?

With their fantastic attention to details and a different approach to animation, there’s no denying that I’ll be at ease if ufotable is the one who is making an anime adaptation for my book.

What about the other studios?

For me, the rest of the anime studios are equally good too. Any anime studio will do a great job as long as they have enough budget to produce a high-quality anime.

But if I have to pick any of them, I will still pick between Production I.G and ufotable, with Production I.G as my first choice.

If there’s an anime studio who is not on my list send me a proposal for an anime adaptation, will I accept it?

Well, I have to say it depends.

As long as their animation quality is excellent and they’re taking good care of my work, then any anime studio will do.

But then again, it will be great if I can work together with either Production I.G or ufotable.

After all, they are the anime production companies that I respect the most. It will be an honor for me to work with them.