Jojo's Bizarre Adventure omnibus

For some of you, you may find the story about Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure omnibus to be old news. But for me, I find the way that Viz Media does the omnibus for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is rather fascinating.

If you’re a huge fan of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure manga, you certainly won’t want to miss this Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure omnibus.

After all, the omnibus itself makes an amazing collector’s item. I know about it since I managed to snag one of the books for my niece.

Not going to lie that the book does look great on the shelf since only a handful of manga series are available as a hardcover.

What is an omnibus anyway?

For those who are not familiar with the term omnibus, it’s just simply a compilation of few volumes in one book.

Many long, on-going popular manga series is now available as an omnibus these days. That makes the series more doable for the new fans since it doesn’t feel overwhelmed when they have to purchase the omnibus instead of the individual books.

Getting the omnibus version of the manga is the best way to save money on manga too. After all, you’re buying the manga series as a bundle instead of buying an individual book.

There are quite a few titles that are only available as an omnibus. High-Rise Invasion is one of the titles that I know which is only available as an omnibus. There’s no individual book for High-Rise Invasion.

At least for the English version, though. If you see the individual book for High-Rise Invasion, that’s for the German edition, not the English version.

The trim size for the omnibus tends to be bigger than the normal manga size. That makes the omnibus more pleasant to read because of its large size.

With so many volumes compiled in one book, the manga is also thicker and heavier than usual too.

While omnibus is an amazing concept, it’s too bad that only a handful of titles are available as an omnibus.

It’s hard to know whether the manga series itself will get an omnibus treatment or not. But if the manga is a long, on-going popular series, there’s a high chance that the omnibus edition will come out for that manga series sooner or later.

What makes Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure omnibus different than any other omnibus out there

Now that you already know what omnibus is all about, here’s what makes Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure omnibus different.

Unlike most omnibus where it’s a compilation of a few manga volumes in one book, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure omnibus is compiled based on its story arc instead.

Well, what do I mean by that?

For those who are not familiar with Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, the story is split into a few parts. And each part will have a different story and a brand new character.

Despite the story is split into a few parts and with a new character in every part, the story is still bound to connect from one another. And just like the typical manga fashion, these characters will also make a cameo appearance too.

It’s because of this reason that Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure omnibus is being compiled based on the story arc rather than based on the individual volume.

That will make it easier for those who are familiar with the story to choose which part of the story they want to buy.

And let’s not forget that Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure omnibus is also available as a hardcover too. That makes the omnibus edition for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure stands out more than any other omnibus out there.

Should you just pick a random story arc to get started?

I’m sure that you already know the answer to the question. The answer is a definite no.

Sure, every new story arc will begin with a brand new character. But the enemy that they have to fight tends to be more or less the same regardless of its shape and form. That will be very difficult to understand if you never read the manga from the beginning.

And let’s not forget that some characters from the previous story arc will also make a cameo appearance from time to time. If you never read the manga from the beginning, you probably won’t be able to relate why these characters are important to the story in the first place.

Anyone who tells you that you can pick any part of the manga and begins reading from there probably isn’t invested in the story that much.

I understand that Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a long manga series. And I won’t deny that the first part of the manga isn’t as interesting as the other story arcs.

Well, at least for me since I enjoy the second part of the story onwards more than the first part.

But it doesn’t mean that you can skip the first part and choose whichever story arc to get started. The story doesn’t work that way.

The only reason why you’ll pick which omnibus you want to buy is that you’ve watched the anime before and you’re already familiar with the story.

It’s because of this reason that I bought the part 4 omnibus for my niece. She watched the anime before. And she enjoys Part 4 more than any other parts.

Where to buy Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure omnibus

There’s no doubt that you can buy the omnibus on Amazon. If you’re new to the series and want to give the series a try, this is the first omnibus that you should get:

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Part 1

Don’t want to buy from Amazon or you can’t buy from Amazon for some reason? Well, you can get the omnibus at Wordery too.

What I love about Wordery is that not only they offer free shipping worldwide. But they also accept PayPal too. So, you can still buy books at Wordery even if you don’t have a credit card.

If you’re interested in buying the omnibus at Wordery, you can get it right here:

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Part 1 on Wordery

Just to let you know that you can read Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure for free on Manga PLUS. The only downside is you can only read the first three and the last few chapters of the manga. The chapters in between aren’t viewable on the website or the app.

But if you still want to give the manga a try before you commit to buying the omnibus, you can read Part 1 of the manga right here:

Read Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Part 1 on MANGA Plus

You can also read Part 2 of the manga at MANGA Plus too. You can read the second part right here:

Read Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Part 2 on MANGA Plus

What about you?

I’ll be completely honest to you that I just started reading Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure thanks to MANGA Plus. While it may not be my most favorite manga, I still think that the manga is enjoyable to read.

What about you, then? Are you a huge fan of Jojo? If that’s you, feel free to share which part of the story is your favorite in the comment section below.

I’m just curious about how many people love a specific part of the story. If you love all parts of the story, that’s fine too. You can also leave a comment here if you’d like.