Granblue Fantasy

In my Spring 2017 anime watch list, I did mention that Granblue Fantasy happens to be the anime that I’m looking forward the most.

After all, it’s the anime adaptation of the game that I’m currently playing. So, it makes sense why I’m so looking forward to the anime.

Like most fans, I’m always interested in what people think about Granblue Fantasy whenever the news about Granblue Fantasy appears in places like ANN.

Just like any other fandom, there will always be people who love the game or the anime and the people who loathe both.

To be honest, I respect what these people are saying about Granblue Fantasy as long as they don’t flame the people who enjoy the game or the

And I don’t feel offended if they don’t see the same view as I do. I usually don’t do this to all of my favorite anime, manga and video games.

But there are quite a few opinions about the game and the anime that caught my attention. Here are some of them that I remember on top of myhead as I write this.

The storyline for Granblue Fantasy is generic

Some people did mention that the storyline in Granblue Fantasy seems to tick every single thing that a fantasy anime, manga, and video games should have.

One of them is having an animal as a companion. And the animal can be anything.

In Granblue Fantasy, the animal companion, Vyrn happens to be a small dragon which some people mistakenly think of him as a lizard.

To be honest, I don’t watch a lot of fantasy anime and read fantasy manga and light novels. So, I can’t say for sure how generic is Granblue Fantasy’s storyline.

But when it comes to having an animal companion as a generic theme, the only anime and manga that shares the similarity is Fairy Tail.

Perhaps there are other anime, manga, and video games that have a similar resemblance like Granblue Fantasy. But for the most part, these animals are usually in the human form. They will only transform into a mystical creature when they’re fighting alongside.

But in Vyrn’s case, he doesn’t even transform at all. In fact, I was wondering about his role the whole time. It looks to me that he doesn’t serve any purpose other than cheering on Gran. It’s the same whether it’s in the anime or the game.

As far as having an animal companion is a generic theme in the fantasy anime, I have to say that it’s not even generic at all. The only generic thing I see in the fantasy anime is the obvious good vs. evil sort of stuff.

But that seems to be in the most genre, not just in fantasy genre alone.

The storyline is predictable

I understand how boring the anime, manga, video games and the light novels will be if you can predict what will happen next. But to be honest, I don’t expect the fantasy genre in general to have a plot twist.

It’s a different story if the anime, manga, video games, and the light novels overlap with the mystery, thriller, and suspense genre. And that seems to be the case in many anime, manga, video games and the light novels.

Besides, the storyline in fantasy will usually have a predictable storyline most of the time. The only reason why you want to keep on reading or watching it is that you just want to know how the story will reach the end.

Or maybe you already have a guess on what will happen. And you just want to see whether the ending will follow exactly like your guess or not.

The core of the fantasy genre is its world building and how the characters look like. And not to mention, the unique name for these places and the characters.

So, the fantasy genre isn’t the genre that you should expect to have a plot twist.

If you crave plot twist, then take a look at the anime, manga, video games and light novels that fall into mystery, thriller, and suspense. The plot twist in this genre will always be beyond your expectation.

But plot twist in the fantasy genre? Not so much.

The anime storyline will be much better if the main character is Djeeta

For those who are not familiar with Granblue Fantasy game, you can either choose to play as the male character, Gran, or the female character, Djeeta.

You can also switch in between as well. What gender you use to play won’t affect the storyline.

The anime version starts off with Gran as the main character. In the final episode of the anime, the story revolves around Djeeta as the main character.

While I don’t have any sentiment of having Djeeta as the main character for the anime, I do think that the anime is better off with having Gran as the main character.

After all, the anime storyline seems to emphasize the relationship between Gran and Lyria a lot. And at one point, Gran looks like he’s about to confess to Lyria that he likes her.

In case you’re wondering, you won’t see their relationship much in the game.

Not only that, I doubt that the anime will be interesting enough to watch if Djeeta is the main character. With Djeeta as the main character, the only thing they can emphasize is to have Djeeta becoming Lyria’s best friend besides Katalina.

If they stick to the same storyline, it will have a yuri-ish storyline instead. And I don’t think Cygames wants that. They want the anime to be appealing to most people, especially to those who have never played the game.

Djeeta is more popular than Gran

Can’t say for sure whether this claim is true or not. Throughout my stint in playing the game, I do see a fair share of people who play the game as Gran and Djeeta.

To say that more people play as Djeeta seems absurd. Maybe I was wrong about this. But I don’t think Djeeta is more popular than Gran. It looks to me that both characters have an equal fan base.

How do I feel when I read about these arguments

As someone who is a fan of Granblue Fantasy, some of the comments sting me a bit. But there are some of the comments seem hilarious too. At least the comments aren’t as nasty as the other anime fandom I’ve ever been.

Well, everybody has a different opinion. Regardless of what people say, it won’t change my love towards Granblue Fantasy.

If you want to keep on loving your favorite anime, manga, video games and even your favorite author, you have to ignore these naysayers, even if the opinion comes from your best friend. And their opinion feels valid to you.