Gifts for manga lovers

It shouldn’t be that hard to buy gifts for manga lovers, right?

After all, you only need to buy manga that your friends or your loved one want and you’re done.

That should be good enough.

But if you feel like taking things to another notch this year, here are some of the things that you can do to spruce things up.

Gift #1: The manga box set

Here’s the cool part about the manga box set: you don’t have to worry about putting the completed manga series together since everything is already inside one giant, special-edition box.

The only thing left for you to do is to wrap it and shove it under the Christmas tree. Or you can just leave it as it is if you want.

Even better? You save a lot of money too when you buy the manga in a box set instead of the individual volume.

The only downside with the manga box set is that only a few series are available as a box set. And since it’s a special-edition, expect the box set to be in a limited quantity.

If you do plan to get the box set, be sure to get it as soon as possible since it won’t be available for long.

Since many completed manga series are available as a box set, it’s best to ask your friends or loved ones which completed manga they want to read.

Curious about the manga box set? You can take a look at these manga box sets right here:

Assassination Classroom manga box set

Bakuman manga box set

Keep in mind that these are only a handful of manga series that are available as a box set. Just search for the title you want on Amazon and the box set edition will be included in the search result as well.

Gift #2: The hardcover edition manga

Know anyone who is a huge fan of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure?

If you do, consider getting the hardcover edition of the manga instead of the paperback edition. I’m sure that they’re also thrilled to get the manga in hardcover since not many manga series has a hardcover edition.

Perhaps Jojo is the only manga that has a hardcover edition? It’s possible considering how popular Jojo is all over the world.

If you’re thinking of getting the hardcover edition of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, you can get it right here on Amazon:

Buy Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 1 on Amazon

Unlike the usual omnibus edition, the special-edition of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure manga is compiled according to the story arc. That means you can buy the manga based on which part of the series you want.

If you’re thinking of getting the special-edition of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure for someone, ask them specifically which part of the manga they love the most.

That will make buying the manga much easier since Jojo has so many parts. And it can be confusing for those who are not familiar with the story.

Gift #3: Buy their favorite manga in truckloads

Yes, I know that there’s nothing special with buying their favorite manga in truckloads. But there’s no harm in buying the manga in truckloads if the manga you plan to buy isn’t available as a box set or it doesn’t have a hardcover edition.

If you do plan to buy a lot of manga, it’s best to buy when you have the bookstore’s membership card. You’ll get a discount on your purchase all year round. And you’ll get even more discounts when the bookstore is having a sale too.

Any bookstore’s membership card will do as long as they sell the manga and the light novels you want to buy.

My favorite one is Kinokuniya because I can get all the books I want in Malay, English, and Japanese there.

Gift #4: Surprise digital manga

Imagine your friend’s or anyone else’s surprise reaction when they get a free manga downloaded on their Kindle or Bookwalker app out of nowhere.

That’s a sight to behold, right?

If you love the idea of surprising them with truckloads of digital manga and light novels out of the blue, then this is for you.

Online retailers like Amazon and Bookwalker have the option to purchase the manga and light novels as a gift.

Just be sure that your friends or your loved ones are indeed using the Kindle or Bookwalker app to read manga and light novels.

It’s pointless to surprise them if they don’t even use any of these apps to read manga and light novels.

Want to surprise them even if they don’t use any of these apps to read manga and light novels?

Well, consider buying any of my books as a gift.

Just to let you know that you can buy my books directly from me through Gumroad. Once your order is already complete, a link to download the book will be sent to the recipient through email. You can also write a special message that comes along with the download link too.

Unlike buying my books through an online retailer, you can buy the PDF version of my book and send the PDF gift to anyone. The recipients only need Adobe Reader to read the book. I’m sure that many of us have Adobe Reader on our computer and also on our phone.

Interested in getting any of my books for your friends and family? Take a look at my page on Gumroad right here:

Sekina Mayu on Gumroad

If you need help with buying my books as a gift, here’s the complete instruction on how to do just that.

Gift #5: subscription

Let’s just face it. There are tons of amazing manga and light novels out there that have yet to be licensed in English.

So, being able to read these manga and light novels in Japanese is a heaven-sent for many of us.

If any of your friends and family want to learn Japanese but don’t like the idea of costly Japanese classes and prefer to learn Japanese at their own pace, consider getting subscription for them. is currently having a special promotion just for the holiday season where you can get 55% off on subscriptions, apps, audiobooks and more.

If you’re interested in getting subscription for them, you can get it right here: 2019 holiday sale

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Which gifts for manga lovers do you plan to get?

As always, feel free to share in the comment section which gifts for manga lovers you plan to get. If you have any other gift ideas for your manga-loving friends and family, you can also share them in the comment below.