Fall 2018 Anime Must-Watch

Wow, my Fall 2018 Anime Must-Watch List is rather short. I thought that my fall anime list will be longer than the previous season’s list.

But it doesn’t seem to be the case for this season.

Well, one of the reasons behind my short list is because there aren’t that many anime that I find interesting to watch.

Not only that but I also no longer have the luxury to sit down and watch anime.

As expected, my work requires me to cut my watching time shorter. And at the same time, I have to devote some of my time playing the game that I’ve been piling up by accident for the last few months.

I’m currently in the middle of playing Persona 5, so something has to give.

With so many things I want to do, watching less anime seems like a feasible solution for my situation. Besides, I also want to catch up with all the books and manga that I’ve been piling up as well. I can only do that when I watch less anime.

Despite having to watch less anime, I still find that there are quite a few anime that I find it worth watching. I’m a firm believer that there will always be tons of great anime to watch even among the anime slush piles.

If you’re curious what anime I’m watching this season, here’s my personal Fall 2018 Anime Must-Watch List.

Fall 2018 anime must-watch list

Judging from the blog graphic here, it seems that my Fall 2018 Anime Must-Watch List is dominated by the anime sequels.

Some anime do require you to watch from the beginning. But there are quite a few anime that you can watch without having you to watch the first season. I’ll tell you which anime you have to watch from the beginning and which anime that you can jump straight ahead.

If you’d like to know what else is coming out for this season, you can take a look at this anime chart right here.

Now, let’s take a look at what I’m currently watching this season.

Ace Attorney S2

Ace Attorney S2

It’s obvious that I’m watching Ace Attorney because I already watched the first season a few seasons back. You can watch the second season without having to watch the first season since the anime does give you a brief summary of what the anime is all about.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to watch from the beginning if you want a better understanding of the story.

If you’re watching this anime on Crunchyroll, there’s an option for you to choose whether you want a subtitle for the English name and the Japanese name.

For the obvious reason, I prefer the Japanese name since well, I’m watching the anime in Japanese voice. It’s confusing when the Japanese audio says the name in Japanese while the subtitle refers to these characters’ name in English.

You may prefer to watch the anime with the English name if you played the game before. Since I never played Ace Attorney, I’m fine with the Japanese name.

Fairy Tail Final Season

Fairy Tail Final Season

I’ve been watching Fairy Tail since the beginning. So, it’s obvious that I’m going to watch the final season.

I’ve yet to catch up with the manga ever since the licensor in Malaysia stopped publishing the manga a few years ago. So, I’m going to watch the anime in the meantime.

If you’d like to give this anime a try, it’s highly recommended that you watch the anime from the beginning. Sure, that’s a lot of anime episodes to catch up. But at the very least, it’s not as massive as Naruto.

I don’t know how many episodes will be for the final season. But it’s not surprising at all if it can reach up to a hundred episodes.

Fairy Tail Final Season is one of the anime that I anticipate every week.

Golden Kamuy

Golden Kamuy

Another anime sequel I’m currently watching this season. And it’s also another anime that I always anticipate every week.

The second season continues right away where the first season left off. So, you can only breeze through the second season by watching from the beginning.

If you decide to watch Golden Kamuy from the beginning, it won’t be long for you to catch up with the latest episode. After all, the first season has only 12 episodes. It shouldn’t take that long for you to catch up with the latest episode.

Karakuri Circus

Karakuri Circus

Well, Karakuri Circus is the first new anime that I’m watching this season. My reason for watching this anime is because it’s by the same Ushio to Tora mangaka.

I have to say that I enjoy Karakuri Circus a lot more than Ushio to Tora simply because the story is a lot more intense than Ushio to Tora.

Unlike Ushio to Tora, you have to witness an 8-year old boy having to change in a drastic way when so many people want him dead. It’s common to see a similar plot when we have the main character who is a middle schooler or a high schooler.

But a grade school boy? Well, that seems harsh.

Pace-wise, the story is much faster and more action-packed than Ushio to Tora.

If you want something out of ordinary, then Karakuri Circus can be your thing.

RErideD – Tokigoe no Derrida

RErided anime

To be honest, I didn’t have much expectation when I began to watch this anime. Sure, the anime is about time travel. But it’s nothing close to Steins;Gate.

If you’re expecting Derrida to be just like Steins;Gate, you’re only in for a disappointment since the time travel concept in Derrida isn’t as scientific as the one in Steins; Gate.

Despite that, I kind of enjoy the storyline. Some people say that the anime is trash because they’re expecting Derrida to be like Steins;Gate.

But plot-wise, the anime isn’t as bad as what people claim.

If you want a light sci-fi anime, then Derrida should fill the bill.

Sword Art Online – Alicization

Sword Art Online Alicization

Before I begin, let me make it clear here. I’m not a big, diehard fan of SAO. But I have to admit that the Alicization arc is surprisingly good compared to the previous SAO arc.

As far as I can see, the story doesn’t make me feel like Kawahara Reki is skimping on details.

If you feel like giving SAO a try, it’s fine to just watch Alicization arc right away. The story doesn’t relate much to the previous SAO stories. But it doesn’t hurt for you to watch from the beginning and the movie as well if you want to understand the story better.

Tokyo Ghoul re

Tokyo Ghoul re

The second season of Tokyo Ghoul re continues right away where the first season ends. So, you don’t have any choice but to watch from the beginning.

Even if you do watch from the beginning, you may feel like the story feels like you’re missing something. That’s what I felt when I watched the first episode of Tokyo Ghoul re. For some reason, I can’t seem to connect the ending in Tokyo Ghoul Root A with the beginning of the story in Tokyo Ghoul re.

You can say that Tokyo Ghoul re is a new beginning. So, the story doesn’t have to relate much to the previous seasons of Tokyo Ghoul. But I beg to differ on that.

As much as I’d like to recommend people to watch Tokyo Ghoul, I feel that they’re better off watching something else. The story is rather confusing to me.

Or perhaps I should pick the manga instead. At the very least, it may help with clearing up on the things that I don’t understand in the anime version.

My overall thought about Fall 2018 anime

I’m pretty sure that you already noticed by now that there are only two new anime in my list. The rest of the anime in my list are the anime sequels.

What happened to the rest of Fall 2018 anime? Are they a complete trash?

I won’t go that far to say that the rest of the anime that don’t make it to my list are trash. The reason why most of them don’t make it into my list is simply because they’re not interesting enough for me to give it a try.

I can’t say for sure that those anime are horrible or not. So, if you feel that there are no interesting anime to watch even for this season, I encourage you to take a look at the complete list once again.

Maybe you’ll find something that is interesting for you to watch. That is as long as you can keep an open mind and give whatever anime you come across a chance.