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To be honest, I thought that my winter 2023 anime list will be just as long as the last season. But that doesn’t seem to be the case at all as I take a look at the list.

And guess what? I’m glad that the list isn’t as long as the last season.

While I enjoy watching anime during my free time, it can be a problem for me when I have a hard time catching up with the latest episodes.

And it was only thanks to the New Year break that I was able to catch up with the anime that I was watching at that time.

If the new season starts right away, I’m pretty sure that I’ll still be catching up with the anime episodes from the last season to this day!

What causes the anime list for this season to be less lengthy than the last season has a lot to do with me deciding not to watch some of the anime anymore.

One of them is Sorcerous Stabber Orphen.

If you’ve read my post about the Orphen anime, you know that I’m never a fan of the anime, old and new.

There’s no point for me to watch the anime when the third season is going to be as terrible as the second season.

Another anime that I decided not to watch is The Legend of Heroes anime.

Knowing that most anime adapted from a video game tends to be a dud, for the most part, I don’t think that The Legend of Heroes anime will be worth my time watching.

The only exception to that is Tokyo Revenger.

Not going to lie that I enjoy watching the first season of the anime. But for the life of me, I have no idea where to watch the anime online.

Thankfully, I’ve already bought the manga while it was on sale on Bookwalker.

If I ever need to get my Tokyo Revenger fix, I can just get started by reading the manga which I should have done back then.

The winter 2023 anime that you should add to your watch list

As you can see here, it’s always the anime that got me to discover all sorts of manga and light novels that I should add to my reading list.

I’m more likely to give the source material a try too if I’ve already watched the anime before. Pretty much most of the manga and light novels that I recommended on this blog happened to be from the anime that I watched in the past.

If you’re curious about which new anime from this season’s source materials I’m planning to add to my reading list, then take a look at my winter 2023 anime list.

You can take a look at this list as well for a list of anime that comes out this season.

Bungou Stray Dogs

Bungou Stray Dogs

To be honest, I didn’t expect that Bungou Stray Dogs will get another season.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy watching Bungou Stray Dogs anime. It’s just that The Decay of Angels arc is a pretty long one. And it’s still an ongoing arc too as I write this.

It’s not the kind of arc that you can wrap up in one season.

Knowing how popular Bungou Stray Dogs is, I’m pretty sure that we’ll get another season of the anime in the future.

But for now, I’m just going to enjoy what the anime has in store for me.

This isn’t the kind of anime where you can jump straight ahead without knowing any of the previous arcs before.

So, I highly recommend that you watch the anime from the beginning first. Or you can read the manga if that’s how you prefer to catch up with the latest episode.

Just to let you know that Bungou Stray Dogs is one of the manga that I recommended on my blog in the past.

You can read my post about the Bungou Stray Dogs manga right here.

Kyokou Suiri

Kyokou Suiri Season 2

This is also another anime that I never expect to get another season. Maybe it’s because I always assume that anime like Kyokou Suiri will only get the first season and that’s just about it.

But hey, I won’t deny that the anime is good even if we won’t be getting another season of Kyokou Suiri anime the next time around.

If you enjoy supernatural anime mixed with sleuthing here and there, then you may enjoy watching this anime.

This is also another anime that I recommend that you watch from the beginning.

But if you prefer to catch up with the anime by reading the manga instead, you can read my post about the manga right here.

In case you’re wondering, it’s another manga that made it to my recommendation list as well.

NieR Automata Ver 1.1a

NieR Automata Ver 1.1a

First of all, forgive me for putting a picture of 9S here instead of 2B. I did come across tons of 2B pictures for the anime. But most of them are pretty small.

And I don’t like to use small images on my blog unless that’s the only thing I can find. Because of that, I have to settle down with a picture of 9S instead since it’s the only one that has a large size.

When it comes to the anime adaptation of a video game, it usually never comes close to the source material.

It’s because of this reason that I finally learn to stay away from the anime adaptation of a video game.

But to my surprise, the anime is surprisingly good, coming from someone who has already played the game.

Just to let you know that some parts of the story in the anime are a little different from the one in the game. But the rest of them are just like what we’re already familiar with.

I have a post that talks about the NieR Automata on my blog coming out any time soon.

So, keep your eyes posted for the post about the NieR Automata anime on my blog.

In the meantime, you can give the light novel version a try right here if you’re curious about the premise:

Buy NieR Automata: Long Story Short light novel on Amazon

I can’t say for sure if the light novel is a faithful adaptation of the game or not. So, your best bet is still to play the game if story purity is your ultimate concern.



You can think of this anime as similar to Jigoku Shoujo. But instead of punishing the perpetrator in the afterlife, we have a group of people known as Revenger doing the revenge on the victims’ behalf in the living world.

And instead of having a website that is only accessible at midnight sharp, we have a gold coin with a bite mark as a request for revenge.

While it may seem like a carbon copy of Jigoku Shoujo with a different twist, I find that the anime isn’t that bad, though.

Remember that Jigoku Shoujo is an original anime as well. But people still love it despite the anime being an original anime.

If you want something similar to Jigoku Shoujo but takes place in a historical setting, then you may enjoy watching this anime.



In case you’re wondering, the full title of the anime is Tsundere Akuyaku Reijou Liselotte to Jikkyou no Endou-kun to Kaisetsu no Kobayashi-san.

That’s a mouthful title to say, right?

Thus, the name Tsunlise for short.

What I love about the premise behind the anime is that it has a different spin when it comes to connecting the real and fictional worlds.

Rather than having a character from the real world transported into the fictional world like the one in Fushigi Yuugi, we have two characters from the real world connecting to the fictional world through a video game instead.

Of course, what started as Endou wanting to practice doing commentary with his friend, Kobayashi, using the game, Magikoi, takes a strange twist when one of the characters in the game, Sieg, can hear them.

How they managed to get connected with the world in the video game is a mystery.

I’m not sure how far the anime version will cover.

But if there won’t be any new season for Tsunlise, you can bet that I’ll be adding the light novel to my reading list.

Well, what can I say? I do find the premise interesting

If you also find the premise just as interesting as I am, you can get the light novel version right here on Amazon:

Buy Tsunlise light novel on Amazon

Vinland Saga S2

Vinland Saga S2

Here’s my honest confession about Vinland Saga. I don’t remember how the story in the first season of the anime ended.

The only thing I remember is Thorfinn didn’t get to seek revenge for his father. Anything beyond that was rather blurry to me.

Yes, I know that it’s a spoiler for those who have yet to watch the first season of the Vinland Saga.

But hey, I’m trying to make sense of what happened to Thorfinn in the second season. The only thing I know as far as my memory can recall is Thorfinn never returned to Iceland with his uncle and stayed in Denmark ever since.

Even if I can’t remember what happened in the first season that much, I do find the story in Vinland Saga intriguing.

And it becomes even more interesting when the people that Thorfinn met in the past are coming back into the picture once again.

Just like Revenger, some of the scenes in Vinland Saga can be way too gruesome for some people. Even I find some of the scenes are gruesome to my liking too.

I’m not sure if I ever going to add the manga to my reading list. But one thing I know for sure is that I will continue to watch the anime if it’s ever going to get a third season.

If you’re into a historical manga that revolved around Vikings, you can get the manga right here on Amazon:

Buy Vinland Saga manga on Amazon

Prefer to watch the anime version instead? If that’s you, I highly recommend that you watch from the beginning. This isn’t the kind of anime that you can understand right away if you’ve never watched the anime from the start.

Over to you

Which winter 2023 anime from my watch list that you’re interested in giving a try? Let me know in the comment below.

Planning to watch other anime that aren’t on my watch list? Let me know in the comment too.

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