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I must be naïve to think that my list for Fall 2022 anime will be just as short as the last season.

And lo and behold, my Fall 2022 anime list turns out to be just as long as the one that I had for Spring 2022 anime.

While most of the anime on the list are mainly the ones that continue from the previous seasons, I do have many brand new anime on the list as well.

And to my surprise, they’re pretty good too. I even thought about adding a few of them to my reading list.

With so many great anime coming out this season, it makes sense why I end up having a long list of Fall 2022 anime to watch.

Of course, what you see here on my list is only the tip of the iceberg.

If you’re wondering what else is coming out this season, you can take a look at this page right here for a complete list of Fall 2022 anime.

And if you’re wondering which manga and light novels I plan to add to my reading list, then keep reading.

Blue Lock

Blue Lock Anime

I will say that the story in Blue Lock is similar to Ao Ashi where the focus is on becoming a professional soccer player.

The only difference is that Blue Lock is focusing more on winning the World Cup whereas Ao Ashi is more about going pro through the soccer club.

And the only way for these characters to go pro and get chosen to play in the World Cup is to undergo training in the facility called Blue Lock.

If you think that Blue Lock is like your typical football facility, you’ll be hard-pressed to find out that the concept in Blue Lock isn’t that much different from the survival game.

You have to defeat your opponent if you want to move to a higher rank, there’s no other way to it.

As much as I find the story in Blue Lock to be refreshing, I find that I resonate with the story in Ao Ashi a lot more.

Maybe it’s because I find the story in Ao Ashi to be a lot more realistic than the one in Blue Lock.

Of course, I will still keep on watching the anime since I do find the anime interesting.

But I may not consider reading the manga, though, since I don’t like the story that much.

If you find the story in Blue Lock interesting and want to read the manga, you can buy the manga right here on Amazon:

Buy Blue Lock Vol. 1 on Amazon

Boku no Hero Academia

Boku no Hero Academia

Well, I don’t have anything much to say other than it’s a continuation of the previous season.

So, it makes sense why it’s on the list.

If you’re new to this anime, then give this anime a try if you’re into superhero stuff.

But I do recommend you to watch from the beginning since the current story arc for this season can be confusing to watch if you’ve never watched the anime before.

Prefer to catch up with the story through manga instead? Well, you can buy the first book of the series right here on Amazon:

Buy My Hero Academia Vol.1 on Amazon

Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man

This anime somehow reminded me of Parasyte with the exception that the main character, Denji, is fusing himself with his devil pet voluntarily.

While it’s a good thing that Makima decided to keep Denji alive despite him no longer being a human like he used to be, it doesn’t mean that he’ll get a free pass.

They can still kill him if he turns into a devil and no longer retains his human conscience anymore.

How the story will go from there is hard to know since I have yet to read the manga. But I find Denji to be an interesting character because of how simpleton he is.

It’s amusing to see all the things that he desires are the things that we take for granted considering the life that he went through.

Can’t say for sure how faithful the anime adaptation is to the manga.

Whether it’s the same or different from the manga, I do intend to give the manga version a try, though.

Just to let you know that you can read Chainsaw Man manga for free on the MANGA Plus app. You can read the manga right here if you’re interested:

Read Chainsaw Man manga on MANGA Plus

Golden Kamuy

Golden Kamuy

Well, here’s another anime that also continues from the previous season.

If you enjoy a military-themed story that takes place in the WWI era, then this anime sure is a must-watch.

But just like any anime that continues from the previous season, I highly recommend that you watch this anime from the beginning.

This isn’t the kind of anime that you can jump into right away since the story in the current season does tie back to the story that happened in the previous seasons before.

So, it can be confusing to watch the anime right away without knowing any context on what happened before.

If you prefer to catch up with the story through the manga instead, you can buy the manga right here on Amazon:

Buy Golden Kamuy Vol.1 on Amazon

Koukyuu no Karasu

Koukyuu no Karasu

When you think of a story that revolves around concubines and anything that takes place in ancient China, you may think that Koukyuu no Karasu must be an anime adaptation of Chinese manhwa or novel.

Well, guess what? It’s actually a novel by a Japanese author.

Just because the story takes place in the fantasy setting of ancient China, it doesn’t mean that it’s by a Chinese author.

It can also be by someone with a different nationality for all we know.

The only thing that should matter is how good the story is which I should say that the story is good.

Okay, I admit that I enjoy watching the Chinese period drama that revolves around the concubines and anything that takes place in ancient China.

But what makes the story enjoyable has more to do with it having mystery and supernatural elements to it.

That’s the kind of story that I tend to gravitate towards the most besides the one in the thriller and suspense genre.

The good news is the English version of the novel will be coming out soon as I write this.

You can pre-order the novel right here on Amazon:

Pre-order Raven of the Inner Palace Vol.1 novel on Amazon

Will I be adding this novel to my reading list? Of course, the answer is yes.

Mushikaburi Hime

Mushikaburi Hime

How can I not resist this anime when the main character is a bookworm? If you’ve been reading my blog long enough, then you’re already aware of my penchant for bookworm characters like Myne from Ascendance of a Bookworm and Theo from Magus of the Library.

Unlike Koukyuu no Karasu where the story revolves around mystery and supernatural elements, Mushikaburi Hime is more like straight-up shoujo anime.

While I do enjoy the story so far, I probably don’t see myself reading the manga despite my penchant for the bookworm character.

Add this anime to your watch list if you’re looking for a shoujo anime to watch.

And if you’re thinking of getting the manga instead, you can buy the manga right here on Amazon:

Buy Bibliophile Princess Vol.1 on Amazon

Seiken Densetsu – Legend of Mana – The Teardrop Crystal

Legend of Mana Anime

Not going to lie that most of the anime adapted from the video game tends to be on the icky side.

Sure, the animation quality tends to be so-so. But the biggest blunder tends to be the story since they have to cut the story to the bare minimum just to make it fit for one season.

Will the Legend of Mana anime get the same fate as the anime adaptation of a video game that comes before it?

To be honest, I hope not.

But unlike most adaptations where they’re adaptations of the games for the modern console, the Legend of Mana anime is an adaptation of the video game from the PS1 era.

And that means you’ll get to see the world and characters in Legend of Mana in a more vibrant way than the one in the game.

How close the story in the anime is to the video game version is something that I’m not sure of since I’ve never played the game before.

But hey, I may give the game a try since the game is available on major platforms you can think of.

If you’re thinking of getting the physical version of the game instead, you can get the PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions right here at Playasia:

Buy the Legend of Mana game for PlayStation 4

Buy the Legend of Mana game for Nintendo Switch

Spy x Family

Spy x Family Anime Season 2

I don’t have anything much to say other than it’s another anime that’s also continuing from the previous season.

While you can jump straight into the second season without watching the season before, I still think that it’s better for you to watch the anime from the beginning.

Prefer to catch up with the story through manga? You can read more about the manga right here.

Urusei Yatsura

Urusei Yatsura Anime

If you’re wondering whether this is the same Urusei Yatsura anime that came out in the 80s, the answer is yes and no.

Yes, it’s the same Urusei Yatsura anime that came out in the 80s. But the difference is that the new one has a brand new cast and is produced by a different animation studio.

How similar the story in the anime to the manga is something I’m not sure of since I’ve never read the manga before.

But if you’re familiar with Ranma 1/2, then what you’re going to see in Urusei Yatsura isn’t that much different from what you see in Ranma 1/2.

Messy love triangle wrapped in chaotic scenes. Despite that, I enjoy watching the anime despite the chaotic mess.

The anime does keep the 80s aesthetic look, though. But if you’re not that fond of that kind of aesthetic and prefer to read the manga, you can get it here on Amazon:

Buy Urusei Yatsura Vol.1 manga on Amazon

Yowamushi Pedal S5

Yowamushi Pedal S5

Yes, I did say that I enjoy reading the spin-off manga a lot more than the main one. But my curiosity gets the better of me.

I’m curious about who will win the race in the end.

Will Sohoku be able to remain a champion in this race as well? Or will Hakone Academy manage to reclaim its title back after Sohoku defeated them in the last year’s race?

Or perhaps Kyoto Fushimi will be the new champion for the race this time?

It sure does pique my interest somehow.

Should you give this anime a try if you’ve never watched the anime before?

Well, you should if you’re into sports anime. But I still recommend that you watch from the beginning if you want to have a better understanding of the story.

If you prefer to catch up with the story through manga, you can get the manga right here on Amazon:

Buy Yowamushi Pedal Vol.1 manga on Amazon

Which Fall 2022 anime are you currently watching or planning to watch right now?

As always, feel free to share which Fall 2022 anime you’re watching or planning to watch in the comment below. I’d like to know which anime you’re watching so then I can add them to my list later on.

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