Bandai Namco

When it comes to anime adapted from Bandai Namco games, Tales of Zestiria and God Eater will come to my mind.

For the most part, I always imagine that anime adaptation won’t be that much different from the game.

Take a look at Persona 5 anime. Sure, there’s a slight difference in the anime version. But it’s still not that much different from the game itself.

But in the case of Tales of Zestiria and God Eater anime, the story is just so much different.

When I say different, I don’t mean a little tweak here and there to make the story flows better.

For me, it feels more I’m watching a brand new story but with the same characters.

How different is the anime version?

Wondering how different is the anime and the video game version for Tales of Zestiria and God Eater? Well, here are some of the things that stand out the most to me.

Tales of Zestiria

In the anime, the story began with Alisha stumbled upon an ancient ruin after her attendants are being swallowed by the tornado. But in the game, Sorey and Mikleo found Alisha unconscious inside the ancient ruin during their usual ruin investigation adventure.

And the reason why she was in the ancient ruin? She was trying to find a way to go to Camlann Village. What’s more, both Alisha and Sorey have the same book that talks about Shepherds and the events that happened in the past.

Another thing that is different is Rose’s ability. In the anime, it was only later that they found out that Rose was able to sense Seraphim.

But in the game, Edna and Lailah noticed Rose’s ability to sense Seraphim the next time they meet her again. What’s more, they discover that she can armatize just fine. In fact, her armatization is at the same par as Sorey, making her a much better Squire than Alisha.

And let’s not forget about the final battle between Sorey and Heldaf. In the game, the battle takes place in Arthorius’ Throne. If you play Tales of Berseria or read Tales of Berseria manga, it’s the same place where Velvet fought Arthorius for the first time.

But in the anime, the battle takes place inside the volcano. In case you’re wondering, it was the same volcano where Velvet threw the vessels to resurrect The Four Empyrean.

And should I mention that Alisha only joins you in the early parts of the game? Heck, you don’t see her much in the game even until the end. But in the anime, she was there fighting Heldaf together with Sorey.

God Eater

If you think that Lenka Utsugi is the main character in God Eater, then you got it all wrong all this time.

Lenka Utsugi is only the main character in God Eater anime, not in the video game version. The actual main character of the game is Yuu Kannagi.

Think that it’s only a made-up character for the manga and light version of God Eater?

Well, nope. This Yuu Kannagi guy does exist. You can even see his name in the Norn Database in God Eater 2: Rage Burst.

Unlike Tales of Zestiria anime where the story still has some similarities to the game, the story in God Eater anime is completely different than the one in the game.

Heck, it’s even more depressing than the video game version too. If I have to pick between the two, I will choose the video game version, hands down.

Despite the anime being so much different than the game, only a few parts of the story remain the same. For one, about Soma being injected with Oracle cell while he was still in the womb. Another one is Alisa’s past where her parents were killed by Dyaus Pita when she was small.

I admit that I did recommend people to give God Eater anime a try back then. But my opinion about the anime changed after I started playing the game.

Don’t get me wrong. The anime isn’t that bad. It’s just that it’s way too different than the game. And it’s way too dystopian for my liking too.

So, the anime version is a no-no for me.

Why does Bandai Namco choose to make the anime different than the game

It’s true that the purpose of the anime adaptation is to increase the sales of the original source. Or in the case of Tales of Zestiria and God Eater anime, it’s to promote the upcoming title in the series.

But for Bandai Namco, they don’t just want to attract new fans to the series. They also want people who already played the game to watch the anime too.

They know well enough that people who already played the game are more likely to watch the anime since they’re already familiar with the game.

Rather than making a faithful adaptation, they decided to create a different story for the anime version instead. They just want you to keep guessing what’s coming since the story in the anime is nothing like the one in the game.

Yes, the anime isn’t just a way to get people interested in the game. But it’s also to keep the existing fanbase entertained too.

Do I like the anime version? Well, personally I don’t. But I do know that there are people who enjoy the anime version just as much as they enjoy the original source.

What you can expect from Bandai Namco in the future

I can’t say for sure if Bandai Namco does have a plan to have any of their games adapted into an anime in the future.

For all we know, maybe they’re already thinking about adapting Code Vein or even Scarlet Nexus into anime. I can’t say for sure about Scarlet Nexus since the trailer only came out like weeks ago as I write this.

But Code Vein anime? Who knows, right?

Whether they do have a plan to adapt more of their games into anime, just keep in mind that the anime version will be a lot different than the one in the game.

I hope that I’m wrong on this one. But knowing Bandai Namco, it’s possible that they’re going to do the same thing as they did to the other two.

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