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Can you believe that it’s already October now that Anime Deals: October 2022 Edition is here?

While many people tend to associate October with Halloween, I bet that some of us are already gearing up for holiday shopping.

Yes, I know that it’s too early to talk about holiday shopping when it’s still October. But I don’t see anything wrong with getting started right now.

Sure, you can still manage to get some of the items even if you’re doing your holiday shopping at the last minute.

But when we talk about buying anime and video game merchandise, you do need to get your headstart with the holiday shopping, though.

For one, it takes time for the items to reach your destination. Unless you’re willing to pay for the expedited shipping, it’s more likely that you may not be able to get your items in time due to the holiday rush.

And let’s not forget that most of them are only available for pre-order. You won’t be able to get the items in stock since many of them are available on a pre-order basis only.

Even if it’s in stock, it’s usually in a limited quantity. So, you have to get them fast before they’re out of stock.

If you’re planning to give manga instead, then it’s not that hard to do considering that many of them are in stock, for the most part.

And let’s not forget that the omnibus edition can also be a great gift too. If you’re wondering how you can save more money on manga, you can read this post right here.

But if you’re thinking of giving someone merchandise instead, then you don’t want to miss this Anime Deals: October 2022 Edition post.

Anime Deals: October 2022 Edition update

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Playasia Plush Dolls Blog Banner

If you’re thinking about giving someone a plush doll, then you’ll be happy to find out that Playasia has tons of plush dolls to choose from.

And the best part of all? Many of them are in stocks too.

Wondering what plush dolls Playasia has in store for you? You can take a look at them right here:

Buy plush dolls at Playasia

Just to let you know that Playasia is currently offering free shipping for orders above $99.99.

Of course, not all items are eligible for free shipping. But from many of the plush dolls that I’ve come across so far, it looks to me that they’re eligible for free shipping since they’re light.

That’s good news for you if you’re planning to buy tons of plush dolls and other light items at Playasia.


Another anime and video game merchandise that you can give as a gift? Well, it’s none other than the desktop or wall calendar.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking when I’m suggesting that you’ll give someone a calendar as a gift.

What’s the whole point of giving someone a calendar when it can only last for a year? And it’s expensive to boot too, for something that can last a year or so.

Well, you’re not wrong to think that way. Regardless of how pretty and top-notch the quality of the calendar is, it’s not something that you’ll keep using over the years.

So, I get how pointless it is to spend your money on something that you can use for a year.

If you see it from the practical perspective, then yes, it’s not worth the money.

But if you see it from the collectors’ perspective, I will say that it sure is worth it.

The thing about the anime calendars is that most of them are seasonal anime.

Unless it’s a popular anime and the next season is already in the book, then it’s more likely that you won’t see that anime in the calendar lineup again.

If the anime that you like tend to be on the non-mainstream side, then it’s best to get the calendar while you still can.

Just to let you know that most of the calendars are available for pre-order right now. If you’re interested in getting the calendar, you can take a look at them right here:

Buy the 2023 anime calendar at CDJapan

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Just to let you know that you can buy any of my books digitally as a gift as well. And what’s more, you’ll get a discount too when you buy through my Payhip store.

But if you prefer to give any of my books in print instead, you can get them at any place that sells print books online.

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