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What’s in store for you in this month’s Anime Deals: May 2023 Edition post now that May is here?

With Golden Week here upon us, we’re bound to see many Golden-Week-related deals.

But with only a few days left after the Anime Deals: May 2023 Edition post goes live, I feel somewhat contemplated adding them to the post.

Well, it makes sense to add them in the last month’s Anime Deals post.

But with me going on a break, the thought of adding the Golden Week deals to the post just slipped from my mind for whatever reason.

The good news is the Golden Week deals aren’t the only deals that are available to you.

So, stay tuned for more anime and video-game-related merchandise deals coming your way.

Speaking of deals, I can’t help but feel amused that both Fatal Frame games are now available at a discount for a limited time only on PSN.

Just so you know that I did talk about Fatal Frame in last month’s Anime Deals post.

You can bet how surprised I am when I found out that both Fatal Frame games are now available at a discount on PSN.

If this is the sort of game that you enjoy playing, then you certainly don’t want to miss this chance to get the remastered versions at a discount.

But if you prefer to get a physical copy of the game instead, you can read this post right here for the links to buy the games.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at all the amazing deals that you don’t want to miss in this Anime Deals: May 2023 Edition post.

Anime Deals: May 2023 update

5/10/23 – Added a new offer from


Let’s face it. The physical copy of the game tends to be on the pricey side when you compare it to its digital version counterpart.

But I don’t see anything wrong with buying physical copies of the games if they’re the games that you truly enjoy.

And if you’re someone like me who prefers to get something at a bargain price whenever possible, you’re probably thinking of getting the games whenever Playasia is running a site-wide sale.

Well, here’s the good news for you.

You can still get the games you want at a bargain price during their Weekly Special Deals.

Wondering what games are available at a bargain price this week? You can take a look at this page right here:

Playasia Weekly Special Deals

Just to let you know that you can get free shipping for orders above $100.

Not only that you save money when you buy the games during the Weekly Special Deals. But you can save money on shipping if your purchase is over $100 too.

That sure is an amazing bargain, if you ask me.


While you can get the Japanese version of the game at Playasia, I find it much cheaper if you buy the game at CDJapan instead.

But other than that, I do recommend that you get the games you want at Playasia, especially Asia and European versions.

Of course, you can buy manga in Japanese at CDJapan too, not just games.

New to CDJapan? If that’s you, then you’re in luck.

CDJapan is currently having a special offer for first-time customers where you can get 500 yen off on your first order.

Interested in purchasing CDJapan? You can claim the coupon right here:

Exclusive discount for the first-time order

The coupon is valid until the end of May and can only be used for orders that are 2000 yen and above.

Is there any offer for the existing customers, you ask?

Well, CDJapan does have offers for existing customers from time to time.

And it’s not that hard to find their latest offer either. Just take a look at the product page and you’ll see the latest offer for the existing customers.

Sure, the offers for existing customers aren’t as enticing as the ones for first-time customers.

But hey, a bargain is a bargain regardless of how small it is, right?

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