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Wow, can’t believe that it’s time for me to write Anime Deals: May 2022 Edition. Time sure does fly by when you’re busy doing something.

So, how am I progressing with the goals that I shared in this post? Is there any progress with my goals for this year?

Well, sad to say that I have yet to tackle all the things that I said that I would do for this year, at least the ones that I said in the blog post, though.

As for my other goals, I’m killing it one by one so to speak.

Yes, I know that it’s already May. And before I knew it, December is already here at my doorstep and the things that I said that I would do are still not getting done yet.

Not going to lie that’s a scary scenario for me considering that it happens a lot to me more than I can count.

While I can’t say for sure when you’ll be seeing more progress on what I said that I would do, I will say that I will eventually come to it anytime soon.

It’s just that it won’t be this month, though.

Now that I already shared with you my progress with the goals, let’s take a look at all the deals that I pick for Anime Deals: May 2022 Edition.

Anime Deals: May 2022 Edition update

5/10/22 – Added a new offer from


What is the best way to commemorate the release of the Kingdom Hearts IV trailer other than to release a brand new Sora Play Arts Kai, right?

Just like any other Play Arts Kai, this figure also comes with a display stand. And it comes with alternate hand parts to create all kinds of poses you want.

While the regular version comes with the Kingdom Key keyblade, the Deluxe version comes with two extra face parts, a smiling face and a battle face.

What’s more, the Deluxe version also comes with the Shooting Star and Ultima Weapon keyblades.

While the Play Arts Kai is set to be released on May 31, 2023, the figure is only available for pre-order until May 30, 2022, though.

If you’d like to get your hands on this figure, you can pre-order the figure right here at Playasia:

Pre-order Kingdom Hearts III Play Arts Kai: Sora Ver. 2 DX Edition


Just to let you know that you can pre-order the Sora Play Arts Kai at CDJapan as well. While CDJapan doesn’t have a deadline for the pre-order, I still recommend you to pre-order the figure as soon as possible to secure your order.

After all, this isn’t the kind of merchandise where it will be in stock upon the release date. You can only get this figure through pre-order only.

If you’re interested in pre-ordering the Play Arts Kai, you can pre-order the figure right here at CDJapan:

Kingdom Hearts III Play Arts Kai Sora Ver. 2

Kingdom Hearts III Play Arts Kai Sora Ver. 2 DX Edition

Just to let you know that there’s also Play Arts Kai for Riku too. You can also pre-order the figure right here:

Kingdom Hearts III Play Arts Riku Ver. 2

Kingdom Hearts III Play Arts Riku Ver. 2 DX Edition

While we’re at it, there’s also Play Arts Kai for Kairi too. You can pre-order the figure here if you’re interested:

Kingdom Hearts III Play Arts Kairi

Yes, the Play Arts for Riku and Kairi are also available for pre-order at Play-Asia, in case you’re wondering.

It may already be May. But it doesn’t mean that it’s already too late for you to start learning Japanese seriously.

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This offer will only be available until Friday, May 20th, 2022.

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