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Now that the Anime Deals: June 2022 Edition is already here, I feel that we’re going to see more sales and special offers coming your way.

But hey, I’m still going to bring you more new deals that you don’t want to miss even if there aren’t one.

Not going to lie that there are many exciting things I discover as I browse through retailer websites like Playasia and CDJapan.

If you’re always on the lookout for new, interesting things, then be sure to tune in to Anime Deals: June 2022 Edition.

Keep in mind that all these new and interesting things that you see on these websites tend to be pre-order items.

If you do want any of these items for yourself, then be sure to pre-order the items while you still can.

The pre-order for the items will close once it has already reached the deadline or once it meets the pre-order quota.

After all, these items are only available in a limited quantity. You can no longer get them after that unless they’re the pre-owned ones.

With that said, let’s take a look at what’s in store for this month’s anime deal.


Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary Compilation Vinyl

If you watched Stranger of Paradise live stream at the end of December last year, then I’m sure that you’ve already aware of this Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary special illustration.

And what’s the best way to take the celebration to another notch by releasing the music from the games in vinyl form, right?

While there’s not much information about the tracklist for the vinyl, you can be sure that iconic music such as Final Fantasy VII’s One-Winged Angel and Final Fantasy X’s To Zanarkand will be on the list.

This special vinyl is currently available for pre-order at Playasia. You can pre-order the vinyl right here:

Pre-order Final Fantasy Series 35th Anniversary Orchestral Compilation Vinyl at Playasia


As you can see here, you can pre-order Final Fantasy Series 35th Anniversary Orchestral Compilation Vinyl at CDJapan as well.

If you prefer to pre-order the vinyl at CDJapan instead, you can do so right here:

Pre-order Final Fantasy Series 35th Anniversary Orchestral Compilation Vinyl at CDJapan

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