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As I compile all the deals that I’d like to feature in Anime Deals: February 2022 Edition, I notice that I’m more likely to discover new things when they’re on sale.

And it doesn’t have to be things related to anime, manga, light novels, and video games either. It can also be something like a new makeup brand, for example.

Will I discover these things when they’re still at a normal price?

Well, maybe if I’m in the mood to splurge. But if I don’t, then I’m unlikely to discover new things unless they’re on sale.

If you’re like me who loves to discover new things and prefers to get them when they’re on sale, then you’re going to love this month’s anime deal.

Anime Deals February 2022 update

2/15/22 – Added new offer from


These are some of the deals from Playasia that you don’t want to miss.

The Lunar New Year sale

Playasia Lunar New Year Sale Blog Banner

For many of us, the new year is already a thing in the past. But for the Chinese, February marks the beginning of the Lunar calendar.

And that means it’s a new year for the Chinese.

With that in mind, Playasia is running a Lunar New Year sale where you can get large discounts on many items, especially on the expensive ones.

Remember when I said that I tend to discover so many new and interesting things when these items are on sale?

Well, guess what?

I came across this PS4 bundle that comes with Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Okay, some of you may already know this for a while. And I bet that some of you did buy this kind of bundle deal in the past.

But for me, I do find it interesting since I’ve never seen it before.

If this is something that you’d like to get your hands on, you can buy the PS4 bundle here:

Buy PS4 500GB HDD [Final Fantasy VII Remake Pack]

Keep in mind that this version of the PS4 that comes with the game is a Japanese version. And that means the interface and the game will be in Japanese.

You can also get your hands on PS5 during the sale. But just like the PS4 bundle, this version of the PS5 is the Japanese one.

If you’d like to get your hands on the PS5 regardless of the version, you can buy it right here:

Buy PS5Japan Version at Playasia

Wondering what else that are on sale? You can take a look at this page right here:

Playasia Lunar New Year Sale 2022

The sales end on February 28, 2022.

You can now pre-order Conker’s Bad Fur Day Resin Painted Statue

Conker's Bad Fur Day Figure


I remember a long time ago how much I was drawn to Conker’s Bad Fur Day despite the game wasn’t the kind of game that I would touch even with the ten-foot pole.

Well, it’s hard to dismiss the game when you see a cute-looking squirrel sprouting crude language.

And it’s even more amusing to see that the game was released on a family-friendly console like Nintendo 64.

What in the world was the developer thinking when they decided to release Conker on Nintendo 64?

Years later, rather than having the game ported into the modern platform, we’ll get a Conker figure instead.

That’s not such a bad thing if you ask me.

But for those who enjoy playing the game and would like to get your hands on this figure, you can pre-order the figure right here:

Pre-order Conker’s Bad Fur Day figure at Playasia

Will I give the game a try when the game ports into the modern platform?

Maybe. You’ll never know that I ended up playing the game till the end despite the game isn’t the kind of game that I’m excelled at.

Do you always want to learn Japanese but prefer to do it at your own pace and prefer to learn the language online?

If that’s you, then don’t miss this opportunity to snag this amazing deal from is currently running a sale where you can get 31% off Basic, Premium, or Premium PLUS subscription.

For those who are new to, they do have a free membership where you can access the video lessons once you sign up.

But if you want to gain access to their complete audio and video lessons, PDF lesson notes, and their Premium study tools such as grammar and kanji bank, then you have to sign up for any of their paid membership.

Want a dedicated teacher who can come up with a customized lesson plan for you? You can get that with the Premium PLUS membership.

Think that is a perfect companion for your language learning? You can take a look at the page right here:

Sign up with

Don’t forget to use the coupon code BREAKTHROUGH2022 to get 31% off on 1-, 3-,6-,12- or 24-month Basic, Premium, or Premium PLUS membership.

This offer will end on February 25th, 2022.

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Your purchase through my affiliate links will help me to continue bringing more book recommendations and commentary related to the books that I already recommended on my blog.

And of course, it helps with keeping this blog running for years to come too.

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