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As you can tell, my Winter 2022 anime list is just as short as my anime list for the last few seasons.

And I won’t be surprised at all that the list will become even shorter over the years.

While having a shorter anime list may have something to do with me making a conscious decision on cutting back on the number of anime that I’m watching, it also has something to do with the anime that comes out this season.

From what I see, the majority of the anime that comes out for this season are mainly fantasy and isekai anime.

It’s not unusual for me to see so many fantasy anime coming out this season. But I don’t expect that we’ll be seeing more of isekai anime during this season as well.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I loathe fantasy and isekai anime or anything. In fact, I do watch them, with the Ascendance of a Bookworm being one of them.

As much as I enjoy watching isekai anime as the person next to me, it’s still not the kind of anime that will be at the top of my list.

Same goes for the fantasy anime. I do watch them, but not as much as the anime in the mystery, thriller, and suspense genre.

If you enjoy watching fantasy and isekai anime, then you’re more likely to enjoy what this season has to offer.

But if you’re like me who aren’t into the anime from that genre, you can take a look at my Winter 2022 anime list to find what other anime you should add to your list.

The Winter 2022 anime that I’m currently watching

Just to let you know that I’m the kind of person who comes up with a list of anime that I want to watch during that season.

Well, it’s not that I can remember what every single anime is all about. It’s because of this reason that I need to come up with a list so then I know what anime to watch.

As you can expect, not all anime made it to my recommendation list. There will always be the anime that I never bother to watch beyond the first episode.

But for some strange reason, I ended up missing this one particular anime.

I find it hard to believe that I would miss this anime considering that I was familiar with its original source material.

At first, I thought that I missed the anime because Anichart didn’t include the anime until recently.

Funnily enough, the anime was right next to the anime that I planned to watch this season. How in the world I could miss this anime altogether is beyond me.

I’ll tell you what anime I’m referring to in a moment. And if you’re looking for a complete list of Winter 2022 anime, you can take a look at the list right here on Anichart.

With that said, let’s take a look at the Winter 2022 anime that I’m currently watching.

Saiyuki Reload – Zeroin

Saiyuki Reload Zeroin

To be honest, I never thought that we would get another season of Saiyuki anime. And as you can already expect, it’s certainly on my list since I already watched Gensomaden Saiyuki anime in the past.

While you can watch this anime in its entirety, you’re more likely to enjoy watching this anime even more if you have watched Gensomaden Saiyuki before.

Can’t seem to find Gensomaden Saiyuki anywhere? You can always read the manga, of course.

If you’re interested in reading the manga, you can get the manga in whichever format you prefer on Amazon:

Buy Saiyuki Vol.1 manga on Amazon

If you have to choose between watching the anime and reading the manga, I will say that you should opt for the manga instead.

Okay, I won’t deny that it has something to do with me being an advocate for the original source material.

Rather, it has a lot more to do with the art style instead.

This is the thing that tends to get lost the most during the anime adaptation. The art style for the anime is nowhere near the original art style.

Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru

Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru

Who would have guessed that a sewing skill that you’ve been developing due to your family business turns out to be a useful skill to create outfits for cosplay?

That’s the premise behind Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru where Wakana Gojou who makes an outfit for the Hina doll is making a cosplay outfit for his cosplay lover friend, Marin Kitagawa.

I like how the story dives deeper into every aspect of cosplay, from creating the outfit to choosing the right wig to bring the character to life.

If you’re interested in cosplay, then you’ll enjoy watching this anime.

I’m not sure how far the story in the anime will go. But the good news is you can read Sono Bisque Doll manga in English if you’re interested in knowing what happened next after the anime ends.

If you’d like to get the manga, you can get the manga in whichever format you prefer on Amazon:

Buy Sono Bisque Doll Vol.1 manga on Amazon

Tensai Ouji no Akaji Kokka Saisei Jutsu

Tensai Ouji no Akaji Kokka Saisei Jutsu

Yes, I know that Tensai Ouji no Akaji Kokka Saisei Jutsu is a fantasy anime.

But still, it’s hard for me to pass on this anime when the story is about a prince who seems like he’s playing 4D chess when he’s trying to conquer the other kingdom and when he’s trying to read between the line.

While I may not into fantasy anime that much, I will say that this anime is the exception considering that most situations that he’s facing are a pretext to something much bigger.

Yes, it’s true that the prince himself has an ulterior motive which is to sell the kingdom and run off with money somewhere.

But I love the fact that he’s making full use of everything he has at his disposal to come up with a winnable outcome.

I can’t say for sure how faithful the anime adaptation is to the source material since I’ve never read the light novel before.

But if you’re curious about it, you can get the light novel in whichever format you prefer right here on Amazon:

Buy Tensai Ouji no Akaji Kokka Saisei Jutsu Vol.1 light novel on Amazon

Tokyo 24-ku

Tokyo 24-ku

If you take a look at what the majority of people are saying about this anime, you’ll notice that many of them seem to think that Tokyo 24-ku is a terrible anime.

The fact that the anime has this Minority Report vibe where there’s a system that can predict a future event. And the characters have to decide on which option they should pick to change the future.

Let’s not forget that the event in this anime is similar to the event where the British government is handing back Hong Kong to China in 1997.

While we’re at it, I should mention that they’re also facing an enemy who can pull a trick like creating an artificial tornado that was undetected by the district’s system.

So, it makes sense why some people seem to think that the story in this anime is all over the place.

To be honest, I don’t see anything inherently wrong with the story since that’s how a mystery anime should be.

It’s the type of story where one thing leads to another. And you’re bound to see so many things unfold at once until it will eventually converge at one point.

That’s where the whole thing that happened before makes sense.

If you’re into a story that has a mixture of mystery and sci-fi elements, then you’re probably going to enjoy watching this anime.

But if you’re the kind of person who wants more action and has a story straightforwardly laid to you, then this anime can be a nightmare to watch.

The missing anime from the list

Remember the anime that I didn’t add to my list? Well, this is the anime that was missing from the list. Just to let you know that the anime only came out a couple of days ago as I write this.

Shenmue The Animation

Shenmue The Animation

Well, it’s hard for me to say no to the anime adaptation of a video game despite knowing that the adaptation tends to be a dubious one.

One of the anime that I can think of is Phantasy Star Online: The Animation. The story in the anime version has nothing to do with the actual game at all.

Does it mean that Shenmue will receive the same fate as the anime adaptation of a video game before them?

To be honest, I can’t say for sure since I’ve never played the game before.

So, it’s hard for me to say whether the anime is the same as the video game version.

But I will say that the anime isn’t that bad, judging from the first episode.

Even if the story in the anime isn’t the same as the one in the video game, it may not matter that much to Sega considering how the anime helps with bringing new fans to the game.

There’s nothing unusual about that approach either since many companies use anime as a way to get people to the original source material.

Whether the anime is good or not is a different matter altogether.

With that said, should you give this anime a chance? If you want an action-packed anime with an underlying story, then it doesn’t hurt to give it a try.

Which Winter 2022 anime you’re watching?

Watch other Winter 2022 anime that aren’t on the list? Let me know about them in the comment below. I’m interested in knowing what other anime you’re watching this season.

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