Weekly Shonen Jump Manga

I love reading Weekly Shonen Jump manga just as much as the Jump Plus manga.

Sure, most manga in Weekly Shonen Jump tends to be more on the lighter side rather than something disturbing and gruesome.

Amazingly enough, I enjoy reading them. I feel like these types of manga are more like a change of pace for me. So, I didn’t see anything wrong with reading any manga from Weekly Shonen Jump once in a while.

But then again, I didn’t read all of the manga that is on Weekly Shonen Jump, though.

Some of them are just plain weird and meh.

But there are quite a few of them that I’m so looking forward to reading every single week.

It’s nothing strange if these manga series are in my favorite genre. But the thing is, they’re not. What’s more, all of them are in a different genre too.

Curious about the type of books I tend to recommend on my blog? You can find out about my preference right here.

A note about the Weekly Shonen Jump manga that I mention in this post

The good news is you don’t have to get a copy of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine since you can read the manga for free on MANGA Plus.

Heck, you can choose to read the manga in Spanish as well if you’d like.

Even better? You can also read the manga published on Jump Plus for free on MANGA Plus too.

The not-so-great thing about MANGA Plus is that you can only read the first three and the latest few chapters. The chapters in between aren’t viewable on the website and also on the app.

The only exception is the Jump Plus manga that doesn’t get licensed by Viz Media. That’s the only manga that you can gain access to all chapters.

Yes, I get that it sucks not to be able to read the whole chapters of the manga that I mention here.

Despite that, I still recommend you to give MANGA Plus a try.

Or at the very least, come back to MANGA Plus after you’re done with catching up with the manga I mentioned here on the scanlation sites. You’ll get a faster update that way since you’re receiving an update from the source itself.

Another way to read the manga is to use the Viz Media app to read the chapters in between. But the thing is, the app is only available in a specific region, though.

With that said, here’s a list of Weekly Shonen Jump manga that I never thought I would enjoy reading.

Well, at least to the point where it’s worth noting on my blog.

Ayakashi Triangle

Ayakashi Triangle

I’m not the kind of person who enjoys reading a story with a gender-bender character. But I have to say that Ayakashi Triangle does have an interesting premise.

And not to mention, it’s pretty hilarious and the artwork is beautiful too.

The only thing that can be a turn-off for some people is that the manga has many ecchi scenes. But then again, these scenes do have their purpose, not for the sake of having the ecchi scenes just to get people’s attention.

If you love a romantic comedy story involving supernatural elements, then you will enjoy reading this manga.

You can read the manga for free on MANGA Plus right here:

Read Ayakashi Triangle on MANGA Plus

Magu-chan: God of Destruction

Magu-chan God of Destruction

Magu-chan may look like a creature that comes from outer space. And his encounter with Ruri will only serve one purpose, which is to become the fearful God of Destruction once again.

But with his body already shrinks after being released from the seal, there’s nothing much he can do other than to help Ruri around with her chores. Despite his shrunk body, it still doesn’t spare him from getting into trouble.

Well, he’s God of Destruction, what do you expect? Trouble will always follow him wherever he goes.

On the surface, the manga may seem like it has serious stuff going around. And the latest chapter seems to hint that the story is about to get serious anytime soon.

But for the most part, what you’ll get is the warm and fuzzy feeling instead, with comedic scenes in between.

If warm and fuzzy feeling, comedy, a slice of life manga is what you’re looking for, then give this manga a try.

You can read the manga on MANGA Plus right here:

Read Magu-chan: God of Destruction on MANGA Plus

Phantom Seer

Phantom Seer

If there’s one thing I can say about Phantom Seer is that it gives a similar vibe to Jujutsu Kaisen. Instead of having someone who is a vessel for the special grade curse object, we have someone who is a shaman and also another character who attracts the evil spirit to herself.

Unlike the other first two manga I mentioned, I do enjoy reading supernatural manga. But unlike the typical supernatural manga I usually read, Phantom Seer tends to be more on the fast-paced, action-oriented type of story.

If you enjoy reading Jujutsu Kaisen manga, then this manga is also a must-read for you too considering how similar Phantom Seer is to Jujutsu Kaisen, concept-wise.

You can read the manga right here on MANGA Plus:

Read Phantom Seer on MANGA Plus

Will I be recommending any of the manga on my blog somewhere in the future?

The answer is yes. I do have a plan to recommend any of the manga on my blog. But perhaps not for the time being considering that they’re pretty new.

And let’s not forget Shueisha’s tendency to ax the manga if the manga’s readership is dwindling. As much as I’d like to recommend the manga, it doesn’t paint a pretty picture for me when the manga I recommend got axed prematurely.

Yes, I admit that there is a time where I take a chance on recommending a manga that is in a similar situation. Mission: Yozakura Family comes to mind when it comes to the manga that I recommend when it was fairly new.

Will I be taking the chance for any of this manga again? Maybe, but not for the time being, though.

You have no idea how anxious I was to write about the manga that may or may not get axed prematurely.

Will I be adding more to the list?

Definitely yes. There will always be new manga coming out each week to replace the manga that got axed.

So, watch this space for more updates. I’ll let you know when I have another manga that caught my attention.

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