Rebecca Minkoff Collection

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I don’t know if I ever made it clear before that Stella & Dot is one of my favorite brands. So, I’m always excited to hear whenever they will release a new collection.

As expected, Stella & Dot is coming out with a new collection this fall. But unlike any other collections they launch so far, the latest collection is different this time.

How different, you ask?

Instead of launching the usual new collection like they always do in every season, their latest collection is a collaboration with an award-winning designer, Rebecca Minkoff.

Okay, despite being a fan of Stella & Dot for quite sometimes, I think this collaboration happens to be their first collaboration.

Maybe I was wrong. But hey, it’s still exciting to know that Stella & Dot is now collaborating with Rebecca Minkoff to launch a new collection.

A little bit info about Rebecca Minkoff

For those of you who are not familiar with Rebecca Minkoff, she’s an award-winning designer who is known for her playful and subtly edgy designs.

Since Stella & Dot’s designs are also more on the stylish, edgy and playful design, it makes sense why their collaboration with Rebecca Minkoff took off.

My favorite picks from Rebecca Minkoff collection

So far, only a handful of the items from the collection is available for sales. But then again, there’ll be more to come. So, keep your eyes glued for more designs coming out soon.

If you don’t know which one you should pick from the Rebecca Minkoff collection, then take a look at some of my favorite picks from the collection.

Cameron Charm Choker

The reason why I love this choker is because of its minimalist design. Not only that, the design itself reminds me of the charm bracelet.

You can also pair this choker with other items from the collection such as Emory Pave Earring Set or Celestial Ear Climbers.

But for me, the choker is already good enough for me since I don’t wear earrings.

If you’d like to get your hands on this choker, you can get it right here:

Rebecca Minkoff Cameron Charm Choker

Pixie Choker

I don’t know why, but it looks to me that I tend to favor a lot more on the choker than anything else in this collection. And that’s the reason why this Pixie Choker also made it into the list.

Unlike Cameron Charm Choker where it has a delicate design, Pixie Choker tends to be on the bolder side. Not only that, but it’s also a dual layer too.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to layer another necklace with a choker, then Pixie Choker is perfect for you. But then again, it may not be a perfect fit for you if you prefer another layer to be much longer than the choker.

With Pixie Choker, its bold design will draw people’s attention to your neckline and collarbone.

If you prefer a choker with a bold statement, then Pixie Choker is a must-have for you. You can get Pixie Choker right here:

Rebecca Minkoff Pixie Choker

There’s a lot more in Rebecca Minkoff collection

There’ll be more designs coming soon this November. If you’re wondering what else you can get in this collection, you can take a look at the whole collection right here:

Rebecca Minkoff Collection

Have you browse at the collection yet? Which one is your favorite pick? Share your favorite in the comment below.