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To be honest, the news about the Ayakashi Triangle anime somehow caught me by surprise.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not unusual for a manga like Ayakashi Triangle to get an anime adaptation considering how popular the manga is.

Sure, the manga may not be a big hit like One Piece. But it’s still a popular manga judging from the sheer number of people who enjoys reading this manga.

So, why does the news about the Ayakashi Triangle anime is a big surprise to me, then?

As you can see here, Ayakashi Triangle isn’t just a comedy manga that revolves around a gender-swapping ninja.

It’s also a manga that contains tons of ecchi scenes.

Knowing how the censorship hammer can take things a little too far sometimes, it shouldn’t be surprising that the anime will have tons of scenes being censored here and there.

And I was spot on about that when the anime came out.

The manga doesn’t have any censorship in any shape or form, right?

While I can’t say for sure about the digital and the print release of the manga, the manga does get censored heavily on MANGA Plus, though.

Well, it makes sense considering that the manga is available for free on MANGA Plus.

If it’s behind the paywall like the manga in Ebook Renta, you can bet that you’ll get to see all the boobs in their full glory.

Despite the heavy censorship, it’s still not so bad to the point where it becomes so hard to read.

For instance, the invisible nipples every time there’s a scene that has boobs in it.

That one isn’t that hard to stomach. Just imagine that nipples don’t exist in Ayakashi Triangle and you no longer see those invisible nipples as a big issue anymore.

Now that the manga is available exclusively on Jump Plus, it’s getting bolder with every new chapter.

That seems to be the case with the recent few chapters where Matsuri is now split into male and female Matsuri.

Strangely enough, both versions become naked when the split happened, with the female Matsuri ending up landing on Shirogane during the split incident.

And what about the male one?

Well, you guessed it.

The male one landed on top of Suzu, with him pinning her to the ground completely naked, of course.

Yes, the censorship hammer is still there even after the manga has already moved to Jump Plus. But it’s still not so bad if you ask me.

The censorship hammer in the Ayakashi Triangle anime is on another level

Supposedly, the strategic censorship in the manga shouldn’t be that much different from the ones in the anime.

But amusingly enough, the anime somehow takes things to another notch when it comes to censoring the nudity in its full display.

If you think that there’ll be some kind of a holy light covering the risqué parts, you’ll be surprised to find out about the anime’s blatant approach when it comes to censoring the NSFW parts.

Instead of something subtle like the holy light, what you’ll see is a variation of Shirogane stickers all over the censored parts instead.

Ayakashi Triangle Anime Screenshot

And mind you, that’s only in the first episode.

Knowing that the ecchi stuff is a staple in Ayakashi Triangle, you can expect that there’ll be more Shirogane stickers coming your way in every episode.

To be honest, I find that seeing the Shirogane stickers doing their job in censoring the ecchi parts is hilarious at first.

But it can feel like an eyesore to watch after a while. Too much censorship destroys the very thing that makes Ayakashi Triangle story amusing in the first place.

Will we ever get the uncensored version of the anime?

I can’t say for sure if it’s a norm for the ecchi anime to have an uncensored version of the anime.

Regardless of whether it’s a norm or not, I won’t be pinning my hope on it.

If you do find the Shirogane stickers dampen your mood to enjoy the anime, then I highly suggest that you read the manga instead.

Yes, the censorship hammer is still there even if you choose to read the manga on MANGA Plus.

But at least the censorship hammer isn’t as blatant as the ones you see in the anime.

If you’re thinking about giving the manga a try, you can read it for free right here on MANGA Plus.

Just to let you know that the chapters in between are viewable if you’re reading the manga on the MANGA Plus app.

Not a formal recommendation

While I admit that I enjoy reading Ayakashi Triangle manga, it’s still not the kind of manga that I would recommend on my blog.

Yes, the manga is fun to read, no doubt about it.

But it’s still not enough for me to recommend the manga, especially to those who aren’t into ecchi stuff.

Will I be changing my mind about the Ayakashi Triangle manga and recommending it in the future?

Probably, but certainly not for the time being.

And if you’re wondering what sort of books I tend to recommend on my blog, you can read this post right here if you’re curious.

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While I do recommend that you read the series from the beginning, you can read the second book without having to read the first one since the story in the second book doesn’t tie back to the story in the first book that much.

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