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You love fashion. It’s because of this reason that you choose to pursue fashion styling. What’s even better, you’re making a living doing what you love. It’s like a dream comes true to you.

You’re already aware of how much money a fashion stylist can make in a year. Despite knowing the actual fashion stylist earnings, it doesn’t deter you from pursuing fashion styling as a career.

But then again, you do realize that it doesn’t hurt to have extra money stashed somewhere. You can use the extra money pretty much for anything you want.

At the very least, you don’t have to worry about having to cover additional expenses if you have the extra money in your disposal.

The usual options to increase your fashion stylist earnings

When it comes to increasing your fashion stylist earnings, you may think that you can earn additional income if you work longer hour.

Sure, that may seem like a logical thing to do. But you should know well enough that it’s not doable.

For one, there’s a limit on how long you can work. You can work longer once in a while. But you can’t do that on a daily basis. You’ll risk yourself for having a burnout if you do that.

Another way for you to do that is to increase your fashion styling rate. Doing that not only will make you stay afloat, but you can also avoid driving yourself to the corner for working way too long.

The lesser known option

What if you don’t want to work long hours AND you don’t want to increase your rate? Is that even possible?

The answer is yes. But before that, let me clarify here that there’s nothing wrong with increasing your rate. You should do that if you’ve been charging your clients the same rate for the past five years or so.

But if you just increased your rate, you can’t do that again, right?

So, what you should do if you already increase your rate and you don’t want to work longer even with the new rate you’re charging but you still want increase your fashion stylist earnings?

If that’s you, then consider adding another stream of income.

I don’t have time for that

When I say adding another stream of income, you must be thinking that I’m asking you to do something extra and has nothing to do with what you’re currently doing.

No, that’s not what I’m talking about.

You will still do what you’re already doing. In fact, you’ll receive between 20% to 35% commission when your clients make a purchase from you.

How’s that even possible, you ask? Well, you can only do that if you join Stella & Dot Become a Stylist program.

If you’d like to know more about the program, you can take a look at it right here:

Stella & Dot Become a Stylist program

Stella & Dot in a nutshell

For those who are not familiar with Stella & Dot, it’s a brand that sells fashion accessories for women.

What I love about Stella & Dot is that they handcraft their fashion accessories in NYC and Sausalito. With their obsession with every single detail on their fashion accessories, you can rest assured that you’ll get high quality products that aren’t just beautiful but they’re also the products that you can’t get elsewhere.

In addition to receiving between 20% to 35% commission, you can also get 25% to 50% discount when you’re purchasing any of items in Stella & Dot.

Keep in mind that you can purchase any items you want in Stella & Dot without having to join the program. But you can only get such a huge discount if you join the program, though.

How you can do both things at the same time

Not sure how Stella & Dot Become a Stylist program can fit into what you’re currently doing?

For starters, wear any of the accessories you receive from the kit that you get upon signing up. I suggest that you pick the bold accessory since that will be a lot more noticeable compared to the accessory with the subtle design.

If your client compliments you on the accessory, tell her that you have the same accessory available for sale and she can get it now. You can also use the same opportunity to upsell her anything else in your kit.

Another way is to suggest your client on how she can spruce up her wardrobe with fashion accessories. You can use this opportunity to recommend which Stella & Dot fashion accessories that will work wonder for her.

Don’t have the accessories with you? You can order the accessories on your client’s behalf online.

There are many ways you can do to make the program fit into what you’re doing. But what I suggest to you right should be enough to get the ball rolling.

If you’d like to give my idea a go, you can sign up for the program right here:

Stella & Dot Become a Stylist program

Special offer just for this month

For this month only, you can get $1000 in Stella & Dot’s bestseller items for a down payment as low as $199.

In addition to the bestseller items, you will also receive display items, sales tools and a personalized website that can help you to sell and earn more.

Ready to increase your fashion stylist earnings? Sign up for Stella & Dot Become a Stylist program now to take advantage of this month’s offer.

Click on the banner below to get started.

Stella & Dot Become a Stylist Program 

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