Become a real fashion stylist

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I’ve been writing a lot about Stella & Dot’s Become a Stylist Program for such a long time. I even believe that it’s one of the best programs out there that can help you to jumpstart your career as a fashion stylist.

But somehow, you don’t seem convinced that this program is something that can help you to get started. It’s not that the program is awful. You just don’t think it’s something that you’re looking for.

I understand how skeptical you are about this program.

After all, you’re only advising people on what fashion accessories that will look good for them.

Sure, fashion accessories are the fastest and the cheapest way to revamp the wardrobe without going through a drastic wardrobe overhaul.

But the real fashion stylist doesn’t only recommend her client the best fashion accessories that she should get for herself are.

A real fashion stylist will also advise her client the best apparel that she should get as well. Having fashion accessories won’t matter if her client is still wearing something that isn’t flattering at all.

It doesn’t matter how good is Stella & Dot Become a Stylist Program.

You’re not even considered a real fashion stylist among your peers if all you do is to recommend fashion accessories that your clients should buy.

The program is getting better

If you feel that you shouldn’t be calling yourself a fashion stylist if you join Stella & Dot Become a Stylist Program, I have good news for you.

Stella & Dot is currently launching their new line of apparel today.

Yes, you read that right.

Now they’re also selling apparels on their website starting today.

Okay, they don’t have the head-to-toe clothing line available for sale on their website. They’re only selling tops for now. But I do believe that they will have the full range of clothes sooner or later.

What does this news mean to you

The answer to this question is simple. When you join the program, you no longer have to feel like you’re lacking something.

After all, you don’t just recommend fashion accessories to your clients. But you also recommend them what tops they should get to compliment the fashion accessories they bought from you.

Some people aren’t that good when it comes to coordinating fashion accessories with what they have in their wardrobe.

That’s when your role comes in.

I bet that they’re also looking for new tops to buy in addition to the new fashion accessories.

In case you’re wondering, Stella & Dot stylists will receive 15% of the commissions when they’re able to sell fashion accessories.

Now, imagine for a moment when you add apparels in your product line during the Trunk Show. You can make more commissions thanks to the clothing line.

Sometimes, people aren’t just into fashion accessories.

But they’re more likely to buy from you if you also sell something else other than fashion accessories. Including tops in your product line will get them to buy from you.

Okay, increasing your commissions sound great to you.

But you don’t have to use that as an excuse to get you riled up about the program.

You can also use the apparel line to showcase your creativity in coordinating the tops with the fashion accessories.

Think of it like the window display you see in a department store or a boutique. Chances are, people will be more likely to buy the coordination you put only because they’re so drawn to the display you come up.

And you can do that effectively during the Trunk Show.

What in the world is Trunk Show?

I’m not sure if you’ve ever been to Tupperware party. But you can think of the Trunk Show like you’re walking into an exhibition.

Instead of not being able to touch the display, you can take a look at the fashion accessories, try it for yourself and see if you look good in it.

What makes the whole experience to be magical is when you come together with your friends. They can give you instant feedback when you’re trying the fashion accessories on yourself.

Sure, the experience may feel like you’re walking into the mall. Unlike malls where you’re surrounded by strangers, the environment in the Trunk Show is completely different.

After all, the Trunk Show is held at your friend’s house. Sure, you may not know the stylist who owns the items in the Trunk Show. But you do know the person who invited you and hosts the Trunk Show.

Don’t you think that it’s a perfect way to rekindle or catch up with your friend?

If you’ve decided not to buy anything after coming to the Trunk Show, don’t feel guilty about it. There’s no hard feeling.

Stella & Dot stylists know that you may not be likely to buy the first time you see it.

What’s in store

Now, you already have a rough idea about the Trunk Show. And I hope you’re already familiar with Stella & Dot’s fashion accessories line.

If you’re curious about their brand new apparel line, you can take a look at it here:

One of my favorite tops from their new clothing line is this Lyla Tunic Top. I’m so looking forward to seeing more of their apparels coming soon.

No more excuse to become a real fashion stylist anymore

If becoming a fashion stylist is always what you always dream of, the good news is you can still join the program. You can learn more about the program right here:

Stella & Dot Become a Stylist Program

Keep in mind that it’s never too late to pursue what matters to you.