Assassination Classroom

I always wanted to give Assassination Classroom manga a try ever since I saw the anime.

But I only managed to get my hands on the manga after seeing the manga on MANGA Plus.

I won’t lie that my initial reason for wanting to watch the anime has a lot to do with me using the anime as inspiration for my first book from the Trigger Locked series at that time.

If you’re already familiar with my beat, it shouldn’t be surprising to you why Assassination Classroom is on my reading list. 

Sure, the story itself revolves around assassinating someone. But the story itself has a lot more to offer than just about the assassination.

What Assassination Classroom is all about

Here’s the description of the manga courtesy of MANGA Plus.

Meet the would-be assassins of class 3-E. Sugino, who let his grades slip and got kicked off the baseball team. Karma, who’s doing well in his classes but keeps getting suspended for fighting. And Okuda, who lacks both academic and social skills, yet excels at one subject: chemistry. Who has the best chance of winning that reward? Will the deed be accomplished through pity, brute force or poison…? And what chance does their teacher have of repairing his students’ tattered self-esteem

Somehow, the manga description does sound like a description for Danganronpa anime. 

If you’re familiar with Danganronpa, don’t worry. The manga is nothing like Danganronpa at all.

Why I love the manga

I admit that I love Assassination Classroom manga because it’s a manga about assassinating someone. And that someone is their teacher who looks nothing like a human being at all.

But that’s not the only reason why I enjoy the manga.

I love the fact that these students will be trained by Karasuma who is from SDF. Well, these students are given a task to assassinate someone. So, they need someone who can train them to do the job.

Because of that, you’ll get to see how their training is being conducted in order to assassinate Koro-sensei effectively.

And their training looks like the actual military training for carrying special ops.

To be honest, I don’t even know if that’s how SDF conducts training in real life. But I still find it fascinating.

As much as I enjoy seeing their creative approach to assassinate Koro-sensei, I find that seeing their training to become a professional assassin is a lot more enjoyable.

Heck, even some of them have a professional assassin attitude as a result of the training.

A note about Karasuma 

I don’t know why the manga version says that Karasuma is coming from the Ministry of Defense. But the anime version says that he’s coming from SDF. 

I can’t say for sure if the original Japanese version did say that he’s coming from Ministry of Defense. But I highly doubt that.

So, there’s a high chance that Karasuma is indeed coming from SDF even in the Japanese version. But they change that he’s coming from Ministry of Defense in English. 

If that’s the case, why do they change SDF into Ministry of Defense for the English version?

I’m guessing that people who will read the manga may not even know that SDF is the US equivalent to the US Army. Since SDF doesn’t seem to indicate anything that it’s another term for the Japanese military, they decided to use Ministry of Defense instead of SDF.

To be honest, I prefer if they stick to using SDF. That looks more accurate to me since I doubt that anyone from the Ministry of Defense has the capability to provide military training.

Well, I could be wrong about that. If you read the manga in Japanese, feel free to tell me which one the manga is using when it comes to Karasuma’s background.

What I don’t expect from the manga

Here’s the thing about the students from the Class 3-E: the students in that class have the worst grade among all the students.

And their class is not even in the main school building. Instead, their class is located at the school’s old building which isn’t just far from the new building itself. But the old building is located at the top of the hill.

Adding insult to injury, other students always look down on those students from Class 3-E. Even none of the teachers are willing to teach them, thinking that they have no future because of their poor grade.

Pretty much everyone in the school is looking down on them. And some of them even bullied a student from that class.

Remember Karma who is good in the study but always gets involved in fighting? He was the one who defended Nagisa when he was being bullied from students from other class.

It was his action that led his teacher to suspend him from school and threw him to Class 3-E once his suspension was over. 

The ironic part about that teacher? All the good things that he did for Karma in the past was only for his own sake. He didn’t care about Karma at all. 

It’s because of him that Karma resented teachers. And because of that reason that he was so eager to kill Koro-sensei.

Talk about manipulative adults.

The story can make you go aww~

And here’s another thing that I don’t expect when I read the manga. I don’t expect how the heartwarming the story can be when Koro-sensei is putting his faith on these students.

And he’s not alone. Even Karasuma and Irina Jellavitch are also believing in them as well. Of course, they don’t just believe that these students are able to assassinate Koro-sensei. But they also believe that they’ll be successful in their own term.

The manga does make a clear point here that you can achieve anything you want in life even if you only have one person who believes in you.

For these students from Class 3-E, that person happens to be Koro-sensei. Yes, it’s the same octopus-like creature that they have to assassinate.

Is this manga for you?

If you’re looking for a story with heartwarming moments and also can make you laugh at the same time, then you should give Assassination Classroom manga a try.

Keep in mind that the story can be a bit dark in the beginning. But you won’t see it that much as the story is progressing.

Where to buy Assassination Classroom manga

I’m currently reading Assassination Classroom manga on MANGA Plus app. I don’t recommend you to read the manga on MANGA Plus since the chapters in between aren’t viewable.

But if you want to read a few chapters before buying the manga, you can read the manga on MANGA Plus right here:

Read Assassination Classroom on MANGA Plus

If you’re like me who already watched the anime and want to give the manga a try, you can buy the manga right here on Amazon:

Buy Assassination Classroom manga on Amazon

Love binge-reading manga? Well, you’re in luck because the manga is now available as a box set too.

You can get the box set right here on Amazon:

Buy Assassination Classroom manga box set on Amazon 

Learning Japanese and want to read the manga in Japanese? Well, the good news is the manga does contain furigana.

If you’d like to buy the manga in Japanese, you can buy the manga right here at CDJapan:

Buy Assassination Classroom manga on CDJapan

Over to you 

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