Young Again in Another World

I sighed when I read about the controversy that surrounded the author of Young Again in Another World, MINE.

As a fellow creator, it was a nightmare when you suddenly received news that the anime adaptation based on your work was canceled.

Not only that, your publisher decided to cease publication because of the controversy. And they have yet to tell you about the future plan for your book.

It’s nothing strange to hear when the production committee decided to cancel the anime adaptation.

But to have everything came to a grinding halt? That was unlikely.

The reason why the author of Young Again in Another World was in hot water was because of his own action.

It’s not drug possession that got everyone angry at him. In fact, he has nothing to do with him getting involved in domestic abuse and possessing child pornographic materials.

I’m pretty sure that you know who I’m referring to in that last part.

The reason why he was in such jeopardy was nothing but his bigotry remarks that he posted on Twitter.

You read that right. It’s the social media that burned MINE’s author career to ashes.

What IS happening to Young Again in Another World author

Since the controversy itself spurned into multiple news headlines, I’ll spare you with the details about it.

In a nutshell, the controversy began with certain net commenters felt that his tweets on Twitter and even his depiction in Young Again in Another World were somewhat inappropriate and insulting to the Chinese and South Korean.

MINE, later on, apologized on Twitter, saying that he would delete all tweets and also his account as well. Not only that, but he also decided to revise the novel for the print version.

But the controversy didn’t end there.

Not long after MINE issued his apology, the main cast for the anime resigned, and the anime adaptation was canceled.

Adding insult to the injury, the publisher of the series, Hobby Japan, decided to cancel shipments for the novel. And they have yet to determine whether they would continue with publishing the series or not.

Can this blunder be avoided?

The short answer is yes. MINE can still post his bigotry comments online as long as he did on his personal social media account.

What I mean by that is he’s tweeting as someone with a different Twitter handle instead of MINE the author Twitter handle.

Okay, keep in mind that I’m not permitting him to post bigotry comments online. That’s just his personality. And you can’t do anything about it.

You can criticize him all you want. But it still won’t stop him from posting such comments if he decided to do it on his unknown Twitter account.

He can then use his author account to post something like the announcement of the anime adaptation or a new book coming out.

Anything will do as long as he doesn’t say things that hurt anyone’s feeling on his author account.

Sometimes authors just don’t know what they’re doing

I’m pretty sure that many authors receive the same advice where they have to bare their soul to the world if they want their readers to connect and able to relate to them.

But I find this advice to be a double-edged sword to some people.

Sure, this advice works great if the authors and the readers have something in common. It’s just like what I do with this blog.

I write thriller and suspense, anime-inspired novels. So, the readers that I’m targetting are the one who loves anime like PSYCHO PASS, Ghost in the Shell and Joker Game.

If you love books like Young Again in Another World, my book won’t be appealing to you. And I’m okay with that.

But for some authors, they have no idea who is their target readers, let alone knowing what is their common ground with the readers.

Because of that, they ended up sharing something mundane like all the things that happened in their daily life or rants.

Well, ranting is the worst offender of all. That’s what got MINE in hot water in the first place.

Does he even have a chance to reclaim himself?

With his controversy getting broad coverage, I don’t think that he can ever continue with the series. Even if the publisher allows him to continue, I doubt that he can write anything under the name MINE anymore.

So, the only solution he has for now is to write under a brand new pen name. And he has to make sure that his new pen name doesn’t even have any connection with his previous pen name at all.

Another way for him to do that is to ghostwrite for someone else. But I don’t think he will ever do that.

Whether he chooses to continue or start with a clean slate, I can only wish him the best of luck. I hope that he already learns his lesson by now.