Character Inspiration Hideki Nakamura

Wow, it’s been a long time I haven’t talked about anything related to my book. Even though I’m in the middle of gearing up for my first series which is slated to be released next year, I also feel like wrapping up the end of this year with another story for Twisted Destiny.

I’ll be talking about the inspiration behind the book next week, but for the time being, I’d like to introduce you another character from Twisted Destiny, Hideki Nakamura.

If you haven’t read Twisted Destiny (which you should if you’re a fan of anime and manga like Kuroko no Basket and Slam Dunk), then you may not know who is Hideki. Just like any other story where the main character will also have someone that he’s close to, that’s also the same with Takumi.

In Twisted Destiny and also in The Diary of Modern Cinderella, Hideki is Takumi’s best friend. They’ve known each other way before they enter the elementary school! While they’ve parted their ways during the middle school, they’ve finally reunited again when they enter the same high school.

This is what I can tell about Hideki, so if you’d like to know about him, then you’d better give Twisted Destiny a try.

What inspires me to create a character like Hideki

Initially, Hideki happens to be another character for my other future novel (not sure if I want to write the novel though). Since I tend to have a crazy idea of overlapping the novel with my other novels ala CLAMP-style, I tend to have Hideki to make a cameo appearance in Twisted Destiny.

At that time, I was still in the middle of writing The Diary of Modern Cinderella and the idea of having Hideki to be Takumi’s best friend didn’t exist yet. It was during the editing for The Diary of Modern Cinderella that made me decided to have Hideki as Takumi’s best friend, rather than having him as a random person from the basketball team.

And since I’ve made the decision to make Hideki as Takumi’s best friend in Twisted Destiny, I might as well include him in The Diary of Modern Cinderella. Heck, I didn’t even plan to make Hideki as the vice-captain for the team. At that time, I only intended to make him as a normal member, but it didn’t make any sense for someone like him to meddle along with Takumi all the time.

So yes, Hideki is what I consider an unplanned character. There are many unplanned characters in every novel I’ve written. But I guess I’ll save it for another behind the scene post.

The inspiration behind Hideki’s look

Even though Hideki is an unplanned character, I’ve already intended to make him popular among the girls in the school. Unlike Takumi who basically cares about the girls who rave about him, Hideki just acknowledges it and doesn’t care much about his fans. If you have watched or read Yowamushi Pedal, he’s just like Shinkai Hayato when it comes to how he treats his fans.

Since he’s also popular just like Takumi, that also means that he must be ikemen enough to be the heartthrob, right? Luckily, I was able to find someone that seems fitting enough for a guy like Hideki, thanks to Sata Kyouya from Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji (it’s Wolf Girl and Black Prince in English).

Sata Kyouya

Okay, Sata Kyouya’s hair seems a lot more volumized compared to Hideki, but that’s because his hair becomes flat when he sweats. I did tell Color-LES to keep Sata Kyouya’s hairstyle but just change his hair color because I don’t want his hair color to look like Takumi.

Somehow, the hair color ends up looking like Tachibana Makoto from Free! instead.

Tachibana Makoto

Maybe I should just have Makoto’s hairstyle instead of Sata Kyouya’s hairstyle? Now I feel like I’m regretting a bit.

Anyway, if Twisted Destiny will be adapted into anime someday, I certainly want the same seiyuu for Makoto, Tatsuhisa Suzuki to voice Hideki. Throughout the writing process for Twisted Destiny, I always imagined him as a seiyuu for Hideki.

Having the same hair color like Makoto from Free! and wanting Tatsuhisa Suzuki to voice Hideki is just a mere coincidence. I swear~

Hideki’s full stat

Here’s Hideki’s full stat for those of you who are curious about him.

Hideki Nakamura Full Stat

A taller guy like him is perfect as a center, don’t you think?

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