Trigger Locked series third book

With the second book from the Trigger Locked series, A Silent Killer was only out a few weeks ago, now I’m thinking about the Trigger Locked series third book?

For some people, that may seem insane considering that I’ve just released A Silent Killer a few weeks ago.

But for me, my brain just can’t stop thinking about the new concept for the next book.

I guess that’s what it means to be in the creative flow. You will always keep thinking about what you should be writing next.

In fact, I already have a rough concept for the fourth book of the series.

But for now, let’s put our focus on the third book from the Trigger Locked series.

A rough concept for Trigger Locked series third book

I have to say that the story in Trigger Locked series third book will take place in the virtual world.

Okay, I can guess what you’re thinking right now. That seems like SAO, right?

Well, the answer is yes and no. While it’s true that the story takes place in the virtual world and the people who died in the game will also die in real life.

But the difference is Touka won’t be stuck in the virtual world hellhole all the time. And she will discover something she didn’t expect during her mission at the same time.

Her priority will always be arresting Satoru Yuuya. And that part will never change. But the story will take a different turn this time.

I won’t say what will be the different turn and the unexpected thing she uncovered in her current mission.

But all I can say is the story will reflect more or less the same issue that is plugging the intelligence community.

If you hate SAO to the core, you don’t have to worry because the story for the third book won’t be anything like SAO.

The only similarity is the story will take place in the virtual world.

Even the virtual world will take place in a setting similar to the real life. It seems like I have a lot of digging to do to make the virtual world to be as realistic as possible.

The tentative title for the third book

For now, I can’t think of any cool title for the book. So, I will temporarily name the third book from the series as Virtual Cyberwarfare.

Well, I have no idea what was I thinking when I came up with the title. Isn’t cyberwarfare takes place in the virtual world?

To be honest, I can’t seem to think of any title that reflects the core story of the book. But for now, let’s call Virtual Cyberwarfare for Trigger Locked series third book.

I’ll let you know if I already come up with a cool name for the book.

I will start writing this year

I’m planning to write the third book from the series this year during NaNoWriMo 2018.

For some reason, taking part in NaNoWriMo seems like an annual thing to me. I’m not sure why I want to torture myself by finishing writing 50,000 words of a novel in a month. I guess the reason why I want to take part in this year’s NaNoWriMo could be because people from all over the world are doing it.

Besides, I still have to write the book anyway. So, I may as well write the book during NaNoWriMo and win cool prizes along the way.

Since I still have around two months to get ready for this year’s NaNoWriMo, I need to prepare all the research materials I need and strengthen the story concept even further.

I’m not going to deny that my writing process for A Silent Killer was a huge mess. So, I hope that the same thing won’t happen again when I’m about to write the third book from the Trigger Locked series.

As usual, I’ll keep you updated about my progress in writing Trigger Locked series third book on my blog.

So, please look forward to it.