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Yuta Gamon from Occultic;Nine isn’t the only one that has his life changed for the better as a result of owning a website.

You can also say for the worst as well considering that he ended up getting involved in something unexpected.

And it’s gruesome too.

But for the rest of us, owning a website is life-changing.

The opportunity to make a living from your website, being able to work from home, and connect with people all over the world.

These are the things that are possible to achieve as a result of owning a website.

Of course, owning a website comes with a set of challenges on its own.

For one, it can be a headache to deal with when you don’t have the technical know-how.

And it’s even worst when you have no idea where to look for help if things go wrong with your website.

Some of you will say that you don’t have to deal with the technical issues since you only have a free blog on Blogger or WordPress.com.

Believe it or not, it’s even more dangerous to have a free website on these platforms than having a self-hosted one.

And it’s even more dangerous if any of these things that I mentioned in this post are happening to you for real.

What most people don’t tell you about owning a website, Yuta Gamon included

While these situations tend to happen to those who have a self-hosted website, some of them can also happen to you if you have a free website on Blogger or WordPress.com.

Here are some of the things that can happen to you whether you have a self-hosted website or a free one.

You’re bound to get flagged for the copyright infringement

It’s not unusual for a blog or a website to get flagged for copyright infringement.

Maybe you used copyrighted materials on your website or blog without you realizing it. So, you’re not aware of it until you receive a notice from the copyright holder that you’re using the copyrighted material without permission.

For the most part, this is an easy thing to solve. All you need to do is to apologize to the copyright holder and tell them that you would remove the copyrighted materials from your website.

But here’s the problem. The copyright holder is never the one who will contact you personally.

Rather, it’s always another company that represents them.

And the worst part? They’re threatening you.

Okay, that may not be the worst part. The worst part is free platforms like Blogger will close down your blog without any prior notice once you receive a copyright infringement on your website.

You can try to get your blog back if you’d like. But knowing Google, there’s a high chance that you won’t get your blog up and running again unless you’re someone influential.

Just so you know that this blog got flagged by Remove Your Media once before. And it was for the wrong reason, on top of that.

You can read about my beef with Remove Your Media in this blog post.

If you’re in the entertainment niche like I am, there’s a high chance that your website or blog will get flagged for copyright infringement.

And if you’re in the occult niche like Yuta? I won’t be surprised at all if he gets sued for defamation.

Your website or blog will disappear all of a sudden

Okay, that may not be the case at all if you have a website or a blog on free platforms like Blogger or WordPress.com.

And it’s more unlikely to happen to a self-hosted website unless you don’t want to renew your domain name.

Or you decided not to pay the hosting fee anymore.

But if you have a website on a place similar to Orble? Then you need to watch out for this one.

For those who aren’t familiar with Orble, it’s a place where you can read new posts from many different websites all in one place.

For many people, myself included, Orble seems like a dream comes true considering that all you need to do is to write something interesting enough to get lots of eyeballs and your website will become one of the highest ranks on Orble.

You don’t have to worry about the traffic either since the traffic is already there.

Did I mention that you can get a lot of money through Google Adsense on Orble?

That sounds like what Yuta is trying to do when he tries to make money on Kirikiri Basara.

Apart from the money that you’ll get from the display ads, you’ll get your own domain name for your Orble website for free too if you’re active on Orble.

I was fortunate that I didn’t depend on my Orble websites for income since the website disappeared without any notice somewhere around 2014 to 2015.

But that can be a total disaster for many people. Not only that they lose their income, but they also lose all the posts that they wrote on Orble.

And they have no way to recover it other than to use The Wayback Machine.

You can read my post about my experience with Orble right here.

Your website can get hacked

I remember that a few months ago, I received an email from a good samaritan who told me that my website was hacked. He even included a link in the email, believing that was the malicious page on my website.

He also wanted me to forward the email to my web developer so then he could have a look at it as well.

Rather than believing him completely, I decided to check the website myself.

And guess what? My website was doing fine. There was no sign of it being hacked whatsoever.

That was when it struck me that the person who contacted me must be a hacker. And the link that he gave me must be a link that allows him to monitor my computer so then he could find a way to hack my website.

I was fortunate enough that I decided not to believe what the guy told me and not clicking on the link that he gave me.

While this situation can only happen if you have a self-hosted website, it can also happen to you even if you have a website on free platforms.

Just remember not to click on the link that you receive. Go to the website and see for yourself if there are any telltale signs that your account has been hacked or not.

Your website can be prone to phishing attack

Just as I thought that would be the end of it, I received another email.

But this time, it was from my hosting company. They told me that they had to restrict my account because they noticed phishing on my account.

The good news was they would lift the restriction once I removed the affected file.

The bad news? I wasn’t so sure if I could do it myself.

Fortunately, I was able to remove the affected files from the server just fine. And they lifted the restriction right away after confirming that there was no affected file in my account anymore.

I can’t say for sure if phishing can also happen to the websites on free platforms.

Even if it does, it may happen differently from what happened to my website.

Owning a website seems like a scary thing to have

I won’t deny that experiencing all these things can be a scary thing especially if you have no idea what to do in that situation.

But still, owning a website allows can be a rewarding experience.

Just take a look at Yuta. Sure, he can’t even buy yogurt for Ryotasu since his affiliate income isn’t enough to buy one for her.

But it was thanks to his blog that he got to meet Myupon who is a fortune teller that garners a large number of views every time she goes live.

Yes, owning a website can be nerve-wracking. But you’re going to be just fine as long as you’ll do your due diligence to protect yourself online.

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