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In Agent Storm, Morten Storm found out that the CIA wanted him to get killed in action while delivering the item to Al Qaeda.

Of course, it came as a shock to him at first. But it wasn’t surprising either considering all the things that the CIA did behind his back.

After knowing about the CIA’s end goal for him, he decided to bail out from the mission at the last minute instead.

Seeing how much the CIA wants to get rid of someone like Morten Storm, it sure does feel like the CIA will get rid of just about anyone.

And yes, even if that person is their most valuable asset they have at their disposal.

Can the same thing happen to Touka and Yuuto if the PSIA wants them to get killed in action?

Just like Morten Storm, they’re also an agent. The only difference is they’re working for a different handler.

Okay, some of you will say that the PSIA won’t do anything shady despite coming from the same cloth as the CIA.

Well, you’re right in that sense. But then again, the possibility isn’t that far off either.

When the push comes to shove, the PSIA may want them dead no matter what.

What makes the CIA decided to take a drastic decision to make Morten Storm killed in action

It’s not that hard to understand why the CIA would go as far as wanting to get Morten Storm killed in action.

And the reason for that is as simple as the CIA doesn’t see him as trustworthy enough.

If you read Agent Storm, Morten did mention that the CIA has another informant who works for them but never told him anything about the informant. His name was Abdul.

While Abdul, later on, admitted to him that he has been working for the CIA for quite some time, Morten somehow already suspected him when they started working together.

Just like Morten, Abdul also has a way to get into Al Qaeda since he was one of the Al Qaeda before. But his influence wasn’t as big as Morten, though.

If you read the book, you’ll notice that Morten knows so many people in high places.

Knowing that Abdul will eventually switch sides to whoever will benefit him, it’s not surprising that the CIA would assume that Morten would do the same thing.

Sure, Morten made it clear that he was willing to help the CIA even if he had to fight against the people that he used to call friends.

But it’s still hard to measure where his loyalty lies for someone like him who works on both sides of the coin. He may change his tune all the way when his life is on the line.

Rather than taking chances, they decided to get him killed in action when the opportunity presented to them.

It’s unfortunate that the CIA sees him more as a liability rather than an asset even from the beginning.

Can the same thing happened to Touka and Yuuto as well?

I won’t deny that it’s hard to know whether something similar can happen to Touka and Yuuto down the road.

But all I can say for now is it’s unlikely for a situation like this to happen to them.

The reason for that is simple. Minoru won’t let any of them die no matter what even if the PSIA wants them dead.

Sure, he’s their superior. But he’s their father first and foremost. Any sane father would never let his children get harmed even if it kills him.

This is also what he promised to his late wife and their mother, Sayuri.

Yes, it’s true that he can’t guarantee their safety whenever they’re on a mission. But he will still do what he can to make sure that they come back home alive.

That’s the kind of father he is.

But there are times when his hands are tied

Okay, I won’t deny that there are times where it doesn’t leave him much choice other than to follow any orders that the higher-ups in the PSIA issued to him.

Knowing Minoru, he must have a few tricks up to his sleeve when it comes to making sure that both of them are safe despite PSIA’s directive.

And keep in mind that he’s not doing this alone. He has Azuma and Chiyo to help him with keeping Touka and Yuuto alive a possible feat.

Will Azuma and Chiyo be willing to lend him a hand?

Well, you can guess that the answer is yes. They care about Touka and Yuuto just as much as Minoru does.

And let’s not forget that they also have Hayato at their disposal.

In a worst-case scenario, Minoru will instruct Hayato to bring them somewhere safe and protect them from harm until this shenanigan is over for good.

Not all handlers would want their assets to die

If you read Survive Like a Spy, you can tell how some handlers care about their assets’ safety just as much as theirs.

They even go as far as doing their utmost best in fulfilling their assets’ requests even if they’re hard to fulfill.

That seems to contradict what Morten Storm was experiencing, right?

Well, PET, MI5, and the CIA did reward him for all the things that he did for them. But it’s still not on the same par as the assets in Survive Like a Spy.

There’s no doubt that these assets were lucky to have a handler who appreciates them for what they do.

It’s a different story for Morten Storm where not only do they not deem him to be trustworthy enough. But they also want him dead.

I guess that the CIA and PET have no reason to blame him for wanting to go public, exposing what he already did for them.

That’s what they get for not treating their assets right.

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